Zac Efron's Endless Summer

Zac Efron's Endless Summer

Zac Efron slips us a wink and a smile as he spends his downtime with some pals in New Orleans, Louisiana on Sunday afternoon (August 7).

The 23-year-old actor and his gal pals hit up La Petite Grocery bar and restaurant for a bite to eat and cool drinks.

Zac has been hard at work on The Paperboy, opposite Nicole Kidman (also pictured below) and Matthew McConaughey.

Based on the 1995 Pete Dexter novel, the thriller will follow a Miami Times reporter as he returns to his Florida hometown to investigate the imprisonment of a death row inmate.

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Credit: Butters/Sinky, LG/Katrina; Photos: Flynet Pictures, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Zanessa

    OMG thank you for the new hot zac pic.
    he looks awesome.
    i love you, zac.

  • Miranda

    I like his brightly colored shirts (:

  • kerri

    Damn he is hot. Love you Zac :)

  • amy

    He looks great, i love his wink ;) Love the beanie and his style<3
    Can’t wait for ‘The Paperboy’!

  • Miranda

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am FREAKIN EXCITED he is filming a movie with Nicole Kidman and Matthew. EPICENESS

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    I missed his famous beanies !!!!! He’s adorable… :D

  • lauren

    who are those two girls behind him?

  • Sara12

    OMFG you know he looks good when I don’t even care about the fashion crime those shorts are :)

  • Selena

    HAha at first I thought the blonde was Brittany Snow lol.

  • vice

    I wish he were still with V. They look so much better together.

  • Lissa

    Those are his assistants walking behnind him.
    So glad to see new pics he looks really good!

  • amtfan

    asjkdjkasdk HOT!!!! <3

  • kami

    is the blond girl maika monroe his “heartland” costar? or are those chicks even with him? lol

  • http://goggle BARBARA

    @ Kami, i don’t think those girl pals, are even with him, they were behind him, he wasn’t even talking to them, he is still in NO, filming paperboy, there is no more pictures of the girls, i think they are not together, those girls are really talking to each other, he was walking in front of them, there is no more pictures, except, just Zac.

  • kami


    that’s what i thought. looks like they just happened to come out of the coffee shop behind zac. wonder if they know they got their pic taken? prbly not. lol

  • Selena

    @kami: The dark haired girl looks like the girl that was with him and his friends when he went out to eat lunch with his friends and his father & Dylan. That or she just kinda looks like that girl.

  • Sara12

    @Selena: Your right that does look like her, and also she looks like the girl that was with him on the beach for The Fouth of July.

  • kami

    this girl talking on the phone is not the girl in the 4th of july pix. this girl is way too pale. the 4th of july chick has an awesome tan.

  • Selena

    @kami: Agreed this for sure isn’t the girl from the 4th. The girl he was talking to on the 4th was skinnier and a lot tanner.

  • Bellamione

    That kinda looks like A Just Got up/Suns hurting my eyes kind of wink not like a Hey WHAT UP! Wink:P

  • Sara12

    I guess you guys are right, that isn’t the girl from the Fouth of July pics…my bad LOL

  • kami

    isn’t zac dating nicole kidman? lol

    hollywood life has an article titled “zac efron’s new older woman.” i didn’t read it, so don’t know what it says. and i saw another one somewhere about the blond bombshell zac is working with. keith urban better get down there and whip them into shape. lol

  • Selena

    @kami: Haha LMFAO. Keith can hit Zac over the head with his guitar and then sing to Nicole to win her back lmfao. HW life I think is run by a bounch of 12 year old little girls.

  • florence

    The stupid wink and smirk is back I see no suprise really seeings as he’s doing his favourite thing and that’s having women all around him and drinking in bar’s yet again.

    And he has a thing for blonds now so ity would’nt suprise me if the blond is his new gf who he finally decided to let the public see.

    And of course he’s walking in ffront of them gotta make sure that he get’s his photo taken and yet on all the other’s we’ve had he’s looked miserable but low and behold he goes to a bar plus women and he’s got his player face on and oh look at me I’ve got women around me who love me.

  • Selena

    @florence: Find something better to do with your darn time. For real, you are SOOOO LAME, you post on EVER post of his. Go from a hobby.

    If him going to a bar with woman is “bad” to you I don’t think you want to see what most other 20 something year old guys in Hollywood are doing.

  • http://peggy sue

    @florence: You are so lame. He is not in a bar and I do not think those girls are with him. What is wrong with you? You do not have to like him but do not make up stuff about him that is so immature and worthless. Your comments will not make anyone dislike Zac so please stop and let people just enjoy this thread without having to read the senseless hate.

  • j

    @florence: How do you even function in everyday life being as stupid as you are?

  • cutie

    Zac Epron wins the Red Carpet Fashion Icon (Male) Congratulation Zacy!!!!

  • Mia

    I’m not even sure he is with them, too. Some shouldn’t overreact.

  • florence

    I function fine thanks and it was JJ which said that he was with his gal pal,’s drinking so it’s not something I made up. But I don’t really care what anyone say’s if I wnt to say my piece then I will it’s a public site.

  • bellaq

    Looking as hot as always just hope zanessa can get back together (;

  • ?????????

    just wanted to say “Zac is single and free to be out with whoever he wants”

    Although i don’t believe Zac is even with those girls, it looks like they are just walking behind him because they arn’t even in any other pics with him.

    I bet JJ is trying to cause trouble and get more hits by saying he is with them.

    There are not pics of him saying goodbye or any other ones together.

  • lauren

    what is your problem?
    do you enjoy causing shit?

  • http://lala aiwen

    he is so cute
    and HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • florence

    If people chose to reply to me that’s their problem and think about it people arguing is what keeps his site active so he is the one ca using trouble by what he write’s along with the photo’s he puts up.

    He words it so as to get people to react and obviously people are not going to agree with everyone else. I don’t like what Zac has become or some of the things he has said over the year’s but unlike some I would never wish him dead or any of his family, that is one thing that should never be wished on anther person.

  • lauren

    why do you hate him so much?
    his partying ways?

  • molly

    Anyway lets lighten the mood a bit here. Loving the new pics zac is HOT!!!!!!

  • ?????????

    a couple more pics here and it does look like the girls are with him> no big deal someone said they are his assistants from the movie.

  • scoo

    his tattoo his washing out fake one

  • Merlin’s mum

    @florence: If you look carefully you will see that that is a Starbucks cup he is drinking from. Last time I looked, Starbucks isn’t a bar. I don’t think those girls are with him either, though to be fair on you JJ did say they were. Just trying to cause aggro! LOL! And the shorts are yuck! Still sexy as hell though!!

  • florence

    Why on earth does he need to take his assistants out with him can’t he get a drink on his own, he must need one of them to hold his cup or something else.

    Once again he has to have women around him.

  • Merlin’s mum

    @florence: Jealous? Yes he likes women! Could have something to do with him being a guy!!!

  • http://justjaredjr mig345

    aww. he looks so cute i love him

  • pam

    Is this that Victoria Palmieri girl he was with a while back????

  • monique

    @florence: lmao you seem to hate zac so much yet you spend so much time going on his threads to talk smack. you’re obsessed.

  • http://facebook me

    florence i mean really he is free to do what he want and he doesnt give a shit about you and no one else ofcourse he is single

  • monique

    Just to clear some things up…

    1. Yes, those girls ARE with him.

    2. NO, he’s not dating either of them. They’re both his set assistants for The Paperboy, and the dark haired girl is actually dating his personal assistant, Michael. (The guy with the curly hair and glasses that we always see Zac with). The blonde girl is definitely not Victoria Palmeri.

    3. The NOLA La Petite Grocery Bar is primarily a restaurant. And a classy one at that.

    4. When Jared used the word “drinks” in his post, he obviously was referring to the Starbucks cups that Zac & the brunette are carrying. It looks like Zac ordered an veinte iced tea/coffee or something.

    Zac is allowed to be around women. Only an idiot would assume that every woman who walks next to him or who he opens a car door for is his new girlfriend. Also, he looks fucking fantastic. His face doesn’t look bloated from alcohol like it did months ago, his complexion is clear, he’s more buff than he’s ever been, and for one thing: HE’S SMILING. He’s been working his ass off for the last few weeks, flying back and forth between IL and NOLA, and he’s working with some amazing actors, actresses, directors, producers, etc. In these pictures he looks relaxed and happy to have a day off. He also looks like he was heading to his hotel pool for a swim (hence the swim trunks).

    I’m glad there’s only one ignorant person on here trying to spread the hate, as opposed to months ago when there were several on these threads. You know who you are — Your hateful and ridiculous comments only provide amusement for Zac fans now. It’s obvious that you’re a bitter Zanessa/Vanessa fan who’s upset that he’s hanging out with beautiful women and that he looks fucking FABULOUS.

  • LOL

    @monique: I’ve actually been to that restaurant…it’s very elegant so I’m not sure why he’s dressed like that..seems fairly gauche but that’s Efron for you. Really glad he’s moving on as he should but he’s kinda looking rather dirty….these days…in the sense that he looks like he needs to shower. Since you’re his appointed mouthpiece, might want to pass that along to him:)

  • peggy


    He actually doesnt look fabulous especially in that restaurant which is considered pretty elegant and Im sorry but most Vanessa fans are glad they are done – she going on with her life and looks great.

    And only someone really arrogant would show up at that restaurant looking like that – showing no respect for the establishment or its owners and clientelle.

  • monique

    @LOL: He doesn’t look dirty to me at all in these photos. Sometimes his hair looks greasy and his face is scruffy, but he’s a guy. Plus, since when is taking a day off from showering a crime? And how am I his ‘appointed mouthpiece’ just because I have positive things to say as opposed to negative things? LOL, it amuses me that certain people think the positive speakers about Zac are somehow connected with him or work on his PR team. I’m actually an 18 year old girl starting college at the end of August and I’m an assistant secretary at a Real Estate & Marketing company. Nice to meet you.