Zendaya & Bella Thorne: Send In Your Questions!

Zendaya & Bella Thorne: Send In Your Questions!

Zendaya and Bella Thorne snap a quick pic inside the 2011 Time for Heroes Celebrity Picnic to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation at Wadsworth Theater on the Veteran Administration Lawn on Sunday afternoon (June 12) in Los Angeles.

Bella, 13, went all girly at the festival with a blue and pink striped dress while Zendaya tried to keep warm in a Michael Kors sweater.

JJJ will be chatting with the girls later this week and we need your questions! Let us know what you want us to ask them!

Adam Irigoyen, Caroline Sunshine and Kenton Duty are also pictured below. 20+ pics inside…

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Credit: Michael Buckner, David Livingston, Chris Weeks; Photos: Getty
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  • http://www.hostmyimage.net Klaus

    They look really great. Ask them, if they are dancing in freetime, too. And what kind of dances/kind of music to dance to they like most!

  • http://www.twitter.com/littleveja littleveja

    Arrive Bella and Zendaya sometime to the Czech Republic?

  • fariza

    bella looks so beautiful!

  • http://www.twitter.com/XJADENrockx Joy

    Heey @bellathorne143 @zendaya96 you both looked gorgeous! my question is zendaya has started singing, bella would you bee singing to? i would be really cool if you to were to do a duiet.

  • Michelle

    I would want to ask bella. What is her favourite color and is she really girly or tomboy.

  • http://www.twitter.com/XJADENrockx Joy


  • Zyzz

    I have a question for Bella; Why are you so beautiful?

  • Ty

    I love your clothing where did you get it from

  • http://twitter.com/xotaytayxo96 tay

    Ask them:
    What made them get into acting?
    Have they taken acting or singing lessons?
    What’s their favorite part about working on SIU?
    If they could have anyone guest star, who would they pick and why?
    What was their first day on set like?
    Were they instantly besties when they met?
    How did they react when they learned they got a part on SIU?
    Have their lives changed a lot since SIU premiered?
    Do they have any tips for aspiring actors and actresses?
    Team Edward or Jacob?
    Do they like Pretty Little Liars?

  • ray

    ask what they like in a guy
    what do they like to do on their time off?

  • http://@marlysbrenning Marlys

    Ask them this plz:
    Are you really good friends with Caroline Sunshine and Kenton Duty or not?

  • reneedescombes


    What was the last day of filming Season 1 like?
    What is your craziest fan story?
    Do you ever get tired of working with each other?
    Any advice for girls your age?
    What’s your most embarrassing moment on set?
    What was your favorite moment on set?
    What is your favorite episode?
    What is in store for viewers in new episodes and Season 2?
    What charities are close to your heart?
    Do you ever feel tired of all the attention you’re getting?
    Favorite song at the moment?
    What is your favorite part about acting?
    Do you have any new projects coming up soon?
    If you have any, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
    If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    If you couldn’t be an actor, what would you want to do in your life?
    What inspires your style?
    Have you had any previous singing experience?
    What is the recording process like?
    Do you like singing or acting or dancing best?
    When did you decide you wanted to become an actress?
    How do you feel before every show?
    Where do you like to shop?
    If you were stranded on a desert island, what three items would you bring with you?

    Lots of questions, hahaha!

  • Kulvir


  • http://twitter.com/heartbellat Alissa

    Ask them:
    -Have you always been in to singing?
    -Everybody says that “Disney makes everyone sing.” Is that true?
    -How has working on SIU changed you?
    -What are some of your other talents besides performing?
    -How much do you rehearse the dances on SIU?
    -How many hours a day do you “do school”?
    -What did you first think when you met your co-stars?
    -How many auditions did you have to go through to get on SIU?
    -What characters do you play in the movie Frenemies?
    -What is your dream role?
    -What are your favorite stores to shop at?
    -What inspires you?
    -Who is the person you most look up to?
    -What is your idea of a perfect best friend?


  • Marie

    please ask them-

    Helpful info for those who are really serious about acting, and want to become an actor/actress??

  • Marie

    please ask them-
    Helpful info for those that are serious about acting & that want to be in the acting business?? Audition tips…Disney casting tips… anything? (: Thank you!!!

  • http://shaneobrienbuzz shane o brien

    ask bella does she have Irtish descendants

  • breann

    when will bella thorne have a website?

  • Zaza

    Why did Zendaya start singing? and is Bella going to sing too? Does Bella have a crush on Cody Simpson? Who’s Zendaya’s celebrity crush? Is Cody Simpson appearing on “Shake It Up”? Does Zendaya think that her song’s gonna be a hit? Thanks :)

  • Alli


  • a

    ask zendaya what her ancestry is

    she kinda looks latina white.

  • melissa haines

    hey this is melissa im a big fan of your show i just wanted to know if you are sisters ‘

    if you are not sisters you guys would make great sisters because you guys always stick together im like that tooo i always sticking with my friends

    soooo always stick together

    your big fan melissa
    i which i can meet you
    you guys are so funny
    i never got to here you sing you guys should do a new show and sing on the show i bet both of you have a great voice

    have a wonderful summer
    you guys are great at dancing

    your big fan melissa haines

  • adureh

    Ask them if they stay away from online blog sites like a lot of stars do since they usually have negative comments about them

    And how do they stay grounded in such a tough industry

  • http://www.twitter.com/Luvzi12 Emma

    If you had to choose between acting, singing, modelling and dancing and could only do one of them for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

  • Justin

    My question is. What would you guys tell aspring dancers and actors to do if they would move to Los Angeles?

  • http://www.youtube.com/mileybridgitfan Briayla

    Please ask them if Bella will come out with “Bella Thorne Magazine” and if Zendaya will come out with “Zendaya Magazine.” Sassy B and Snazzy Z!

  • Myka

    Hiii can u follow me on twitter u know me

  • Julia:)

    Dear Zendaya and Bella, I love y’all so much! I just wanted to know if it’s possible to make it big without going to Cali first. I live all the way in South Carolina:)

  • RainaYoung

    I love u guys soo much I love your show shake it up am a good dancer and I will love to be on ur show I can do D micheal Jackson Moon walk nd etc I love Zendaya style I’ll love to meet y’all one day u guy r the best I watch ur show everyday I never miss it

  • Morgan


  • Morgan

    zendaya, you have been my idol for 2 years and i love yyou and your clothes where do you get them<<<<<<3 eppppp i
    love you

  • Alex Montoya

    Hi I’m Alex I live in conroe,Texas in teas court I think zendaya is so cute I wish I was on shake it up.

  • Faith

    My question is: Are you and Bella going to continue your careers as singers, and at some point record a full album?

  • Seiera

    are you ever going to come to Wisconsin?

  • courtney

    you are agood dancer

  • Andrew Rodenbucher

    Zendaya is awesome she’s my favorite character on shake it up and I love her new song swag it up

  • http://msn cece

    hay bella look my name is cece! so cool right!

  • http://msn cece

    i no thay got it form la ! i live there and my name is cece

  • Mary Cate Neff

    my question is for Zendaya how do you know how to sing you are amazing singer when did you start raping

  • juju

    Zendaya and Bella are my favorite show and singers. So glad they got to be on disney Channel. Wouldn’t it be so awesome to be on their show? I love to dance. Rocky is just like me. I love to dance,i’m in the gifted program and I also carry around my big feet. I’m 10 and I wear a size 8. I love shake it up!

  • A-ray

    are there any places and times to meet zendaya and bella in summer

  • Kate

    I love you guys. I love your show and I love your dance moves. You guys are so awesome and such an inspiration to me! <3

  • anonymous

    I loooove bella’s dress!

  • george

    Hey Zendaya and bella how do you dance like that in the show

  • jorge

    Hey bella and zendaya you guys are really great dancers

  • ysela

    Hey bella and zendaya how did you become such great and awesome singers and dancers

  • http://none alex

    Zendaya. Bella. i like your show alot and i have a idea for one show

  • http://yahoo aya

    Ask bella all these questions:
    where do u get ur clothes?
    r u tomboy or girly in reel life?
    where do u get ur jewelry?
    waz ur fav color?
    fav food?
    fav sport?
    r u advanced in school or just normal or below?
    hows middle school?
    who r ur frends?

  • jassy

    U so ugly and. U act like a child u and. Bella know what

  • http://twitter.com alex

    hi zendaya and bella i love your show alot and i wanted to tell you i have an idea for a show.