Vanessa Hudgens Wants to Guest on Glee?

Vanessa Hudgens Wants to Guest on Glee?
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    I love Nessa but i don’t really like Glee. If she was in a episode then i would definetly watch only for her.

  • Kerri

    Great news for Zac. I see fantastic things for him. Love him too much.

  • lauren

    glee sucks, it doesnt matter who would appear on it.

  • joanne

    ok seriously, EVERY actor is asked if they would like to guest star on Glee. and if they say “sure why not” then the media automatically thinks they want so bad to guest star in it. i’m pretty sure she was just asked. And besides, Glee is not all that anyway

  • Merlin’s mum

    @lauren: Sorry Glee does not suck. Perhaps you just don’t like it cos it’s fun!! Didn’t Zac say he’d like to do Glee in a British paper last year. And Lucas Grabeel said he’s auditioned twice and they turned him down. Probably cos they don’t want to be compared to HSM. lol

  • Troy

    If Vanessa were to guest star on “Glee” I would have skip the episode because it would be totally unwatchable just like every other episode of that show. The cast CAN sing but they are some of the worst characters (I’m talking Cory Moncrieff’s character) ever to be featured prominently on a television show.

  • http://facebook michellene garay

    @KERRI: i totally agree with you.. i also love nessa and i’m not interested with glee but for her i’ll watch it where i could watch my idol, nessa..

  • http://none gigi

    No no no no no.

    I LOVE Glee and a show like that does not need Vanessa’s horrible singing and acting.

  • kerri

    @gigi: Hater go away!!! Vanessa can sing and act stop being jealous. Jealously is a ugly thing.

  • Patworx

    You only need to watch HSM to know that Vanessa CAN sing. Maybe not as good as Lea Michele, but she’s still good. I would really like to see her on Glee.

  • citlalli




  • Angie

    Wow I’m shocked back when Zac thought he’d guest starred on Glee he got support from you fans would love it if he did but with Vanessa not so good idea…….sexiest much?

  • BOJI

    Would love for Vanessa to make a guest appearance on Glee. She’ll add spice, I bet.

  • tina

    You have to be able to really sing to be on GLEE, so that leave Hudgens OUT!

  • BOJI

    Are you kidding? Vanessa can hold her own and she’s got the vocals to go. She may not be a Charice or Rachel but she’s as good as the others in Glee.

  • yets

    Vanessa can sing and dance very well.

  • Joochi

    This will be a great opportunity for her to showcase her singing again, we got to remember that she was 16 years old on HSM her voice not matured yet, she’s older now and matured so now she’ll sound AWESOME!!!! FYI, Selena is a horrible singer but she’s got the backing of Disney because they’re cashing in. Hater’s have never excepted Vanessa because they can’t forgive her mistakes, this goes to show you how unforgiving people are these days.

  • Tiara

    @gigi: TOTALLY agree with you. Love Glee, but I wouldn’t watch the episode if Vanessa was in it. NO NO NO!

  • http://uh tina

    Love Vanessa glee would do nothing for her. She’s the best singer from HSM by far . She has proven herself. I used to like glee but now it kinda sucks. I feel like it’s run out of story lines and the acting sucks.

  • Allie

    Is she not just being polite? I’m sure she was asked would she like to guest star on it – what’s she going to say – No? To be honest, I doubt that Glee would want any of the HSM gang on. The cast and producer seem to try and distance themselves from HSM, saying there nothing alike, etc. However, there is no way that FOX would have greenlit a series of singing high school students if it wasn’t for HSM. Having the songs available on ITunes. Tours with the cast. Remind you of something? It would be nice to see the glee cast and producer acknowledge that once in while.

    And glee was great the first series – now it’s awful.

  • demiandlovatics

    @gigi: obviously a hater with no life at all. :)

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