Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Bikini Babes

Vanessa Hudgens & Ashley Tisdale: Bikini Babes

Vanessa Hudgens and BFF Ashley Tisdale flaunt their bikini bodies while soaking in the sun during a vacation in Mexico on Sunday (May 1).

Ash recently did a photo shoot with Zink Magazine and photographer Elias Tahan. Check out the fun video from the shoot below!

“‘At the end of the day, it is great that we have so many kids that look up to us,” Ashley shared during her interview. “But we’re normal. We can’t be perfect at all times.’ Having younger cousins, she adores the idea that they look up to her, ‘but it’s definitely not something that I would keep in the back of my mind, like ‘oh I can’t do this because I’m a role model.’”

Scans of Ashley‘s spread at!

FYI: Ashley is wearing the ‘V-Wire’ bikini by Mara Hoffman.

Ashley Tisdale – Zink Magazine

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Credit: G Tres; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • http://none juddy

    aww baby v you looks very sexy .

  • just me

    They look hot!! Im glad theyre on vacation and together!! they deserve it.. XD

  • joanne

    JJJ what’s up with the angle? we know it’s her.

  • Zanessa/VanessaFreak

    ummm….wow Nessa has on one sexy bikini well you know what they say if u got it flaunt it and Nessa definitely has it and she looks freaking sexy flaunting that great body!! Ash looks ok lol!! I love Ash but not the bathing suit :/

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    They’re on vacation and yet they don’t get the privacy they deserve. *sigh* I shake my head at the paparazzi’s. I feel sorry for celebs. :/ At the same time though.. I’m happy to see Ashnessa together along with Shelley Buckner. :)

  • Lauren lipkin

    I wish I can take time out of my so called busy schedule and go to Mexico for a week , yes I’m being a bitch and bitter so get over it.

  • http://none juddy

    I hope you enjoy your vacation nessa and have a wonderful time with friends !!! You deserve it baby <3

  • karen

    Ashleys body is ok.. Vanessa has more ass than her

  • Erica S.

    Ashley looks so cute and so does Vanessa! Lol! Vanessa’s as* is all hanging out it one of the pics. But hey, she’s hot, so who cares. If you had a butt that nice you’d want to show it too!

  • mils

    Vanessa <3

  • princess

    aww they look cute in their bathing suit… they deserve a vacation.

  • maria

    So nice that they are having a girls’ weekend away! They’ve both been so busy, and it’s great they could coordinate their schedules to get away together. Girlfriends rule!!

  • kami

    ♥ vanessa has beautiful legs. she has a beautiful body. ♥
    there are pix of shelly too so why isn’t she mentioned?

  • peggy

    Nessa was obviously just getting up and pulling her bottom back in place.

    I am really getting fed up with Jared’s RACIST b.s. he didn’t have to post that pic and was careful not to post it anything close for the 2 white girls.

  • mils

    Vanessa bu-tt is SO DAMN FINE lol

  • jk

    Vanessa looks soooooooo good. She has a cute butt lol

  • http://! rox

    i want vanessa’s body :(

  • mils

    Vanessa has a great body. She is very curvy and has gorgeous legs… she is so so SOOOOOOO GORGOEUS!

  • mark

    umm ashley look soo hot!

  • lauren

    these pics are going to be on tmz tomorrow.

  • lubarussia

    Ashley so so beautiful!!

  • karen

    @mils: Vanessa is not curvy.. she small and fit… her boobies arent big nor her butt..its average but super fit

  • lubarussia

    Ashley looks much better Vanessa!!! I love her bathing suit!

  • http://none juddy

    vanessa looks much hotter than ashley .
    Hudgens Team FTW

  • mils

    Ash does not have curves ( I love her, but she’s kinda plain, but i dont care, she is a cute little girl), she is more flat, Van has really goods curves for her body.
    She has got a really nice body, being quite short in stature but with perfect curves

    BFF <3

  • http://none juddy

    ? vanessa body looks amazing and we like her asss<3
    go baby v

  • m2313

    they work hard? …a doctor works hard!!

  • gracemarie

    They both look great but I think Jared chose the pics of Vhud at that angle deliberately. Whats up with you Jared??

    But I’m glad they are having fun – sad paps are everywhere

  • joanne

    Nice to see them together again. A girls vacation is what they needed

  • Ashlee

    If I had a hot body like Vanessa’s I would never complain. She has a really nice butt.

  • rENATA

    Ashley looks HOT in the vid!

  • Girlleader1

    hope we get more pixx. ive been waiting for them to come outt!! :))

  • gracemarie

    V and Ash are girls who really exercise and take their health seriously. Good for them

  • mils

    this hahaha

  • joanne

    who’s the other girl?

  • BOJI

    Wow, this is the sexiest bikini bottom I’ve seen V wearing. Nice seeing the girls having a relaxing time. Hope they all get back with nice tans. I know V will.

  • peggy


    All bikinis ride up and have to be adjusted when you stand up – Jared conveniently only put up the pics of V adjusting hers. But he’ll smile in her face and ask for an interview

  • theresa

    The other girl’s name is Shelly Buckner

  • Mia

    who is the girl in yellow that doesnt look like either of them

  • mishybc

    HOTTIES WITH BODIES!!! It’s the Latina in Vanessa to have those hips!

  • sam

    both look great …team vashley

  • Chanon

    Jesus Christ, Vanessa! Zac is totally missing out. xD <3

    I think these two girls deserve a vacation! They’ve been working hard and what better way to celebrate with your best friend by your side? :)

  • Bob


    Couldn’t disagree more. In a world of total P.C. and trash paps., Jarad is a total class act. He has to deal with the hand {pics} handed him.

    This isn’t “Egotastic” or “Tuna” and is 40 miles high above the sewage of “Oceanup.”

    But let’s talk about what nobody is talking about. Ash packing on mucho pounds almost overnight!!! Love the girl. Love that their vacationing togather. Love that both are handling the pressure of Hollywood trash. Both will always be favorites to me.

  • Páola .

    HER BODY!:O wow.

  • Angie

    Vashley so good to see them again. On one hand they’re on vacation the paps shouldn’t butt in their relaxing time But on the other hand it’s nice seeing them having a good time. Vanessa does look yummy isn’t she and nice butt too and Ashley looks good I love her brown hair more than her blonde hair. : ) V’s wearing blue bikini my favorite color worn by sexy woman.

  • ______

    They certainly are the coolest babes. Girlfriends FTW. *SIGH* SO HOT!!!!!!!!

  • fan

    That is so bad these papps invading these girls vacationing and relaxing time.

  • Serene

    Ashley has a beautiful body !! Love her !!

  • http://lala aiwen

    wow!!! looks hot!!!
    have a nice great day for this two angels ;D
    love them too
    busy for those career ashley and vanessa must have some vacation to do it and relax :D
    vanessa has a great body and ashley too <3<3 BFF FOREVER<3

  • kerri

    Love these girls!! Ashnessa/Vashley.