Selena Gomez & The Scene: Concert For Hope Pics and Video!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: Concert For Hope Pics and Video!

Selena Gomez sparkles in a pink Mandalay dress on stage as she performs with her band The Scene during the 2011 Concert For Hope at Gibson Amphitheatre on Sunday (March 20) in Universal City, Calif.

The 18-year-old starlet hit the stage after the Jonas Brothers and Allstar Weekend to headline the annual event.

Selena and the Scene performed several songs, including her latest single “Who Says.” Check out some videos below!

FYI: Selena is wearing Mandalay‘s fuchsia hued crystal plunging neckline dress and Tory Burch “Eddie” flats in gold.

15+ pics inside…

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Who Says” – 03/20

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Off The Chain” – 03/20

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Rock God” – 03/20
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Credit: Jason LaVeris; Photos: WENN, FilmMagic
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  • mileycyrusfan


  • mmbop

    Pretty! <3

  • Brili


  • mileycyrusfan

    i meant Sl**

  • mileycyrusfan

    she is not pretty she didn’ t grow
    it’s like she is 10 years old

  • andy

    She looks so cute!! I love her red scarf!

  • napacaaaaaaan

    i loved that show! they all were great!

    selena really has improved so much! im proud of her! keep rockig girl! she should sing more porwerful, she can ! we saw that^^
    in this videos she sounds not great but LIVE she is really great! have your experience and then judge!

  • Demi&mileylove

    OMG I so lovee her !!
    She’s such a great role model, she’s so beautiful and she has a really nice voice !
    Plus, what a dress :D i love it !!
    I want that dress Selena ! lol :p
    I adore her song who says, it’s so inspiring & it has helped me a lot lately for facing bullies at school ! I will never forget that !
    Thank You selena, thank you so much for helping me in my life, I’ll never forget that, EVER !
    She has thought me not to care what everyone says and just do what i believe is good :)
    This woman will ALWAYS inspire me by her kindness ! ( unicef, japan help… )
    And all her haters should really GET A LIFE cz they dont even know how sweet she is !!! <3 <3
    @mileycyrusfan get a life bitsh , your mothers the slat !! SELENA IS GREAT !

  • headstrong

    is she sick or something? sounds a bit bad or maybe she forgot to drink her olive oil (?)

  • dude

    @mileycyrusfan: HAHA. What Selena is wearing isn’t even “sexy”, but apparently miley corners the market “w/ sexy clothes”? So, Selena is a famewanting , not pretty, 10 year old copycat that needs to grow up. Yeah – there is definitely someone that have some growing up to do (and it’s not the one in the red scarf that has been elegantly commented upon by that someone). *cough cough* thanks for the laughs.

  • YAY ME

    really UGLY she calls that a dress !!!!
    look at her BIG PIG nose OMG ewwwwww LOL

  • michellee

    i love her as an actress.
    but she cannot sing live.
    its not to say she cannot sing AT ALL…but she isn’t very good.
    definitely not at miley or demi’s terms of “disney” stars

  • michellee

    people only says she’s this AMAZING singer, because she has a “clean record”…but be real people…she can’t perform this song as well as it sounds on the radio.

  • Ana


    Then why are you watching!!!! Stick to your Miley she has nothing on Selena!!!

  • Ana

    @YAY ME:

    Hater go look in the mirror stop judging others!!! Who are you!!!??? Get a life!!!

  • YAY ME

    I doubt if u and Selena got a mirror go and look at selena ugly face before talking to me she’s only singing so she can get more money she doesn’t care about her Fans at all cause if she really CARE she wouldn’t sing songs for KIDS !!!!!!!!
    she CAN’T SING AT ALL keep that in ur mind ok!!!!

  • temii

    this is a SELENA post – DO NOT talk about miley on here ! they are not the same person.

    she’s definately improved but i think she needs more help on singing live – love the song who says though :)

  • temii


    if you don’t like her – don’t comment !

  • YAY ME

    BTW who said that She’s BEAUTIFUL AND PERFCT …….look at her now she’s dating Justin so she can sell more CDs -her new album-EWWWWWWWW!!!!
    I hate her a lot and I’m PROUD of that!!
    she’s really poor she made a song for her HATERS the clip is like watching a spelling lesson !!!LOL

  • =]

    @YAYME First of all look at yourself before you judge others, Im sure you dont have a SINGLE talent yourself other than trashing other people. And im 1000x sure she’s way way prettier than you, and she can sing so much better than you. And i’m also sure you’re an ugly piece of sh*t who talks absolutely NONSENSE all the time. She’s way prettier, talented and gorgeous you will ever try to be, and haters are the ones who are jealous of her, and yes, whether you’re a crazy belieber or a miley cyrus fan, you are just WORTHLESS.
    GO SEL, YOU HAVE NOTHIN TO WORRY ABOUT THESE PATHETIC HATERS, YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU KNOW IT <3 I love who says and most importantly, i love you :)

  • http://justjaredjr Shamilah

    Selena Gomez is really pretty & her outfit is cute!

  • stella

    i love the fact she wears flats on stage! :)
    this sounds doesn’t sound as good as it should because she is singing like a 10 set song without a brake! her voice is clearly going to get a tad raspy. give the kid a break guys!

  • dude

    @YAY ME: Hoped for some more awesomely elegant comments from “mileycyrusfan”, but it seems he/she/they might have changed name to ‘YAY ME’. Or is it coincidence they share similar uses of sentence structure, variably uses of CAPITaliZaTION and punctuation? YAY ME indeed. Also, nice touch on “PERFCT”ly misspelling a word when mentioning “a spelling lesson” too. Thanks.

  • javi

    yay me or mileycyrus fan you need to worrie about other things like supporting that junkie of miley cyrus or trying to help her not to commit suicide you know what you better do a miley cyrus watch just in case people who use heavy drugs sometimes try to kill themselfs so you better go outside your trailer park and join other junkie fans.

  • thornie

    YAY ME are you kidding me ..her nose is so perfekt for her beautiful face…she is so gorgeous!!!!!!

  • swaguuhrl

    She sang great but she sounded all tired because she runs around to much! That’s the only think I hate. She moves too much, gets tired, and can’t sing well.
    But she looks great! :)

  • mileycyrusfan

    no dear dude i didn’t changed my name to any thing you are so wierd you r just like a Slutenator and i hate them all dear dude
    it’s you that changes his name all the time

  • Dana

    aww she”s good but I wish the jonas brothers had headlined :(

  • mileycyrusfan

    yeah you guys better support slutene hoezmez

  • V

    @mileycyrusfan: Ok, so you hate Selena. Fine. I’m not going to judge you on that. But why bother coming here to bash her then? What is your point? Sure, you hate her, but you don’t need to announce it to everyone, we don’t need to know.

  • harid

    she not a singer and she is definately not a performer. she looks ridiculous on stage with the eastern wrapping bunny dress. sorry, but she can’t sing or performed. say what you want to say but if you get handed a record deal just for been with disney, disney is losing credebiltiy by puring people who can’t sing or perform on stage that grimmie girl sang better than selena. they should give to her instead of selena. selena don’t even seem passionate about what she sings eaither.

  • andie

    seriously haters/ get A LIFE! espicially you mileycyrusfan…….loser

  • mirandafan

    @dude: @Ana: Don’t even bother with yay me becouse she will continue the hate comments. lol

  • fan1ol

    @mileycyrusfan: You are such a loser for being here and no one wants to copy that whore.

  • canadian gurl

    That V-neck Is Way Too Deep For Her. I mean If she’s trying to show her boobs, well then let me tell you, you barely have any!

  • mileycyrusfan

    miley is the best just because you LOVE sel you should say bad things to MILEY #muchlove

  • laurent

    @mileycyrusfan ey retarded teenie, seriousysly you dare to talk about famewhore when you are a pathetic miley fan? very funny!!!! and @yayme you say selana is ugly? and wtf you think is your talentless, disgusting and slut idol cyrus? she doesnt even look like a girl ewwwwww, her face is really ugly fat and horrible!!! soooo *caugh*loser*cough*

  • laurent

    btw nobody wants to copy or look like disgusting cyrus, shes just the biggest attetion whore ever, who cant sing or act, and nobody have any respect for such a joke like her!!! and is so funny how delusional miley fans dare to talk about copy when everybody knows that her talentless idol is the biggest copy cat ever LMFAO!

  • headstrong

    @laurent: hi claudia!

  • blah

    she has absolutely no stage presence!!! she basically looks uncomfortable on stage!

  • ella

    and we call miley a slut >:/

  • chante

    ok selena is absolutely gorgeous and all… but you gotta admit she’s not the best singer in the world… she really needs some work

  • Ella

    I love The Scene’s drummer, Greg!! <3

  • Jocasta

    Selena was amazing! she is so talented and stylish!!

  • tiffany weng

    @mileycyrusfan you said Selena is ugly.You must blind!!!!!WTF miley looks disgusting,fat,horrible!!!!Do you see her without makeup.She has the ugliest face ever!!!!!@yayme You don’t even know Selena.So you say that!!!!!你既然不了解她,就請你閉上你的狗嘴!不要再亂那裡亂吠了!!!!!!!STFU!!!!!

  •; selenapck

    @YAY ME: Mind it…. if you don’t like Selena; I don’t give a shit about it! She’s got talent, an thats something, you don’t. If she didn’t have talent i wonder why 15 million people are after her unlike any of us here! She’s the kindest person I know and if you look deep into her, I bet you can find more good things…. Everyone has there own opinions, but if you don’t so it’s better for you to shut the hell up! Selena has dedicated Who Says to y’all haters to get it once in for all in your bloody minds, she doesn’t care what you people say, you won’t stop her from doing what she’s does… so fuck off!

  • Sehar

    Best live performance ever by selena… love it… she is really pretty :)) <3

  • _twistedangel_

    Beautiful lady and I think she sounds great to me! But still can’t understand what she sees in Bieber to be honest. They don’t match well at all to me, she is a mature dark beauty and he is this little boy looking guy that looks 12 if he is lucky.

  • not jeluz

    JUST BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE AREN’T ALL “SELENA IS AWESOME” BLAH BLAH BLAH, does not mean that they are JEALOUS!! is it that wrong for people to have an opinion??? @dude: stop bashing @YAY ME. UR SUCH A HYPOCRITE, ASSUMING YAY ME is ugly and talentless just for insulting selena! HOW WOULD YOU KNOW??? HAVE YOU EVEN MET EACH OTHER??/ and luk at urself, i guess if you can bash YAY ME, then others can make assumptions about you as well for insulting another person.
    and i dun hate selena personally, but FACE IT, THE FACT IS: SHE DOES HAVE A BIG NOSE. it does not matter whether it’s “perfect” for her face or not…the fact is IT IS BIG.

  • Emma

    you are beautiful!