Vanessa Hudgens: US Open on Labor Day!

Vanessa Hudgens: US Open on Labor Day!

Vanessa Hudgens stops by the Moet Suite at the US OPEN on Monday afternoon (September 5) in New York.

The 22-year-old actress and BFF Laura New ventured away from the West Coast for their Labor Day holiday.

Vanessa posted on her Facebook, “Went to the hamptons With laur for labor day weekend. Headed to the city for fashion week! Normally I’d be sad to kiss the summer away but I couldn’t be more amazed with this summer. Hard work and spontaneity is key. All my love. Xx Happy labor day lovers!!!”

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Credit: Brian Ach; Photos: Getty
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  • Sara12

    Yeah I’m not feeling her extentions, her short hair would give her a edge if she styles it the right way. I guess she’s just more comfortable with Long hair.

  • Kro

    V looks gorgeous and its going to fashion week! so beautiful

  • http://none juddy

    so gorgeous

  • andrea

    she’s so cute and beautiful :D

  • Haters Suck!

    Didn’t know V liked tennis or maybe just went just to go. The US open is normally a fun tournament to go to and hopefully she enjoyed herself.
    Long hair, short hair Vanessa always looks absolutley beautiful.

  • Leslie

    Omgggg she looks SOOOOO tired
    Is she working hard?
    Too many eye bags. She used to be cuter though =]

  • annii

    she looks so cute!

  • claud

    her hair :O

  • claud

    yesterday she was at an event with her manager
    and she is gorgeous haha

  • claud


  • ehryle

    Wow she is sooo pretty SEXY!!! busy fashion week… enjoy!!

  • peggy


    her manager, Evan

  • ryme

    i love her <3

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Beautiful! I kinda missed her with long hair.. whatever length though she still manages to make herself look amazing. <3

  • xoxo

    She’s gorgeous..I wish JJJr would post all the events she go to.. there was another one which she attended recently and she looked beautiful as well..

  • ?????????

    i see she goes to any old event just so that people won’t forget her.

    Ohhhhh wait they already have. LOL

  • q

    Shocker, the ratty extensions are back. Can she just fade into oblivion where she belongs?

  • Aly

    You are going to fade there before her… just saying.

  • ehryle
  • sky1

    She is beautifu! especially with a long hair.GOD blss you Vanessa

  • chantal

    she looks gorgeous ! She is loosing the weight too.

    love the color of the dress.

    @??????????, @q. ” Envy shoots at others and wounds itself “.

    ” You can’t be envious and happy at the same time”.

  • Zoe

    @????????? @q: Zac Fan. Shut up

  • Xo

    @q: Then what would you do with yourself without anyone to hate on? Don’t worry, it won’t be haopening for awhile. You’re good :)

  • e

    She looks great, love this outfit, it’s very great going from summer to fall outfit (if that makes any sense?). It sounds like she’s having a great time i NYC already and I agree with her about what she wrote about the summer, that it will be missed but it’s also great to mix work with vacation.

  • Boji

    She’s nailed it again, fashion wise. Love what she’s wearing and she looks great in straight hair extensions. Missing her long tresses.

  • ….

    She looks gorgeous!!

  • justme

    plz no one reply to ?????? or whatever her name is just ignore her
    glade they invited vanessa again to NYFW

  • maria

    @justme: I agree….she is one nasty, hateful Zac fan. Anyway, she looks beautiful, and I’m lovin’ that she gets INVITED to all these events. And why not go? At least she’s doing something during her off time that is business related. Evan, her manager, is there, so this trip is not all pleasure.

  • Proudofzacnessa

    She is so gorgeous!
    I’m so proud of her!
    She looks very cute :) her “hair” long or short is amazig ^^
    and..i love her style !

  • lauren

    she looks 14ish.

  • eat me

    she look like a witch ready to fly with that extention and the outfit… Isn’t supposed to be cold in new york city she’s always invited in the fashion week her fashion now is not so flattering she looks like an old woman!!!!! Long dresses doesn’t fit her… Just saying and i read zac’s name again here what’s going on?

  • eat me

    @lauren i don’t agree she look more older….

  • justme


  • kerri

    Stunning :) I will admit i miss her long hair but that doesn’t mean she looks bad with her short hair. She looks pretty either way because she has a gorgeous face.

  • eat me

    @just me exactly why so scared mentioning his name? He’s not voltemort LOL!!!!!

  • chantal

    She looks beautiful

  • Moni

    I think it waz a v fan that brought the ex name i.e maria,and a v fan refering to the ex. Those guys were just being hateful they didnt bring him up.

  • eat me

    @moni exactly and i agree!!!! This fan’s assuming every one here giving bad comment is his fans:::::: pity for them…

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    She lose much weight!!!!congrat Vanessa !!!!
    Love u!!!

  • j

    this post is about V so I think all comments should generally be about her, her look, the event etc. or even other news.. as long as it is about V. Bringing other names just attracts negative discussion.

  • j

    oh! and I think she looks cute in her gypsy outfit :D

  • Haters Suck!

    Don’t worry about ????? This person is a self admitted attention seeker and doesn’t understand the concept of an invitation seeing as they’ve never been invited to a thing in their life.
    Hell if someone invited me to the US open you bet your ass I’d be there. I’m not much for fashion but I imagine it’s the same for some people.

  • claud

    oh ok bb

  • claud

    she said in a video that she got invited, and she is with her team, so is not all pleasure.. she is working there.

  • claud

    haters gonna hate

  • claud

    btw she’s not wearing extensions

  • claud


  • angie

    dont get me wrong i dont hate her or anything but.. am i the only one who thinks she looks awful? y mean.. lately? she used to be so chic and cute and now.. whats going on?
    the extensions look really bad on her and stop showing your belly pleasee it .. just.. doesnt help soo sad for this i used to think she was so stylish..

  • claud

    yay it looks like she is at the Quiksilver pro New York with Laura and the guys… i hope she enjoy the competition

  • treemoka

    Why cant people say zac, im vanessas fan and i love zac efron too, anyone can say what they want but i think it is ridiculous to say ‘dont say “his” name’… its weird, he was a part of her life so…?