Vanessa Hudgens is Coachella Cute!

Vanessa Hudgens is Coachella Cute!

Vanessa Hudgens cools off from the sun with a cold drink as she attends this year’s Coachella Music Festival held on Friday (April 15) in Indio, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress, who donned one of her favorite floppy hats with a Sioux Falls Armhole tank and Novella Royale bell bottom pants, chatted with Josh Hutcherson and some friends on the lawn.

The musical festival brings together some of the biggest musical stars including Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, and Maiara Walsh!

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Illesteva “Leonard 2″ sunglasses and Wkshp‘s Sioux Falls Armhole Top.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens keeping it cool at Coachella with Josh Hutcherson

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Photos: WENN
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  • roxana

    lovely :) im glad shes having a great time at coachella, shes beautiful as always!

  • Skylar
  • yets

    hope she enjoy this event w/ josh.

  • http://peggy sue


  • http://peggy sue


  • kim

    someone should tell these two they are at COACHELLA…NOT WOODSTOCK! they don’t even care about the bands or the music! they just know it is cool to go. sad.

  • Chanon

    Didn’t Zac attend to? I wonder who he went with? WHY DIDN’T THEY JUST GO TOGETHER AND DITCH JOSH AND THOSE OTHER PEOPLE? FOR REAL.

  • bella

    @sue: Shut up

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Kay, I don’t know why.. but this look of hers brings me back to the year 2006. :D Where she was doing photoshoots of her debut album, V.. *sigh* It only seems like yesterday when her album came out. I want another album from her !! She’s so pretty and so fit. Gotta love her.

  • http://Peggy Sue

    @bella: Bella you are rude.

  • http://google BARBARA

    All of you are all dispointing to me, Vanessa is there with one of her best friends Laura Neu, and her band is with them, and other friends of Vanessa, Josh is not her boyfriend, they are just friends get it! There is a whole group of them, she hardly pays attention to him she visting with her friends, espieally Laura, i saw tons of pictures of all of them, and the body landuage shows, she is not in love with Josh, infact i saw one picture she looked a little irrated, looking strait a head. THEY ARE JUST FRIENDS THATS ALL YOU ALL NEED TO GROW UP!!!

  • http://Funnymaddie Magda

    hahaa… everyone are hipi!!! but I saw that Vanessa just ignore Josh… he want to talk, but Vanessa is not intrested in… :P

  • sophie

    exactly, it’s not like they came together, she was spotted hanging out with many of her friends, they don’t look romantic at all. please move on

  • BOJI

    My personal feeling is that Vanessa is more like a big sister to Josh. Besides can’t a girl have a boy as a bff? I have had good friends of the opposite sex when I was a student and when I was working. What is so wrong with that?
    Barbara, I so agree with you. I think we are dealing with narrow-minded teenagers here, just by their comments.

  • Xoxox

    Gotta love her :) where’s zac? I thought he was gonna attend . But wathever go Vanessa!!!

  • luula

    how old are you?

  • luula


  • luula


  • luula

    thank you

  • Magda

    Everyone are hipi!!! It looks funny!! :D

    I think that Vanessa is a just friend with Josh and it is all… In the pictures Vanessa looks like that she is not interested in Josh and she ignoring him!!

    People are exaggerate that!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    Don’t you worry baby V I’ve got your back And I’ll stand with you and I know for a fact you’ve got a lot of fans and people who care about you who will do the same. Your ex seems to have moved on and forgotten you a long time ago so it’s time for you to do the same as well. I still have my doubts but if it’s with Josh so be it. If not heck give romeo miller a call, he seems to have an interest in you after calling you his dream date.

  • luula

    how do you know?

  • luula

    efron ewww

  • luula
  • mishybc

    Total Indie and boho look i see here. She looks chill. Who cares if she is with Josh or not. It’s not about looks people… it’s about MONEY and Josh has WAAAAY MORE than Zac. =D So if they were together Josh may look like a downgrade but he isn’t necessarily… unless you’re all about pretty boy Zac Efron since he wins in the looks departments.

  • !!!!????

    Love her and hope she have fun this weekend.

    I don’t believe it’s all about money or looks. It’s how the person treats and respect you and if she finds it in Josh who are we to judge.

  • amtfan

    some of you guys are immature. let the girl have fun with dating, she isn’t with efron anymore sorry.

  • Lisa

    My cousin, who is a huge Josh fan shared this with me: Vanessa and Josh are with Laura New, Shelley Buckner, Kim Hidalgo and Kim’s boyfriend. Kim tweeted that she, her boyfriend, Shelley and Laura had camped out Thursday night at Coachella. There was a tweet and a FB posting that Vanessa and Josh got their wristbands together around 3 pm Friday afternoon.

    One of the girls at a concession stand, who is a Josh fan and does not like Vanessa at all, wrote on her blog that they were good-naturedly arguing over who was going to pay at the stand. Apparently they are taking turns. She thought they were funny.

    I’m not saying that Vanessa and Josh are together – I think they are just friends – I just thought some info from people who are actually there would be nice. They seem to like each other and are having fun.

    I do however think they look a little silly. LOL

  • muse

    Good to see her enjoying herself with her friends and some good music.
    Cant wait to see or hear what she has in store next. :)

  • hunny

    My cousin runs a Josh Hutcherson fan site so I’ve learned this:
    According to their own twitters, Laura New, Kim Hidalgo, Kim’s boyfriend, and Shelley Buckner are with Josh and Vanessa. Kim tweeted that she along with her boyfriend, and Laura and Shelley camped out Thursday night at Coachella. There were also more than one sighting that on Friday afternoon Josh and Vanessa came into the venue together.
    Josh’s fans, who by the way don’t like Vanessa, have been repeating stories on their blogs about a couple of cute instances between the two of them at the festival. I’m not saying they are dating. I think they are just friends. They seem to like each other and are having fun. However, I do think they look a little silly.

  • peggy

    They are just friends. They are always with friends.. They are never holding hands, kissing etc.

    Damn you teenagers and some adults are dumb, learn now looks isn’t everything. And Zac Efron is not perfect by virtue of his looks. If you believe that you are in for a rude awakening not only about Zac but about men in general

    Vanessa gets blasted for being friends with Josh while Zac goes from clubs to events hooking up with random women for the evening at that’s just fine? NOT!!!!!

    I don’t see people bitching about just turned 19 Taylor Lautner and 22 year old Lily Collins and that is a romance.

    Josh and Vanessa are just friends deal

  • liliian

    jeeezzzz is so sad to see that the world ends to some people now that Vanessa is not dating Zac anymore…. For real, is she is dating Josh or not is not your problem.she can date josh, or any other dude, and as many guys that she wants.
    She is young,in her twenties, and have a lot to experience.
    Stop biching!

  • peggy


    I have been a couple of Josh blogs and none of them seem to have any issue with Vanessa since they all pretty well believe they are only friends. Which is what they are.

    Finally how can you look silly if you are just friends and you are in a crowd of friends. You can only have friends exactly the same age?

    Oh and they play romantic interests in J2 so obviously the producers and directors don’t think they look silly at all.

    Wonder why 19 year old Taylor L and 22 year old Lily Collins aren’t getting this crap over their real romance.

    Racism rears it’s ugly head again?????

    Anyway spare us your B.S.

  • lvee

    loooooook everyone who doest get why some of us hate on josh. JOSH IS NOT ZAC :( *cry cry cry* he is not the other half of zanessa. We knnow zac has isnt perfect and has made some ass faced bull crap decisions but first we dont have much proof and second. As a fan of ZANESSA not ZAC AND VANESSA AS ACTORS BUT ZANESSA! Its just heartbreaking and hard to get over, and I know lots of you guys dont get it and never will but from hsm we went on the journey with zac and vanessa we saw then slowly unrravel their relationship, we fought with zashley fans till we were blue in the face and it paid off! We had soild zanessa for 5 years, you guys can just expect us to be oh jolly good now zanessa are happy with out each other NO FRIKKEN WAY!

    They don’t have the same happy sparkle and glow about them now, if they did maybe I would accept that they were happy but I cant be vanessa is going around playing dress up in drag clothes whilst playing house with a boy. Her face is breaking out she’s not smiled the same way she did with Zac in a long time!

    As for Zac if the rumours are true he is experiencing typical sensitive male I miss my girlfriend and want her back but my maleness doest tell me the correct way to do so i’m gonna sock up in my sorrows and cry myself to sleep every night!

    So whilst you guys may support zac or vanessa’s careers I just love them as a couple together in Love!

  • Kerri

    I love Vanessa!!!!! I am such a idiot to think that her and Zac will get back together. I miss them so much.

  • Joochi

    I am so over Vanessa and Zac, I am truly glad that they broke up, here is where they truly find out apart, their individuality, I like where Vanessa is going with her’s and she’s not afraid to get risky but with common sense and that’s being true to yourself I mean herself. I love the smiles she has planted on her face these days, with Zac she was being controlled because of keeping his image, it’s so over…..

  • naomi

    Great to see V having fun with Josh. I’ve missed seeing them together.

    The beautiful thing about all this is that she is being with whom SHE wants to be with and dressing the way SHE wants to dress in her downtime, having great fun and blissfully unaware of all the inconsequential people seating behind their computers staring at her pictures and attempting to pass judgement on what she does and wears in HER own downtime.

    *advice for those choking on sour grapes: If you don’t click on a V thread, you will spare yourself what you don’t want to see and the associated pain. You will also spare the rest of us, your inane comments. Thank you.

    Looking forward to seeing more of both of them in the next couple of days. Love that Josh is spending his downtime chilling with her before the madness of the Hunger Games filming begins. Guys always know the girls that like them for who they are ever before they become famous and not for their looks or fame. The sensible guys never forget that when they hit fame and Josh is def one of the sensible and down to earth ones that don’t begin to buy into their own hype. That is one guy full of substance.

    Hope V got all the details of his audition and how he reacted when he first knew he landed the role and shared her holiday highlights with him. Can’t wait for J2 promo.

  • Troy

    @peggy: You make a very good about Tyler Lautner and Lilly Collins and I think the answer is that unlike Vanessa neither Tyler nor Lilly are connected with a significant other of note. Whereas Vanessa was with Zac for four years which in Hollywood is a significant amount of time. Tyler was apparently with Taylor Swift for for a little while but compared to Zac and Vancessa (I REFUSE to call them Zanessa because all smooshng their names together like that does is take away their individuality. News flash folks: Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are real people not soap opera characters) they were together for only a blink of an eye. Tyler and Taylor never really took hold the way Zac and Vanessa did .Plus Lilly has only come into real prominence within the last year.

    As far as Vanessa and Josh are concerrned there is absolutely NO evidence whatsoever that Vanessa “left Zac for Josh” as people keep saying. They are just making assumption and then getting mad about their own assumption never mind they have no proof. Zac and Vanessa reportedly broke up at the end of last year. Vanessa and Josh only really started being photographed together within the last month or so.

    As far as I’m concerned that suggests that Vanessa and Josh have only been “dating” if they even are for that peroid of time. I liked Zac and Vanessa as a couple indeed back in the day I was one of their biggest supporters/defenders both here on JJJ and the main board. But they appear to have decided go their seperate ways and sure that’s unforntuate but if that’s what they’ve decided that’s just the way it is. Who knows maybe in the future they will get back together. Or maybe not. In either case their real fans would accept the fact at this point in time they are not together and they BOTH have every right to see other people.

  • kate

    I believe they could get back together in the future

    Nobody knows about the future

  • http://lala aiwen

    josh and vanessa are just friends guys!!!what is the point that u all hate josh?? i am sure one day zanessa will be back :D
    love vanessa,zac there too…if they are together i think they will be sweet like the past year~ i miss them :”(

  • bella

    Zanessa THE END OF THE BEGINNING.. anyway, I wish them both happiness

  • http://lala aiwen

    josh and vanessa are just friends,so what’s th point that u guys keep hating josh??he din’t do anything wrong,just because he is with vanessa?oh comon guys!!he is too young for vanessa!!actually i am not fans of josh,but this is unfair to josh.
    if zanessa still together i think they will be sweet llike past year~
    i miss them so much!!!
    Anyway vanessa was so beautiful and cute :D

  • negro xoxo

    no matter what i love her, and i don’t know if josh is her bf or bff but i think that we should respect him and her! but actually i miss zanessa too.
    any way she looks so gorgeous. and i am so happy that she is enjoying her time with laura. i like her a lot

  • stella

    im sorry but no respect. if they are together. she goes from zac to this? like really vanessa REALLY!? what are you thinking
    and josh what is that RIDICULOUS thing on your head love? get it off.

  • http://facebook anne

    stella maybe he is a better person remember is not the outside but the inside right i dont know byt i never liked zac for her because everyone told that he deserve better than her but i believe she was better person than him

  • lauren

    i’m i the only who noticing that even IF they are a couple, they aure dont act like it?
    vanessa is not giving josh the time of day and time?

  • maria

    @lvee: I do see your pain. Believe me. I never thought this would happen either, and that’s coming from someone who has been with the same guy forever. I saw a couple who truly loved, respected, and really cared for each other, in every way. I agree the sparkle is gone. Because that is the way you look at someone you deeply love. But they have gone separate ways, and I really encourage you to accept that. They are young and may just need time to find out who they really are, find what is important to them, and be independent. Until they do that, they will never appreciate the love and support they had with each other. They say you don’t know what you have, until it’s gone. And that is very true.

    Let’s not be disrespectful to Josh for just being a friend to Vanessa. He was a shoulder to cry on for her, has been there for her through this FBI investigation, and supported her movies by being there. He has done NOTHING wrong. That is what REAL friends do. There is nothing romantic going on with them……no hand holding, no touching, no dinner or movie date sightings, nothing. Please don’t start hating him for just being a good guy and a good friend. He has nothing to do with Zac Efron.

  • theresa

    I don’t claim to be any kind of expert but by looking at the pics that I’ve seen they don’t appear to be anything more than friends who are hanging out. I mean I’ve seen pics of Zac and Vanessa back in the day when they claimed that they were just friends and they appeared more couple like than Josh and Vanessa seem to be. So lets not assume anything till we actually see pics of them being more coupley. As for the ones about the way she’s dressed what does it matter what she’s wearing; she’s at a music festival, it’s hot, and crowded she wants to be comfortable; personally although not my style I think she looks cute.

  • Sizuka

    You’re so right….. love everything you’ve said……
    Josh is such a good friend…….

  • Haters Suck!

    Glad to see there are at least some reason able people here as I thought I’d wake to a fight. Look if they are a couple fine. Josh seems like a good person and has already shown her more support by going to her premieres where her previous BF couldn’t even go to one. But for now I see nothing to suggest these two are a couple. No hand holding, no kissing, no touching, no reports of such behavior, no nothing.
    Here’s another thing you better understand. If it’s not Josh it’s going to be someone eventually. Vanessa is not gonna just sit at home waiting for efron to and take her back, she has way more self respect then that. Efron certianly isn’t doing that, since NO he’s been off doing whatever he wants with whoever he wants yet everyone seems to be ok with that but it’s not ok for Vanessa to be with Josh, ridiculous. Vanessa has stated she wants to get married and a family. That’s something zac sems to not want as he announced to everyone that he may never get married. So of your lookin for Vanessa to just sit around and wait for efron to take her back I suggest you keep lookin cause she’s not gonna do that.

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