Vanessa Hudgens Heads To Hawaii

Vanessa Hudgens Heads To Hawaii

Vanessa Hudgens puts a tropical flower behind her ear as she walks around the islands of Hawaii on Monday afternoon (September 12).

The 22-year-old actress headed to the tropical islands for a little down time after attending New York Fashion Week last week.

It was just announced yesterday that Vanessa will star alongside Nicolas Cage and John Cusask in Frozen Ground — a thriller based on true events surrounding Alaska’s most notorious serial predator, Robert Hansen.

Vanessa will play the one teenage victim who escaped and who no one believes.

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Credit: Dave; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • annii

    she looks so gorgeous!

  • annii

    she said to In Style she was going to a 5 days yoga retreat, i guess it was in Hawaii…

  • suzy


  • kami

    ♥ she’s really beautiful. this must be the yoga retreat she mentioned in one of her interviews at fashion week. ♥

  • Laura

    I so what that bag.

  • telle

    natural beauty¡¡¡ the little white flower remind me to mila from forgetting sarah marshal¡¡¡ both are so beautiful & cool ¡¡

  • telle

    yoga retreat???? somebody told me that she was there for a photo sesion or something like that.

  • annii


    that was what a photo agency said, but we don’t really know, she said in a interview that she was going to a 5 days yoga retreat

  • abigail

    i love this pic she is meditating I wonder what is she thinking…it looks peaceful

  • telle

    @annii: OK thanks the info …=)

  • jazmin

    Glad she’s having a little time to herself. Now if the pap can just leave her alone.

  • Lauren lipkin

    So she is going on vacation by herself?

  • justme

    and there is something wrong with that ??????

  • annii

    @Lauren lipkin:
    she is in a 5 days yoga retreat

  • http://facebook me

    when she is with a guy they tell that he is her boyfriend when she is with laura lauren tell that laura is her only friend when she is alone they tell why she is alone what the hell they want i dont understand she can do what she want its her fucking life we dont get that we have to get it and i love the second picture its so beautiful i love it

  • Lauren lipkin

    @ me
    Why are u bringing my name in this?
    All I said was why is she on vacation by herself?
    Mind your own buiness and leave me alone?
    K? Thanks

  • http://facebook me

    oh girl you are a whore and a seeker attencion bye

  • http://facebook me


  • kerri

    She is so pretty. I hope she has fun :)
    @me: Haha jealous much? yes you should be because she is gorgeous.

  • http://facebook me

    i was taliking about that lauren girl kerri i love vanessa

  • kerri

    @me: Sorry :) My mistake.

  • Vivi

    She looks so cute! But kind of sad at the same time. Whenever I think of Hawaii, I always think of her and Zacs vacations. I wonder if she does too.

  • hermaione

    I never went to Hawaii but it looks like a peaceful place, well at least that’s what I see on vanessa’s expressions. i think that the people who live on there are the happiest & luckiest. I bet that some people have known Vanessa already.

  • Chanon

    She looks wonderful. She’s looks very relaxed and happy. She even lost some of the weight she had to gain for Gimme Shelter.

  • Haters Suck!

    Really needed something to put a smile on my face, these pics did the trick. I thnk she’s there for some kind of photoshoot and maybe that yoga retreat too. Whatever the case hope she’s enjoying her time there.

  • maria

    She looks lovely and peaceful. I think after what she’s been through in the last 8 months, I think it’s wonderful for her to step back and have some time to herself. This has all been a journey for her, and Hawaii has been good to her in the past.

  • abigail

    GOOD JOB GIRL¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • abigail

    she looks like tthe mos beautifull hing that you ever seee¡¡¡¡¡¡

  • abigail


  • abigail

    C’MONN WHERE IS MY COMMENTSSS¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡???????

  • abigail

    @kami: yeahhhhhhhh

  • Haters Suck!

    exactly. Could be a good idea to be by herself for a little bit and clear her head of all that before steping into her continuing future with this new project.

  • Zanessa love

    she doesn’t look happy :( I miss Zanessa :’

  • Joochi

    So very proud of this young woman, I like the fact that she’s ambitious, hard working, beautiful and fun and whatevery else that comes with her package:).
    Love the new role she’s attached to and what an honor to work with Cusack and Cage they are very good actors, God Bless her and her new project.

  • Boji

    John Cusack, just love him and Nicholas Cage, another great actor. I’m so happy for Vanessa, a thriller movie, Yay!

    Love the pics of her here, pensive beauty. Reminds me of when she was caught floricking with someone on the hawaiian beaches in her bikini. Aaah, brings back bittersweet memories.

  • YETS

    peace to you vanessa..God bless

  • Joochi

    @Boji: Ahhhhhhhh…..them good ole days, you just got to love them but…..she is now a very independent lovely young woman who is still staying true to herself as well as the people who cross her in the path of her life, good for her and many more Blessing Bestowed Upon Her, God Bless:).

  • Luisa


  • kelly martineau

    To bad Zac isn’t there. Vanessa wishes Zac was with her. Because that’s both of there favorite place to get away from paparazzi.

  • maria

    @Joochi: I so agree……she has always remained true to herself. And I believe she always will be. She’s a strong, loyal young woman, with strong beliefs and sense of herself. I will always admire her for that.

  • Emma

    @kelly martineau: No. Now, she doesn’t want him any more.

  • Luisa

    @kelly martineau:
    how do you know?
    she’s probably so happy there!

  • Xo

    @kelly martineau: lol I seriously doubt that. She seems really happy being on her own. Good for her.

  • Stefanie

    ehhh… no offensive but EVERY movie she is in with out Zac BOMBS!!!!

    band slam = BOMBED X 10 !
    beastly = BOMBED

    gaurenntee you this one fails too…only thing she’s good for is taking off her cloths and taking a picture..GROSS

    Yes, I am a hater .. hater…& yes im wasting my time commenting

  • Luisa
  • Emma

    @Stefanie: Shut the fuck up

  • Haters Suck!

    why don’t u take your comment and shove it up your ass. You pathetic little person. Vanessa is so high up she can’t hear you from gutter where u are.

  • bella

    at least Vanessa has work, and she is auditioning for a character role, she just doesnt get roles because she is gorgeous, or is always taking his shirt off or because she has a production company

  • bella

    and you never guess why she´s still getting roles with good directors? she works so hard for that and has talent!

  • mykamicks

    Congrats Vaness! You dont need to divert tactics just to say that you are doing other things such as producing nothing or owning unrecognized company and make silent big bombed out of your pocket in the hollywood.

    You are not alone having a bombed result in the scene even A listers done so many bombed movies too.

    What’s cool with Vanessa is she keeps having projects in her hands because she has talent that producers caught interest on her and includes her with those big time names in the business. Keep you haters envy you.. go go girl.