Selena Gomez: Wango Tango Wild!

Selena Gomez: Wango Tango Wild!

Selena Gomez bounces around the stage in her fave Sherri Hill dress as she performs at 2011 Wango Tango held at Staples Center in Los Angeles on Saturday (May 14).

The 18-year-old actress/singer was smart — she wore flats on stage as she performed with her band, The Scene. They head off on tour in just a couple weeks!

Selena and The Scene will drop their new album in a couple weeks too — and remember that rumor about Britney Spears writing for it? Not true.

“I honestly don’t know anything about it,” he said. “I never said that … I don’t know. I didn’t hear anything about it. I’m doing some stuff for it [Gomez's album], but it has nothing to do with Britney,” Kevin Rudolf tells MTV.

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Credit: Jeff Kravitz; Photos: WireImage
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  • demi lovesvodka

    selena is the only disney girl i have any respect for. the rest are all sluts and whores

  • jeff stryker

    why do ppl call selena a pedo for dating a guy only one year younger than her? nobody called taylor swift and pedophile for dating taylor lautner or joe jonas and trace cyrus for dating demi when she was only 16

  • Bridgit Mendler Online

    she’s so adorable! bridgit attended the event as well!

  • Girlleader1

    There is a song called Whiplash that Britney Co-Wrote & has been confirmed by Selena that it is on the album!

    Selena looks amazing!! Everyone that was there tweeted that she sounded great & did an amazing job! It was said she got everyone on their feet!! :D

  • Chloe

    so cute! love the dress :)

  • Girlleader1

    I was watching the red carpet live for Wango Tango & soo many Celebs praised Selena & said they were excited to see her preform!

  • samy

    she is cute always

  • Candice

    Thanks for posting pictures of her but I really want to see videos of Selena! I went on YouTube but only found pics :/ I love Selena she is so beautiful and I can’t wait to buy her new album <3

  • selenapck

    She looks sooooo pretty! I <3 her dress, I mean she really can dress…
    FYI there is a song Britney Spears wrote for her… why do you guys always give us wrong info?

  • Tim

    She looks good and that’s it!!! I want a girl with a REAL amazing voice and an incredible stage presence! Oh wait she exists her name is DEMI LOVATO!!!! <——This girl is the real deal!!!

  • jamesbond, bitches.

    @Girlleader1: Not me.

  • soughtful

    she can’t sing and If anyone is a whore is selena who sleeping around with famous guys to get media attention she been in hotels all over town with jusitn and she not only breaking the law but she dating someone who is two year younger and sleeping with them. so selena is the worst role model of disney.

  • tiffany

    @soughtful: LMAO you said Selena is the worst role model你腦帶壞了嗎?????你有病嗎????你要不要去看醫生,不要笑死我的毛了!!!!!!!Selena is the best role model.我真的覺得你超級超級可悲,而且是重度智障,連role model是什麼都不知道,我講中文耶~連我講中文的都知道什麼是role model,身為一個講英文的卻不知道,唉~你可以去死一死了!!!!!!活著跟死了沒兩樣,一樣腦袋死了!!!!

  • carebear

    Cutie she looks like a princess.

  • Emily

    @Tim: too bad Demi is irrelevant :)

  • meiner

    Give us proof of your lie.
    Have you a s**-video or s**-pictures?
    I think not.
    It just happens only in your mind, and your mind are manipulated by false information and poor reporting

  • mmbop

    So cute!

  • andy

    She looks so beautiful! She makes the more cute expressions! I’m so proud of her. ExcitedForOtherside

  • George

    She cant sing !!!!!! She Doesnt even has a Real talented in Music . but Yehh Shes so Lucky to have an Amazing Team Back Up and Producer ..i can Tell

  • Emma



  • Javier


    you have to admit … she is adorable … but on stage a joke.

  • whyhate ?

    shut up about she can’t sing atleast she’s having fun.
    she isn’t the worst role model of disney actually – she teaches kids just to be themselves and that’s no bodys perfect plus never alienates her fans.
    if you don’t like don’t comment, simple as.

    she looks so cute and is having fun ! :)

  • a.m./p.m.

    @Emily: Who’s Demi?

  • loala

    if you hate her don’t comment if she been in hotels with justin he is her boy friend like it or not selena is good girl everybody knows that.

  • jessica

    @demi lovesvodka: lol at this comment. just because miley and demi are not afraid of being themselves and don’t do everything just to please there fans doesn’t make them whores. they actually have a life. unlike selena who is too afraid to break out of her shell. and plus she can barely sing let alone has any stage presence. i mean she jumps around looking like a 12 yrd old with her stupid arm swaying thing she does. and plus at least miley and demi can sing.

  • jj17

    @Emily: Don’t you and a.m./p.m. have a loser convention to get to!

  • graceface

    @jessica: I don’t believe in being mean and saying cruel things about girls my own age (well a year older) Especially online as it is cyberbullying and you never know who reads it BUT I agree with what you’re saying Miley and Demi aren’t whores at all believe me I’m irish and I’m allowed (well I’ll be allowed LEGALLY next month =P but my parents let me now!) into clubs and drink so I’ve seen whorey girls these girls aren’t!…Seriously!!…
    Also Selena’s cute but can’t sing I have perfect pitch and have done music since I was six – I can tell she ain’t good!!…
    But still she’s a young girl living her dream and if some young kids like her then let’s not crush their spirits please?!x

  • jen

    miley who is miley anyway the one who smoke salvia selena is good girl

  • abby

    what the heck ?
    actually i honestly think Miley&Demi are better role models than this slut . ! she can’t sing worth BEANS ! Miley & Demi are acting their age unlike her . Miley is no longer wearing puffy dresses , flats . she’s not a 12 year old anymore . she’s actually growing up & she doesn’t care who says anything about her , she’s REAL not FAKE ! & Selena wants everyone to like her , you know that song ‘ Who says your not perfect ‘ or whatever it’s called , she said it’s too all like the haters , WOW Thanks for making a song about us & sorry everyone can’t like YOU ! At least Demi&Miley can sing ! all of their songs aren’t AUTO TUNED like Selena’s . Also , she’s obviously just using justin for fame because wizards is almost done & she has like nothing to do next so thats why she’s dating him to get access to producers . SHE’S A SLUT & SHE CAN’T GROW UP ! I’m Sorry But i never HAVE been a fan of hers not just because she’s dating justin its because SHE’S FAKE ! GO DIE IN A HOLEEE (:

  • headstrong

    I like the top of the dress.

  • Angie

    @abby you have some problems of your own, i suggest you see a psychiatrist.

  • Angie

    I think Selena looks great the dress is really pretty!

  • ______

    Doesn’t this cutie loook good or what? Look at her just look at her!!!!!!!! SOOOOO DREAMY!!! And legal so I can say what I want about her.

  • Cheerio!

    Kendall Jenner wore the same dress!

  • mikaela

    obviously miley and selena have different tastes so why do you guys always feel the need to compare the two of them?
    leave them be.

  • abby

    oh yeah , i really do -__- i’m so so sorry that i strongly dislike slutena hormez . & i really don’t need your suggestion

  • grace

    @abby Just because you don’t like her, doesn’t mean you have to make such a big deal about it. Doesn’t mean you have to majorly diss her for everyone else to read. You don’t even know her personally. Are you seeking attention or something by posting that kind of comment? You’re probably jealous of her for dating Bieber, or for being so pretty. Whatever decisions she makes, in the end, they are HER decisions and not yours. Seriously dude, stop being so immature and grow up.

  • SeL

    That’s the same dress she wore at the shake it up performance

  • SeL
  • laurent

    she looks absolutely amazing and hot… love that gorgeous dress!!!

  • wow


    Get a real life you sicko you. Amazing how some stupid people think they KNOW what actually goes on in the lives of celebs. Selena is beautiful and classy and talented and by all accounts a good girl with self respect.

    unlike others here, I make no comparisons, just stating the facts.

  • whyhate?

    other celebs are irrelevant. this is a selena gomez post – don’t like her don’t comment.

    don’t compare any other celebs.

    she’s having fun and looks cute.

  • Po

    One of the cutest faces on the planet :) And she carries herself like a lady. Respect.

  • abby

    you know what i’m HELLA Jealous of her , why would i ? well i’m sooo sorry for making a statment about her -__- i’m also sorry but everyone can’t like her , this is the REAL WORLD .

  • grace

    @abby: Look I know, there’s nothing wrong with not liking her and expressing your dislike, I can understand because there are heaps of celebs who personally, I cannot stand. Its just the fact that you’re being so rude about it. I just felt that your comments were just really inappropriate and unnecessary. And yes, I understand that this is the ‘real world’ and there are a lot of ugly things about it, but there’s no harm in trying to make it a better place, is there?

  • andie

    seriously haterz? get a life. nd selena looked GORGEOUS, by the way……so shut up :P

  • iloveemileycyrus

    but i honestly don’t get it , why can’t we hate on selena & say mean things about her & people get their feelings hurt when we say that , even though their talking about crap about Miley ? It really stupid . i Know i know , Selena ehh she’s Okay . But why do they get their feelings hurt when they don’t get know her ? i’m not talking about youu .

  • marissa

    oh yeah , i forgot she’s our little goodie good girl Saint right ? everybody just loves her&she does aboustley NO WRONG Right ? EW.

  • marissa

    @andie: UM okay?

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    Ur so hottttttt