Zac Efron: Mustache for Coachella!

Zac Efron: Mustache for Coachella!

Zac Efron waits outside Fig & Olive restaurant for his car in West Hollywood on Tuesday night (April 5).

The 23-year-old actor dined at the new eatery before heading back home for a night in.

Sources close to JJJ tell us that Zac is actually growing out his mustache for the 2011 Coachella Music Festival later this summer.

Remember his ‘stache at last year‘s event?

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Zac’s mustache — HOT or NOT?

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  • zahra

    LOL the stache is weird but the guy behind it is as hot as ever

  • inji

    not liking the stache ><

  • Merlin’s mum

    Gorgous guy. Doesn’t look very well though. Poor boy. Perhaps he’s just pi**ed at all the hate he’s getting at the moment.

  • Carla menezes

    Seriously? Do you guys believe that he’d grow out his mustache just for Coachella? lol you, media guys haha

  • Erica S.

    @zahra: Ditto!

  • lol

    yes the mutache is weird but he is still very hot! go zaccy!

  • http://facebook amanda

    i like him with out the beard sorry zac but you look better without it but he is still very hot

  • aly

    Dude, choachella is on April 15 -.- what summer? What later? It`s a little over a week…

  • SE

    Always looking hot :D

  • denise

    what the heck? i can’t believe he’s going this year. he went last year with vanessa isn’t that like tad bit depressing? because i wouldn’t go

  • mina

    I don’t know why, but he looks very different to me then the time he was with Vanessa. I think he lost control.

  • tkm135

    It looks likes he’s lost without her! Haha. :)

  • tkm135

    He looks like he’s lost without Vanessa. Haha!
    I think they should get back together!

  • Ivy

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT, please, take this offfff!

  • kami

    interesting look.

  • Allie

    lol Im with Mina.

    I think that he got dumped and he’s going off track. He has looked miserable since the split.

  • mina

    @Allie: I think that he was the one who left her and now sees how vain he actually is and how happy she is so…I guess good luck to you Zac.

  • lauren

    he looks like a douchy porn star,

  • lauren

    he looks like a douche

  • Ruby


    oh don’t be so stupid. He looks fine. Idiot. She isn’t all that you know, I bet she is a pain in the ass and so annoying, I don’t blame him for being rid, there is way better people out there.

  • chris

    Zac is growing the moustache hoping paparazzi and fans wont see him with his blonde skut he left Vanessa for wait for the pictures it is time the truth came out about how he cheated on Vanessa and that is why Vanessa keeps telling you fans she wants a loyal and honest guy now that has been Zac who can not act to save his life the beer will kill his looks then what?

  • chris

    @Ruby: Ruby your either a 400 lbs teenager with acne problems or a middle age woman hoping Zac will roll you around in flour right? vanessa is better looking then the skunks he keeps company with now he has fallen far he is slumming it up

  • Ivy

    He looks like a jackass. Really, He don’t deserves Vanessa.

  • chris

    I bet he brings his tools ryan and Alix to hide his shady self maybe Alix is rubbing grease on his backside oink oink

  • Ivy

    Not feeling the hair, the outfit, the mustache… Not feeling the guy I used to admire, actually. I miss the Funny Zac, and he is showing by his acts that he has changed a lot, and not changing for the best….

  • http://@yELLYEFRON yelly


  • zacluver

    he looks hot, but i prefer without the mustache. remember zac f*ck the haters! their just jealous how your the best! peace!

  • Ivy

    @yelly: Are you seeing the same pic i’m seeing? lmao. Really, he is hot, but without the mustache.

  • lauren

    @ chris
    is the blond bimbo teresa?

  • tumblr!

    bubble gum.

  • todd

    I think he’s trying to come out.

  • Ivy

    @todd: im thinking the same thing, lol.

  • Amber

    Those obnoxious Vanessa fans should stop now. You don’t even know what happened between them. She could’ve started an affair with Josh when she was still with Zac. But I won’t trash her because I don’t know her personally. You guys should do the same. Let them date whoever they want.

  • Ashlee

    Isn’t Coachella in a couple of weeks? Not this summer? And who gave JJ this tidbit of info, his PR team?:

    The 23-year-old actor dined at the new eatery before heading back home for a night in.
    Sources close to JJJ tell us that Zac is actually growing out his mustache for the 2011 Coachella Music Festival later this summer.

  • speachless

    can he get any grosser, what a loser

  • zanessa forever

    :( he’s a mess……i want the old zac back :(

  • Ivy
  • mina

    @Ruby: Sure honey what ever you say.

  • pop86


  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    I’m saying hot, hot, HOT !! Stache or not stace, he’s grown into such a man. I love it. I love him. ;) I love that look too. Jacket with the converse. :D

  • Faith

    NOT HOT.

  • maria

    @Amber: I hate to break it to you, but there are others who hate Zac Efron who are not Vanessa fans either. Those people posting have never been on Vanessa threads either. THese loony toons come out because they just love to hate on others. It’s sad really. But PLEASE do not assume it’s only Vanessa fans who hate on him. If you go read other posts on other celebs, you’ll usually see these losers post trash there too.

  • Cecca

    @zanessa forever: OMG!!!! I agree with u 100%. Idk why but he kinda reminds me of an old Italian man. Kinda weird, right? Zac, if u r reading this, shave that caterpillar off of ur face and go back to being ur sweet old self!!!!!

  • MAria

    what the hell happened to this kid, he used to be good looking now he looks fat with a dirty stache! Haha trying to change his image suuure fucked him up..

  • sophie

    guys, give him a break. it has been said that he was feeling ill just today, and had to leave a meeting early.

  • nicole

    none of you have the right to make any opinion about zac because you don’t know him personally. so you have no idea what his life is like. i mean, anyone who has paparazzi attacking them will obviously not look to happy. he looks perfectly fine, and he looked great at the lakers game also. and no one knows what went down between him and vanessa, or if he’s fucking other girls or whatever because WE DONT KNOW HIM PERSONALLY. and im sure he wouldnt make a public event out of it.

  • joanne

    that stache is not cute. sorry zac

  • Zefron_fan


  • whatever

    Another rumor about Zac and the mystery blonde. A Victoria Secret model. The rumors just do not stop about him. And let’s face it…..time does prove some rumors to be true. We shall see.

  • zoe A

    it looks ugly

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