Vanessa Hudgens: Salon Stop!

Vanessa Hudgens: Salon Stop!

Vanessa Hudgens keeps her face covered as she heads out of the Verabella salon on Friday (October 7) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

In the afternoon, the 22-year-old actress also did some shopping while out and about in the neighborhood.

Vanessa recently shared that some of her favorite movies include The Lord of The Rings trilogies.

Earlier in the week, Vanessa and beau Austin Butler braved the rain to grab some take out food at Sun Cafe.

10+ pics of Vanessa shopping inside…

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Photos: WENN, Flynet Pictures
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  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    Austin Butler’s her new beau…? What? Where have I been!? …Well as long as she’s happy! I like her outfit, so comfy and original. :D

  • Haters Suck!

    Maybe he’s her new bf or maybe not we really don’t know do we. Only time will tell.

  • Haha

    That hair and outfit is a hot mess!

  • Xo

    When does she leave for Alaska? I would’ve thought she’d be there by now.

  • gracemarie

    Verabella is a skin care salo\n and she went to the gym.

    Alaska soon

  • sumerville

    How does she manage to leave the house looking like a dirty mess? I hope she showers before her booty calls.

  • claud

    love her new nals

  • claud

    she is gettn ready for her role

  • Vivi

    ‘Beau’ ?! Not even rumored?! Oh how low you’ve sunk Jared.

  • kami

    never seen her with long nails like that. bet they are for her role in “the frozen ground.” she’s getting into character. yeah!!!!

  • Boji

    When you’ve just had a good facial clean-up, the last thing you’d want is a pic of you. I know when I go for a facial, I end up with puffy eyes( fluid retention), no make-up and mussed up hair.
    I have noticed V chewing on her nails in a few videos, a bad habit no doubt. I wonder when she’s actually flying out to Alaska.

  • getoverit

    I’m surprised she hasn’t left yet either. Filming starts in less than 10 days. There’s usually pre-production work to be done and she said she was going to meet the real woman her character is based on.

  • kami

    i thought filming started around the 17th of oct. she should be leaving soon, like tomorrow.

  • Haters Suck!

    Well from some information I’ve been able to pick up online, they are still casting some of the smaller roles for the movie. I’m sure shell leave soon enough.

  • …..

    Ugh WTF WTF can Vanessa not do this. Austin Butler is bloody ugly

  • yets

    she is ready to Alaska.

  • Maria

    Vanessa & Alaska= no news, so let’s appreciate the tidbits we have now!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Oh,I will miss her when she leave California :(
    I think her news will less right?:(
    but why u want to hide ur face u are beautiful remember? :D

  • Emma
  • sophie

    cool v went skydiving! seems she was with austin and another guy friend, perhaps even others that were not pictured. I think she will probably leave for Alaska sometime during this week!

  • vanessa’s love

    i dont think thats austin and vanessa…at least i hope not…she needs to be single and only think about her career..any body with me.?

  • sophie

    true u can’t tell for sure who those guys with her are oO but anyways even if it is Austin doesn’t mean they are dating, I mean she did ziplining with Josh and they are just friends. she kinda has to be single with her crazy work schedule coming up, very excited for her

  • Xo

    That does look like Austin, but I’m pretty sure the other guy with them is an instructor.

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn did she really go skydiving? Yeah I got a thing with heights and not being fond of them. I can barley stand sitting on a plane let alone jumping out of one. More power to her.

  • Monday

    What happened btw her and britney snow? Something is odd you got to admit and also with josh i think they actually had a fling they were all over each other in the beginnin now even wit the press conference they had together they didnt hang as friends. Austin guy is ok, but will they last? Hope so for her sake. If not she will be leaving behind her a strings of boyfriends. Just want her to be really careful. Don’t do hookups you are better than that.

  • Boji

    I like the way Vanessa is living her life to the fullest albeit a healthy one.Scuba diving, Zip lining and now Sky diving, what next? Mountain or Rock Climbing? How about Pot-holing? Am glad that Austin seems to enjoy the things she does. I read that he was home-schooled just like V. They do have much in common, it seems.

  • Boji

    I see nothing wrong with Vanessa dating and having a career. Why does she NEED to focus on her career only. She has a life, you know and I like the way she’s living it.

  • vanessa’s love

    who almost got the role of gabriella montaz? Tell me please.

  • e

    @vanessa’s love:

    I don’t think that anyone else almost got the psrt, I think that’s just something they said, I believe them when they say that Vanessa and also Zac were the actors for the roles they played. I think that they had an open audition (for anyone famous or not) and that there were several people out for all of the roles in the movies and maybe the girl that many claim would have been Gabriella (never really got that part) couldn’t finnish the audition process and had to drop out and that persons manager said that they didn’t get the part for this or that reason, and I know that people said that someone else was also supposed to play Troy and I guess it’s possible that they had a cast first and then everyone dropped out (because Ashley said that she first went for the part of Gabriella but then didn’t get it after it went to Vanessa but how she then got the part of Sharpay after Vanessa and Zac got cast) and they had to have a “new” audition for all of the roles, because we know that Vanessa and Zac auditioned together for the start and most likley got cast for that reason, but to tell you the truth we have no idea, I guess it just seem to have been a lot of work to first have one cast and then have to change it because everyone dropped out (though if it is true it might be a reason why they didn’t say anything since having a whole cast drop out of a project can’t be good), though if it is true then Disney definatly had a whole lot of luck to find the cast that they did, espacially with Vanessa because I can’t even picture anyone being able to play give Gabriella the same innocent yet strong personality that Vanessa gives her, Vanessa is also a true beauty inside and out and they were so lucky with that and while I’ve never been a huge fan of the way Disney treated her, espcially during HSM3 (among other things giving her such a small paycheck compared to the other once even though it became kind of obvious who really was the backbone of the whole franchise, heck even the charcaters notice it when you saw in the movie what kind of disaster the musical produkction they were working on became after Gabriella left, I also didn’t like, though at the same time I kind of do, that they made sure in the end that Gabriella never would be able to come back and that if they did an HSM4 that they didn’t have to feel obligated to ask Vanessa back becuase she moves away and then her mother moves away as well so unlike her class mates, Gabriella doesn’t have anything left in New Mexico to go back too) oh well, like I said, Disnely should concider themselves lucky to have Vanessa in those movies and I’m glad that Vanessa had a great time working on them and that they espaically gave Vanessa the confidence to go out and try out for other roles that lead her to where she is now. Sorry about the long post, just had to get it out there *lol*

  • Maria

    @Boji: I agree, Boji. All work makes for unhappy, lonely people. There is NOTHING more important in life than sharing it with people you love. I’m not saying work is not important, but finding the right balance is what keeps you happy and grounded.

  • http://4everstories Nessa’s fan

    I can’t wait for Vanessa’s new movies and i gotta say, she looks more fit than a week ago, she;s going back to her original size again :D

  • ehryle

    Career and love life – we dont know what they are thinking regarding there love life balance!! what if they still have communication or what if they are just hiding or what if they are together where no ones paps around so only there true friend, family and Vanessa and her man will tell about the real score in there love life as long as she is happy and complete on her life of living that’s it! but still we dont know what is behind the close door right!! although in public she is SINGLE!! that’s the only statement can Vanessa say to us so still we dont know the whole story we just jumping the conclusion and speculate!! just loving Vanessa all the way :)

  • bella
  • ehryle

    @bella may be yes may be no! they just eat their takeout orders this pic is last week ago!

  • Vanessa fan

    I love Vanessa! I also love Lord of the Rings! We have so much in common! Anybody with me? lol.