Ashley Tisdale: PURE Birthday Party!

Ashley Tisdale: PURE Birthday Party!

Ashley Tisdale sizes up her pink and purple PURE birthday cake as she celebrates at the nightclub inside Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas on Friday night (July 15).

The 26-year-old actress, wearing a Foley & Corinna dress and Christian Louboutin booties, partied it up with a group of her closest girlfriends.

“So excited to be in Vegas with my girls @jenkellytisdale @heatherhemmens @Laura_New @kimhidalgo @baileysgirl @sammydroke @shelleybuckner Emily and Bonnie! Just Missin Nessa :( can’t wait for her to be home soon!!!! Yay!!!” Ashley tweeted in excitement.

Ashley is also spotted at Equinox Gym in West Hollywood early Friday.

Can’t wait for pool party pics soon! 25+ pics inside…

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Credit: Judy Eddy, Ethan Miller, Denise Truscello; Photos: Getty, WireImage, WENN, GSI Media
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  •!/kuzanessaefgens kimann

    wish Nessa was there

  • http://mikehla mike

    the party looks cool

  • Maik


  • Wes

    Looks really fun!!! Is she not friends with Aly Michalka anymore?!

  • lari

    ash looks so beautiful!! love her

  • larry

    priceless :) i think she looks so cute.

  • Candy

    she is sooo beautiful!

  • Candy

    i love her new color hair! <3

  • just sayin

    wow, she looks stunning…like a goddess.

  • federico

    perfect hair, body and eyes!

  • federico


  • MR.

    so beautiful!!

  • amtfan

    shes gorgeous :)

  • Lubarus

    her hair looks georgeous:)

  • Lubarus

    i love her)

  • Naty

    HOT! She’s gorgeous!!! *-*



  • whatever

    Trash…..can’t stand this chick now. Just wants attention.

  • whatever

    So NOW you think of “nessa”……weren’t thinking much about her romping on the beach, were ya, Tizz???


    why does she think she is soooo hot…. please! fake fake fake

  • cassie

    all the haters need to shut up n go away lol

  • nina
  • Dasha

    OMG, I’m in looove with her dress!!)))
    Ash looks pretty in blond. I cant even decide which color is best for her)) she looks gorgeous in both)

  • nina

    Wow, she looks gorgeous!

  • selena

    haters are stupid!!!

  • kerri

    She looks gorgeous i am loving the whole look and her hair looks really good blonde.
    @BAFAN: She doesn’t think she is hot she just is lol.
    @whatever: the only thing trash i see is you lol.

  • just sayin

    @whatever: Don’t be jealous cuz she has a life and you don’t. :)

  • Mara

    LOVE the look :)

  • Allie

    I have never seen any celeb make as big a deal of “normal” birthdays (i.e. not 21, 30, 40) as she does. How many parties now is that?

    I hope that the change in hair colour was for a role, not just for her party. It’s damaged enough as it is and she needs a role.

  • whatever

    @just sayin: OOOOOH, what a life… stupid series got cancelled, my last movie about aliens in the attic was a bomb, and all I got now is doing a voice on a cartoon. Yeah, right. What a life. Just sayin…………..LOL, LOL, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • babyvlover

    haha, I gotta agree with @whatever Ashley isn’t big in hollywood, the people who know her watched hsm and maybe some watched hellcats.. but yeah, no series, no movies, no advertisement.. nothing.. just celebrating her b-day over and over and flirting with zac! She isn’t a serious actress who works hard for a big place in hollywood. and why? Cause she is not a good acress, somebody needs to tell her.

    It was confirmed that this beach-flirting thing wasn’t natural. Zac did it, to make Nessa jealous and Ashley did it, to get attention and a career kick. It’s such a shame, especially from Ashley, as Nessa’s “best friend”.

    And when people think now that I MUST have a good opinion about ashley, just cuz she’s nessa friend. No I don’t have to!!! I can think about her what I want and I even can say it where and when I want. This girls makes me sick! She never did a serious role and she never will. She is just annoying! Her only talent is dying her hair from brunette to blonde and the other way around. Btw. She looks terrible with blonde hair!

  • Christine


    Exactly what I was thinking. She already had her very public beach party in which she ran around groping her best friend’s ex ( her supposed brother). Didn’t that get her enough attention? Most people barely have one party for their 26th birthday. She makes hers a whole event.

  • Lubarus


  • Silverqt

    You Zanessa fans need to get a grip. Zac was fooling around with Ashley on the beach to make Vanessa jealous? What an utterly stupid thing to say. He DUMPED her in case you’ve all forgotten and dude is not looking back. Sucks for you guys but deal with reality. And you all need to go back and take a look at how close Zac and Ashley have been. FOR YEARS. I think some people are just angry at how genuinely happy and joyful Zac looked on the beach with Ashley. Posed or not, and some of the pics definitely were candids, there’s no denying that dude was thoroughly enjoying himself. Vanessa who?

    And btw, having two birthday events is not uncommon in Hollywood. Nightclubs like PURE will often ask/pay a celebrity to hold a bash there. Ashley doing it is no big deal. Except of course for the those who will leave no stone unturned to bash the poor girl. Pathetic.



  • Joochi

    @babyvlover: You have said what I wanted to say for a very long time and you put it so darn truthfully and from the heart. I only hope that her boyfriend & Disney can hold her up because she’s really not going anywhere at the moment and so is what’s his name, good wishes for them both.

  • ladysdsandiego

    she looks really beautiful!!

  • federico

    she was my idol!

  • nadine

    all the haters pls just stop being so jealous and if u don’t like here so don’t see her news or comment on them btw ashey is and always will be a star inside and out and u guys are and will always be just hating jealous people than are simply nobody and have no life.

  • tizlover04

    @Joochi: pls just shut up and stop wilh all the jealousy

  • tizlover04

    @Christine: so what if she want to celebrate her birthday the whole week she can do what ever she wants what the big problem with that u guys just need anything to talk about because u clearly don’t have a life.

  • iloveashley

    @whatever: first the show was amazing second the film wasn’t a bomb and like u have a great life if u do u will not be here being jealous of other people and hating them because clearly u don’t have a life to live it so just go away and find another person to hate and to be jealous of.

  • amanda

    @SILVERQT SOO TRUE,WELL SAID :) you tell them lol

  • ashley fan

    ashley =beauty!

  • ashley fan

    @selena sucker! ja

  • johana


  • Lubarus

    Ashley is number one:)

  • violet

    Ashley looks so hot in that little dress.





    @Silverqt: SOOO TRUE WELL SAID :)