A Pretty Little Liars Movie? We're In!

A Pretty Little Liars Movie? We're In!

We’re used to seeing our favorite Disney Channel shows get the movie — big and small screen — treatment, but what about our fave shows on ABC Family?

In a recent interview with Deadline, Pretty Little Liars writer I. Marlene King hinted about the show maybe getting a feature treatment — but way down the line.

She shared, “I know that Alloy would love to create a feature franchise with this. We’ve talked about doing a feature film once the girls get older. But I think it’s definitely the golden age of television for women in the sense that ensemble movies aren’t getting made, but ensemble TV shows are on ABC Family and Lifetime

“There was a time when possibly networks weren’t embracing the fact that it is women who are watching television. My niece goes to college at Syracuse, and Monday nights are Pretty Little Liars night. Every dorm room has it on. But teen girls don’t necessarily watch TV live. It’s all iTunes and Hulu. But this show, because it’s a mystery, is becoming destination TV.”

WOULD YOU WATCH a Pretty Little Liars movie?

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Credit: Andrew Eccles; Photos: ABC Family
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  • Dani

    OF course!! it would be the best movie evvveeerr

  • Christine

    I give this show two more years at most. This is a pattern on ABC family. At first a show is popular, but the longer it goes on the more the ratings drop. And once it starts to lose steam ABC Family abandons it and moves on to the next big thing. They did that with Kyle XY, Wildfire, 10 Things I Hate About You, Greek and soon they’ll start to do it to the Secret Life too. Pretty Little Liars will suffer the same fate. No show on this channel has lasted more than 4 seasons.

  • Lindsay

    YES!!! Totally! I never get to watch it live, because I’m always out doing something, but I catch it on the website a day or two after it airs… But with a movie, big or small, I would totally make time to watch it!!!

  • http://maryamaln3aimi Maryam alnaimi

    YAY. i cannot wait.

  • none

    omg i would totally watch the moive!!! I LOVE PRETTY LITTLE LAIRS! best show ever!! can’t not wait! : )

  • http://crazypeace1 SMILES!

    YESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT A MOVIE FOR PLL

  • tangerine

    eff yes!

  • Jasmine

    @Christine: It’s like Disney in that way.

    I think a movie would ruin it, I’m not a fan of that idea. I’d rather just continue to watch the show, which I LOVE (though I wish we found out MORE in the finale!!) I also never watch it live, I watch online as soon as it’s available lol

  • angelsara4eva

    YES OF COURSE! It might even be better than “Sex and the City!!” :D

  • anonymous

    YES! I LOVE pretty little liars!! BEST SHOW EVER!

  • molly


  • molly

    @Christine: i dont care that those were cancelled and i hope the secret life will. you really can’t compare those shows to pretty little liars. PLL is so much better

  • http://rebeccamai.tumblr.com Rebecca

    better be a good movie with a lot of emily gayness then i’ll watch it lol

  • melissa

    Wow, this series is strictly monitored, nothing super

  • demiandlovatics

    fuck yes i would! I LOVEEEEEEE PPL! <3

  • gynna79

    @Christine: what the hell do you know about anything and who the hell gave you the right to discuss what’s going to happen with a show? You think you’re hollywood? Go suck on a banana.

  • Elana gilbert

    Get a vampie diaries movie

  • Ariana

    Of course I would watch a pretty little liars movie!!! It’s my favorite show ;)

  • Leah Jenea

    I would so love a movie just as long as the tv series continues….

  • Jackie

    I would so love them 2.do they even have a movie ??

  • michael danesi

    A movie would awesome. I love this show. This is one of my favoriate shows. So yes, I would watch a movie. But if the show stays on the air.

  • teresa

    im waiting on it and I am happy

  • http://immenseprettylittleliars.webs.com Rachel

    I love the show, but when would you do the movie? Because I personally don’t think that you can continue the series after the movie. But maybe seeing as Pretty Little Liars is such an amazing show it might work. But they wouldn’t be able to give everything away as it will ruin the series. They will have to make it just like an episode or 3 episodes together. :)

    But I am very looking forward to the movie! :)