Selena Gomez: Music Video Shoot!

Selena Gomez: Music Video Shoot!

Selena Gomez has fun with a hulu hoop on the set of her music video for “Love You Like a Love Song” on Thursday (May 19) in Malibu, Calif.

The 18-year-old actress/singer was joined on the set by her love interest in the video, Oliver Seitz.

The pink painted horses in the video caused the singer Pink to use her Twitter to vent her frustration over the use of the animals.

Selena‘s rep told People that “no animals were harmed and all proper precautions were taken. A non toxic, vegetable based powder paint was applied via an airbrush and removed with water. An official from the Humane Society was on set supervising.”

DO YOU THINK it was right for the horses to be painted?

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Credit: Albert Michael; Photos: StarTraksPhoto
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  • sellylover

    she looks drop dead gorgeous!!! cant wait for LYLALS and for her new album;)

  • itsme

    she looks beautiful.

  • ….

    Whoever did the make up is the worst makeup artist ever and should get slapped in the face and fired

  • jj

    I don’t care if the stuff they used is all natural. The horses shouldn’t be painted in the first place. It’s unnatural. The thing is, the horses really can’t speak up for themselves and say to a person whether they wanted to be painted or not. Horses should be left in their natural state and in their natural environment. Not used in a music video for human entertainment. It’s completely unnecessary to have a pink horse. And if it was necessary for the horses to be pink, USE CGI.

  • Isabelle

    Why she NEEDED them to be painted anyway is beyond me…

  • aly91


    I would tend to make the argument the things we do for human sustainability is unnecessary, things like internet, cars, two story houses when all we really need is food, clothing, water, heat, and one story shelter. So go be natural, and stop wasting your time on gossip sites that waste the planet’s energy if you really want to be an environmentalist.

  • jj

    @aly91: All the things in my house are energy efficient. My house is not only made from recycled material, but also completely powered by solar panels and wind turbines. My ceiling is covered in a plant that keeps heat in during the winter, and keeps my house cool to the summer. I ride my bike almost everywhere, and on the rare occasion that I do drive, it is with a car that has been converted to using alternative fuel. So I never use gasoline. So I am not wasting any energy.

  • Lizzie


    Well said!

  • Candice

    She looks stunning and I too love animals and know that Selena did not let them be harmed. She would not allow it and now this has gotten so much attention than was needed.

  • the hungre gamez

    wow.people are stupid.they didnt hurt the horses.its just another reason for haters to hate on her.and bink before you write any thing know the facts and talk to selena her self stead of the world.and she will understand but doing it like that.its wrong. and she asked the human society how know better then pink and all of you if its hurtfull or not and they said NO so selena didnt do any thing wrong.but you have to hate on her no matter what.and you dont know what the story of the video and your hating on it.she made a mistake and if bink told her about it she would have said sorry because they told her that its ok so its not her fault.

  • Chloe

    Selena looks pretty! And the horses are ok, everything was removed because they use organic powder.

  • Theresa

    god, i wish she would just leave hollywood.

    shes nothing but fake, and although she may be an alright actress, she is a horrible example for a “good” artist.

    not to mention she painted horses….pinks right, im glad she stuck up for whats right

  • Z

    If people want to stress about animal rights, they should go to other countries where awful things are done to animals everyday. NOT stand around yelling at/about Selena Gomez for having horses painted safely, in a safe environment, with safe paint for her music video. Goodness gracious.

  • andy

    She loooks HOT!!! Can’t wait for this video!

  • Meg

    I’m not a Disney fan, or a Selena Gomez fan either, not hating on her, but there was no need to paint the horses, regardless if they use safe stuff or not. Horses are beautiful in their natural color, so it was not necessary.

  • selena

    @Theresa: if u hate her so much why do you watch her shows and listen her music. what kinda pathetic sore loser are you. oh well that says it

  • A

    WTF? whats up with the pink horse? what’s up with GUY? what’s up with the GUY’S HAIR? what’s up with her hair? what’s up with her eyes?…..omfg she’s like a slut version of cleopatra

  • A

    WTF? what’s up the pink the horse? what’s up with the GUY? what’s up with the GUY’S HAIR? what’s up with her hair? what’s up with her make up?!….omfg what a tri-hard.

  • lulu

    @Theresa: no one can see past her she’s so annoying!

    And OK, so the paint wasn’t toxic, but that’s not the point P!nk was making, she was saying that there was no need for the horses to be painted that colour for a music video. It’s just not right, and isn’t selena supposed to be for animal rights and stuff? Well she’s very irresponsible then and I’m actually glad this has happened, we can finally see that she’s not the sweet innocent girl everyone thinks she is!

  • whyhate?

    seriously can people shut up !
    there was no backlash when lady gaga painted a horse in one of her video ? so why selena ?
    some people do more inhumane things to animals in general.

    plus to the people who said she should get out of hollywood – no she shouldn’t she’s a good actress, if you don’t like her don’t talk about her.

  • haha

    So WHY did P!nk painted a donkey for her Music Videl, with REAL paint without PETA’s permision? ;)

    P!nk just wants some PR for herself.

    old lady.

  • carrie

    It’s funny how people here talks about animal rights when they themselves are quick to judge on other people. Isn’t judging a person be g cruel too? Painting the horses pink doesn’t make Selena less of a person, i still believe Selena is a great role model for everyone. I think Selena and the people behind the Music Video are responsible enough to make sure that the horses aren’t harmed. I guess people needs to have a broader perspective on this matter rather than hating on Selena and judging her as a person.

  • Selenapck

    First of all… I just love her makeup and her dress! She looks AMAZING. Secondly P!nk is a stuck-up brat. She said the Selena’s video was ‘stupid’ and her music videos aren’t? Pink should mind her own business…. Selena looooves animals. Have we forgotten tht she rescued 5 dogs?! And non-toxic paint was used and maybe painting the horses wasn’t the best idea they had, but no one was harmed. People do worse thing to horses… no body stops them. And all P!nk wants to do is pick on other artists cause she has no talent of her own, no life of her own… She should lay off…. she doesn’t know whts going on plus the video wasn’t directed by Selena and it wasn’t in her hands either, but she made sure the animals were safe.. Pink is not only VULGAR but a hypocrite. I’ll take her seriously when she cares just as much about the 40million genocide of mostly black latino babies at PP funded with our money against our will by our govt.. Selena is an amazing person and the haters just want something to hate about. I <3 Selena just the way she is!!!

  • ezzers

    @lulu: selena has always said she is not perfect so stop hating on her

  • ella

    so excited to see the music video. I think it’ll be a new concept from other music videos. Regarding the horses, i don’t think Selena and the crew has harmed the horses in any way. Selena, being an animal lover, as shown by her adopting rescue dogs would be sensitive enough to make sure that the paints are safe for the animals. Besides, i admire Selena for not back-lashing on Pink despite her rude comments on twitter.

  • Allie

    Why does the horse need to be painted pink? Is it some artistic thing. It doesn’t matter that the horse wasn’t harmed. Horses have as much right to life as Selena does. She wouldn’t like it if someone painted her pink without her permission. It’s treating others, and animals, as you would want to be treated yourself.

  • Maryam

    I agree that the horses shouldn’t have been painted…..But people shouldn’t hate Selena because of it. It’s not like it was her decision.

  • lulu

    @ezzers: i’m not hating on her, i just find her annoying and stupid to paint horses pink, at at what point did i say she thought she was perfect? i didnt so read properly

  • kym

    I wish they would have just editted the colour in later. its not fair for the horses to be painted. im really defensive of horses because they are so gentle and people take advantage of them and do a lot of really mean things to them. its really sad some of the things they are put through. i just really hope painting him didnt hurt him or affect him in a permanent way…. :(
    p.s. to the person saying P!nk has no talent. you are crazy! p!nk has some pipes on her and she is very artistic with her song writing. p!nk has been around way longer as well.

  • kym

    I wish they would have just editted the colour in later. its not fair for the horses to be painted. im really defensive of horses because they are so gentle and people take advantage of them and do a lot of really mean things to them. its really sad some of the things they are put through. i just really hope painting him didnt hurt him or affect him in a permanent way…. :(
    p.s. to the person saying P!nk has no talent. you are crazy! p!nk has some pipes on her and she is very artistic with her song writing. p!nk has been around way longer as well..

  • saffron

    she looks stunning and so beauitifull
    Go Selena, im sure this will be her best single yet

  • Aylin

    Ok, first I dont’t like her look.
    in the past she lookes so natural, kay she can trie out different looks,she can change her looks, but I think this look doesnt fit on her.

    I think pink is right, as the singer selena have to right to say something against ist.

    I really like selena, but she is just so different at the moment.

  • Haters Suck!

    For the love of God I’m all for animal rights but it’s a horse not a person and she painted it, she didn’t set it on fire. Heck I’ve painted my body before for fun it ain’t so bad. People making a big deal out of nothing.

  • the hungre gamez

    @<a @kym: they said that it didnt hurt them.and some people dont give a sh## about the horses they just use that to hate on she made a imasteke she didnt know because people said its not going to hurt them people from the humane societyif they thoght it was bad for them or hurtfull they wauld say its not her foult. and if you see in the picture they did paint near thier eyes or mouths. The point she learned from. But why didnt bink talk to selena and she would have said sorry a about and explane intead of the world and know the facta before saying them then things would have been much bettet.and people just say.that bink is right because she is bink and the same for.selena.sorry its long and iam on

  • the hungre gamez

    @Haters Suck!: no just becouse its selena how is doing it so it must be wrong.there just hating on her.and the other side of people just say its wrong because bink said it is.its stubid.if the humane society (how know way bettet then bink and all the paople how say its bad)say its not hurtfull to them then its not and thats why selena didit ifthey said no you cant it would hurt them then she wouldn’t have don it

  • gosh

    People this day can find something to hate about the most simple thing, huh?
    You think paint a horse is bad, then have you ever watch horse race? circus? The horses there have been trained everyday ever since they’re little just for people entertainment and will be get rid of once they’re too old. Anyone complain about that?
    So please do some research before you speak (Especially you, Pink, remember the sheep “accident” in Australia?)

  • Queen bee

    PINK HORSES SELENA??? REALLY???…you should be ashamed of yourself!

    PETA spokesman Dan Mathews told E! Online, “There are no safe ways to paint a live horse or any animal. They can have painful allergic reactions to chemicals and there’s no way to know how an individual animal will react. Also, subjecting skittish animals like horses to extended periods of restraint and spraying is stressful and frightening.”


    GOOD FOR YOU, PINK!! Selena Gomez should be ashamed of herself!! REGARDLESS of what her PR posse says about the paint being “airbrushed” on, I see the pink paint on the face and eyes of the horse, which means that this horse had to be subjected to colorful powdered paint being SPRAYED around, and possibly INTO, it’s eyes to be presented in this DUMB video to prop up Selena’s ridiculously weak singing career! As pink said, SHAME!

    …Additionally, it really sets a bad example to be painting horses a color that the animal doesn’t appear as in nature. Very unnatural, and this may give OTHERS ….and kids, the incentive to paint THEIR animals, and they may not have the forsight to used ‘vegetable based’ paint! HOW IRRESPONSIBLE CAN YOU BE, SELENA!! DISGUSTING.

  • napacaaaaaaan

    aww cute^^ really only selena haters (and some miley haters) really care MORE than her true fans and read every interview, wtch every video and listen to all of her music! (in real, they are the secret fans^^ haha^)

    the reps said that the product they used on the horses were tested before .
    really you guys have to learn READING and then comment on it!!!

    stop the hate now!!!

  • Haters Suck!

    @queen bee
    top ten of the most ridiculous and absurd comments I’ve read on this site I mean talk about perinoia.
    BTW PETA is a JOKE of an organization full of morons and hypocrites. They care more about their own self interets and agenda not animals.

  • Danielle

    This kid is stupid… pink horse really??

  • samy

    Selena Gomez has used a non-toxic, harmless products for horses and has followed the American Humane Society’s procedure. Spread the words she is young but still she is doing better than old people so pink shut up

  • headstrong

    They dont make a good couple :/
    I like her natura shor and back hair betterl and the make up its like too much i know its a music video but with less she looks prettier imo.

  • headstrong


    What with all the hate comments..
    It not like she killed the horses. I don’t like people painting their animals though.

  • Stranger

    They shouldn’t paint the horses in the first place.. it’s just wrong.

  • smiley

    OMG can everybody just shut uppp this is sooooo stupid the horses are fine they weren’t hurt there ok and this isnt the first time someone has done this soo why is everybody making a big fuss over it also why is everybody bringing up peta. peta is stupid they dont really do anything for animals there just extremist with no lives

  • Zara

    I love Selena, and although I feel it’s a little to girlish and inappropriate to ‘paint’ a horse, I dont think it’s a crime. I just dont see the reason why she has to wear a long dress in her music videos and sing either in a desert/streets of a city or a beach. Just make it a story, like Taylor Swift does! She looks gorgeous though, I love her :) Cant wait for the song to come out.

    btw the guy looks like Jesus.. LOL couldn’t they like chosen a hot guy like they did for AYWR vid. :/

  • none

    Good for Pink. Go get Selena for her bad behavior. A Pink horse. Poor thing it suffers enough abuse from humans.

  • Patworx

    If humans can get their hair dyed with no issues, what makes horses any different.

  • magick_girl786

    @Patworx: Because people get their hair dyed because they want to get their hair dyed. Horses have no say in it. They can’t just say “Hey Selena, I don’t want to be painted pink!” but if your friend is like “omg lets dye your hair!” and you don’t want to, you just say “No, I don’t want to dye my hair” Horses can’t say that and its not fair to dye a horse (even if its all natural) because you don’t know if they want to be dyed or not.

  • Jez

    It’s funny because if this were Lady Gaga, no one would complain because whatever she does is considered “art”.
    Yes, the horses don’t have a choice if they want to be dyed or not AND THEY NEVER WILL. That’s nature. Unfortunately, we can’t communicate with horses and ask for permission. I’m sure that the same goes for other animals that we eat. Do we ask them for permission to be killed?
    Any one who says that they’re “completely animal-cruelty-free” is lying. Yes, you might not be abusing them directly but there’s bound to be something that you’re using that involved an animal getting hurt or killed. It’s unavoidable.
    So now let’s move on to more serious and worrying things than an unharmed, pink horse.