JJJ's Exclusive Prom Portfolio -- Part One!

JJJ's Exclusive Prom Portfolio -- Part One!

Check out JJJ‘s exclusive Prom Portfolio!

We shot these new pics a couple of weeks ago at the same school they filmed in — John Burrows Middle School in Los Angeles.

Every prom has to have a theme right? Or, most of them do. When we asked director Joe Nussbaum about Prom‘s prom theme, Starry Night, this is what he told us:

“It actually wasn’t Starry Night in the beginning. It was Enchanted Jungle. One of the things I wanted to have early one is have a muted, interesting color palette for the look and feel of it, so everything was earthy and real. There was nothing really overly bright, glitzy or shiny. I had pictured this jungle with bright toucans and just in your face colors. It wasn’t working.

“We needed something else that can be muted and still romantic. There were other themes thrown at us, like Midnight in Paris, which was too specific for us. We went through a lot of themes, but Starry Night really stuck with us because it can be done so many ways. You can do mylar balloons and cardboard cutouts or you can do really classy like with the Vincent Van Gogh painting. The rich blues and orange glow just really stuck with us.”

JJJ Fun Fact: John Burrows Middle School is the same school they filmed Pretty in Pink at!

Stay tuned for more of our portfolio and check out Nolan Sotillo‘s “We Can Be Anything” song in Spanish below!

Nolan Sotillo – “Podemos Tocar el Cielo”

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  • mel

    John Burrows Middle School is a little big for a middle school.. I always presumed it’s a high school when I saw Pretty In Pink.

    Andrew Mccarthy! ahhh