Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Concert Going Couple

Nick Jonas & Delta Goodrem: Concert Going Couple

Nick Jonas holds onto Delta Goodrem‘s hand as they leave the Hollywood Palladium on Wednesday night (August 17).

The duo joined another group of celebs in seeing Adele live in concert at the venue. Dianna Agron saw her earlier in the week.

Over the weekend, Nick headlined at Musikfest 2011 and even covered Adele‘s “Someone Like You” with a little of Bruno Mars‘ “Just The Way You Are.”

15+ pics inside of Nick and Delta

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Credit: RHS; Photos: Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • lola

    they’re cute !
    i love his voice <333

  • nuffsaid

    They really are cute. It’s so nice to see Nick that happy. And Musikfest was fantastic until everyone was evacuated. His voice has just gotten better as he’s grown up.

  • Ashli

    She looks older than 26 in the face. And Nick definetly doesn’t look 18. They make a perfect couple.

  • Liby

    They just look super sweet together. I find it so sad that there is still so much hate out there for them.

  • marian

    they look happy whatever…. can someone shoot her already?

  • melissa

    @marian: haha i kno right.they need 2 break up

  • lindsay

    she looks older here then she normal does!!!!

  • Rose

    @melissa: You got that right. They need to breakup as soon as possible.

  • HC12

    Oh, my how little he looks in some of these pictures. Never knew he was so little. This seems to be the only place you can see this lady. Thought she was a singer. She never sings anywhere.

  • Nati


    I’d get it if she had horrible hairy legs but that’s not the case. She actually has a pretty nice pair, WHY IS SHE HIDING THEM??? Delta, Do yourself a favor and HIRE A STYLIST!!! PLEASE!!!

    I’m not saying that she should wear miniskirts and dress like a slut. But she would look good in a nice skirt or some short that showed her fabulous legs (Why am I talking like Perez Hilton??? Gosh!!)

    Seriously, she is beautiful, but she needs to dress younger. Look at Demi Moore (Another famous cougar! lol), her sense of style is AMAZING!!!! She looks younger than she is but she doesn’t look ridiculous.

    If we want to throw an example that’s more familiar to Jonas fans look at Danielle, she has an impeccable style. It’s fresh, young and classy at the same time.

    I know that maybe Nick wants a girl that reminds him of his mom. But come on!!! EVEN DENISE DRESSES YOUNGER THAN HER!!! SHE LOOKS LIKE A GRANDMA!!!

    You are Prettier than that Delta!!!

    So, Like Tom Cruise would say in Jerry Maguire. Delta, Help me, help you!

    There, I said it!!!

  • Nay

    OmG…of course she has sense of style! Maxi skirts are trend all over the world! And this one is beautiful… Take a look at how she matched the colors from the skirt, the shirt, the blazer, the belt and the shoe! Everything’s matching and in a right proportion. Take a look at her hand and wrist, full of accessories… Fashion trend again! If you don’t like this long skirt and think people look older it’s ok, it’s your opinion, you don’t have to wear them. But you can’t say that she needs a stylist… Go see magazines and fashion blogs…these long shirts are so on, I mean, they’re still on, cause they’ve got on a couple or seasons ago. Most fashionists wear or wore those kind of skirts. Demi Moore, Danielle or even Denise Jonas may have sense of style but it doesn’t mean Delta hasn’t. It’s just that their styles are quite different! I think Delta’s style great.

  • elise

    @Nati: omg ikr!!!! she needs a good sense of style for being nick jonas’s gf!!!! we should put her on that show What Not To Wear!!! shes getting her picture taken by paparazzi all the time and shes wearing….THAT?!?!??!?!?!?! what has the world become???!!!

  • http://lilonaim loulou

    i hate so delta selena omez was so good for him or miley cyrus

  • nina

    i love this couple i dont care what anyone says i think they will last awhile! but i agree with @nati about one thing i wish she would show her legs more too i mean i love those skirts sometimes but not ALL the time! anyways beautiful couple i love them 100% nelta supporter!!

  • Itzy

    hahaha AgReed :D

  • aj.aj

    Delta – bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeahhhh old woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nick…soooooooooooooo sweet and cutie

  • cecilia

    There’s something weird in this couple, he looks so tiny compared to her, she’s so tall and big! On the other hand in one thing they match perfectly, I’m 26 and my little brother is 18 but we look so young compared to them, I can barely believe Delta is my age!!

  • amanda

    Nasty b*tch find someone your own age.

  • lis

    i think that whoever that woman is looks like she is 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus i agree with u Nati!

    she has got to get rid of the part of her RIDICOULOS and go on the side much better called…….FASHIO AND STYLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lis

    whoever that woman is she looks like she is 40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i agree with u Nati she has GOT to stop bieng the RIDICOULOS part of her and see something else……the NEW part of her!!!! and that means change herself because this is an EMERGENCY OF FASHION!!!!!!!!!

  • Ella

    SAWEET! ;)


    lmfao I WAS WITH ONE OF friends and she says “DAMN Nick way to attract the cougars” i said “Hey what ever floats his boat i guess all those young girls broke his heart”

  • Karla

    i dont mean to come off bitchy but they are not a cute couple :/