Ashley Tisdale: Planet Blue Beauty

Ashley Tisdale: Planet Blue Beauty

Ashley Tisdale keeps her hat on as she heads into the Planet Blue boutique on Saturday afternoon (August 6) in Malibu, Calif.

The 26-year-old actress was spotted at the Hollywood Bowl the night before, supporting former HSM costar Corbin Bleu and pal Nick Jonas, who are both starring in the play.

Ashley also premiered Phineas & Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension earlier in the week. The animated TV movie actually became TV’s No. 1 scripted telecast of 2011 to date among Kids 6-11 (3.4 million/13.8 rating), TV’s No. 1 movie among Tweens 9-14 (2.6 million/10.8 rating) and cable’s No. 1 movie of the year in Total Viewers (7.6 million).

15+ pics inside of Ashley Tisdale

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  • Lubarus

    yay! phineas&ferb are crazy!!!

  • Lubarus

    Ashley looks cute:)

  • whatever

    Yeah, she never went to see her “best friend” Vanessa in RENT, did she? She’s a piece of work. Such a great friend.

  • sara

    and she did go with perez hilton the person who admir vanessa when she mention vanessa in her twitter i freak out

  • lila

    ok ashley is ***** .disney girl

  •!/laurenmoshi alyssa


  • Matheus

    stunning!!! Ashley’s style is the best!

  • Meghan

    @whatever: Lol get off this thread Ashley was filming Hellcats in Canada when Vanessa was in Rent she could hardly go and see her now could she? Shut the hell up, they’re still friends anyway so your comment is irrelevant.

  • Meghan

    She looks stunning. Congrats on the success of Phineas & Ferb. :)

  • Mara

    I love the outfit :)

  • Mara

    Congratz :D

  • Naty

    Congrats, ashy!! *-* She looks stunning!!!

  • storyteller

    I love her outfit, she looks so great. And good that she went to support Corbin on his big night. Why didn’t Vanessa go? She seems to have loads of free time these days enough to pose for the paps every other day it seems. Oh wait, it’s only Ashley that’s a ‘terrible friend’. Ridiculous.

  • sara

    sweetie vanessa also go get your fact right before talking

  • Haters Suck!

    well seeing as Vanessa has been busy for the last two years shoothing and promoting movies while ashleys been…at the gym I think she’s earned a break. Also she was hosting the hurley walk the walk event and was part of the us open surfing competiton this weekend and was with her real friend laura. and maybe she didn’t go because she’s tired of supporting people who don’t support her. Not one of her hsm co stars has ever come to any of her events so she’s owes them nothing. Vanessa came home from a vacation with her mom in Europe to make it to Ashley sharpay event while Ashley has missed every single one of vanessas events and continues to kiss up to perez Hilton who has done nothing but try and hurt Vanessa and call her names and spread lies about her. And I’ll bet anyone anything right now Ashley won’t show to any of vanessas events next year either. Anyone want to bet? So who’s the teribble friend again?

  • demi

    vanessa fans tell me now why vanessa didnt attend to ashley’s birthday? İs she great friend? She went Laura’s and Brittany’s party

  • http://none juddy

    lol thanks god she didn’t attend ashley birthday after that drama ( her ex kissing her bestfriend) and maybe more.

  • http://none juddy

    Behind the closed doors.

  • Haters Suck!

    After seeing what happend at ashleys birthday u seriously expected vanessa to be there? I didn’t. Ok I answered your question now u answer mine. While vanessa attended ashleys sharpay premiere why has ashley never shown up to any of vanessas events and why she supports perez hilton when all he’s done is try to hurt vanessa. Is she a great friend?

  • Lubarus

    Congrats ashley!!!!*

  • lovely_one

    Is that Samantha Droke with Ashley ? I love her….

  • Haters Suck!

    seems we were both wrong, Vanessa is at the Hollywoodbowl to see Corbin perform right now. Who’s the terrible friend again?

  • Lubarus

    Yay! love her:)

  • re

    Well, it’s hard for ashley to have seen rent, since the play was such a flop that lasted just a cople of nights!

  • http://facebook me

    re actually rent was only for 3 nights and didnt flop

  • Meghan

    All of you stfu, Vanessa was at Ashley’s BBQ a few days after her birthday party so they still are friends so shut up. It just turns out that everytime Vanessa’s had a premiere Ashley was busy shooting Hellcats, recording for Phineas & Ferb or filming SFA.

  • mykamicks

    @Haters Suck!:

    I appreciate you always for the well detailed defense on behalf of Vanessa and a trivial rebound to the haters.

    All I know then also, Rent was a great show niether its a flo[p show. Vanessa indeed has an outrageous performance for a firstimer like her. So bravo for her…

  • Marine

    Again fighting with all this drama??? ENOUGH! Again with this stupid nonsens “they don’t support each other, they are not great friends” ?? Really, grow up guys!! I beg, what you clearly don’t understand is that they are just CLOSE friends, not the BEST of friends and maybe never were. Co stars, yes! Close Friends, heck yes! But They’ve been a little hypocrite with everybody and with themselve in first place with this “you’re my best friend” dialog. But that’s what I’m thinking about their relationship, now think what you want but enough with bashing one of them. you’r pathetic, all of you, maybe you need some maturity.
    You think Vanessa always has been better than all the HSM cats, fine by you, no need to belittled the others. You think Ashley always has been a bad friend (-_-’), fine by you, no need to always says it every damn time. Being friends in Hollywood isn’t easy at all, and not because we don’t have photos of them with tones of paparazzi means they don’t spend time together, on the contrary, they see each other. They’ve both been busy, Vanessa has been shooting movies and promoting. About Ashley, she did the same thing. Sorry I can’t let you say that all she did for the past 2years was going to the gym. Even if Hellcats only had 1 season, she’s worked for it for a year, she has a production company with 3 or 4 projects retained for TV and it asks a lot of time and also recording voice for Phineas and Ferb which isn’t nothing also. May I recall you that even if you don’t watch it, P&F is more than successfull and not only for kids, even young adults AND adults watch and love it.
    Maybe for you it’s nothing but you have to put in your head that they definetly don’t make the same choice about their career. so before all of you criticize one of them, think about it, especially when you don’t know anything about their career moves.

    Oh and @juddy about this stupid conversation about the Ashley’s birthday and Zac coming to surprise her, Why the heck are you still talking about it? I think you forget a lot of thing just to make it look like and horrible thing: it was for a birthday, they were ate the beach (which explains the oh so little clothes on them), having fun isn’t a crime AND not seeing a friends you’ve known for almost 10 years anymore because they’re not with another of your friend wouldn’t fair! And about this kiss, please, that’s nothing at all. Anyway I don’t understand why you are still talking about that, it’s been a month, move on!

  • Lubarus

    love her so much***

  • Lubarus

    awwww love her body^^

  • Haters Suck!

    but heres the thing ashleys been the one recently who continues to say,”vanessa and me are still best friends” “vanessa is like my sister” “vanessa and me are still close” and all this other blah blah blah BS. she needs to stop with that, those are nice words but thats all they are, as the actions dont back them up, do i think theyre best frieds? no. do i think theyre close friends? no. and honestly do i think theyre friends at all? at this point the answer to that is no. and all im saying is vanessa has always been there for these guys. she was there for zac, she was there for ashley and now she was there for corbin. but when vanessa needed them where were they? and people have the gaul to call vanessa fake and vanessa the one whos the terrible friendd?
    one last thing the reason juddy brought up that pooint is because another poster asked why vanessa wasnt at ashleys birthday party in vegas. and u could bet the point juddy made is moree then likley the main reason vanessa didnt show up.

  • Haters Suck!

    one more point @Meghan
    u keep telling yourself that stuff if it makes u feel better. But like I said I’ll bet right now that Ashley no shows to any of vanessa next year as well.