Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Lunch Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Lunch Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens heads out for a bite to eat with boyfriend Austin Butler in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon (November 29).

After lunch, the 22-year-old actress, wearing Simdog‘s Painted Bow tee, headed off solo to pick up a few groceries at Whole Foods Market.

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Remember Vanessa‘s meeting with a moose? It turns out that was Jack the Moose, and he lives at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.

Along with mom Gina and sister Stella, the Hudgens girls stopped by the center earlier this month to visit and met some other wildlife: two rambunctious two-year-old Kodiak brown bears ” “Taquka” and “Shaguyik” ” as well as lynx, muskox, caribou, bison, elk, fox, coyote, black bears and birds of prey.

20+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin

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Credit: Martin; Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Lauren lipkin

    Thts nice

  • kerri

    Love seeing new pics of Nessa :) Austin i don’t care for!

  • gummybear

    so pretty love u nessa , Austin get the fuck out of her life

  • Zelda

    Poor V. The paparazis stalk her all day long!

  • magda tenšek

    does she have a new car ?? white mercedes she used to have an audi .. well ok

    i kinda like austin so never mind she’s happy im cool btw. looking amazing v <3

  • Xo

    She looks cute! I like her shirt.

  • Amanda

    she looks sooooo much better with zac efron, just sayinn. {:

  • eat me

    omg i just can’t stand her anymore any way it’s her life so don’t care….. For those who wan’t austin out of her life don’t worry that will happen give them a year or two and they’re over… As i said i always believe on’ my instint this guy looks like can’t hadle a serious relationship for me it looks like this two just not too serious at each other…

  • lalalaa

    i love her hair here!

  • mrsvagabunda

    ah… uhm… eh… nevermind.

    Vanessa beautiful :)

  • lol


  • lol


  • lol

    @eat me:
    lol are you serious?

    hahaha pretty sure no one was saying they are going to get married next year, they are both young, and as fans, we are just happy to see her smile! we dont care who she is dating with now or if she is going to date an alien or going back with her ex or declaring herself lesbian next week, we just care about her happines, WE JUST CARE ABOUT VANESSA!
    And please don´t confuse Vanessa fans with Zanessa´s fans. The one fraking out and talking shit out there are the Zanessa fans, they dont care about what Vanessa or Zac want to do with their lifes, they just care about them being together.

  • Xo

    @eat me: Could you be any more dramatic? Geez. If you don’t like her, keep scrolling. It’s not hard.

  • Joochi

    I love the length of her extensions their pretty, the perfect length for her. I’m really frazzelled at some of these comments on this board. My goodness if you don’t like Vanessa Please, by all means quietly move onto the next topic, your finger is not going to press the mouse and click on her topic unless your reflexes are doing it and… your hand isn’t going to post a comment unless you punch the keys to type it!!!! So too me it’s so darn silly to say, ” I can’t stand her” or “I don’t like her”, it’s your choice to like her or not and if it be the latter than move on No Posting is necessary, Thank You:) We Vanessa fans don’t want ugly!!:).

  • Boji

    Love her and like her bf, just so nice seeing them out together doing normal things. I think they look cute together.
    #11 lol, you are so right, Vanessa’s happiness is what counts. Anyway it is nice to see her looking smiley and upbeat not like some celebs who seem to have a dark cloud forever hanging over their heads..

  • maria

    @eat me: You’re just ridiculous. How old are you? 12? You don’t have to get serious with everyone you date, nor do you marry each person you date. How long they last is up to them, and if it’s a year or two, that’s just fine. It’s none of our business.

  • http://smilemomsmile malu

    this woman’s face is FLAWLESS in any angle!such a beauty!

  • barbara

    I’ve never seen crazier fans. Like mental patients. Did she visit a jail or two. Its like she doesn’t have one normal fan. She must have done some strange signings when she was coming up.

  • sony

    she looks stunning that all this woman is flawless¡¡¡

  • maria

    @barbara: Um, the crazy comments are from the ex’s fans.

  • Vivi

    this makes me sad….

  • Vivi

    this really just makes me sad….

  • eat me

    i’m not talking about them getting married hahaahhaha are you kidding me this guy to young to get married and that can be a reason too that he can’t be serious with her his focusing on his career too… What i meant bout that is this guy is an actor too and his not a well known actor he well be cuz now his dating vanesssa afterwards there’s so many offer coming his way REMINDER: WHAT’S HER REASON OF THE BREAK UP?? CUZ OF THEIR CAREER IPHONE CAN HELP BUT IT’S DIFF WHEN YOUR TOGETHER FACE TO FACE RIGHT?? THAT’S ACCORDING TO VANESSA!!!! So what will happen to them if this two will be busy in each orhers career the same thing right?? They will end there relationship cuz of their busy schedule…. it will happen again cuz their both in hollywood world it will be the same over and over again until some one will marry her seriously… i have doubt with this austin guy that’s my point…. Actually he’ll be critisize by you when this two brake up same thing you did to zac and compare each other thats what you love to do…

  • lol

    are you talking about the zanessa fans right? lMFAO

  • lol

    I agree

  • Boji

    @ eat me, anyone can see that was not the real reason Vanessa and Zac split so stop harping on it. Vanessa’s having a great time enjoying her life, her career, with a guy she obviously likes, so what’s the big deal? Why predict something negative just cause you don’t like seeing her with Austin and not with Zac. He has respected her choices and even said as long as she is happy, is all that matters. Zac is career driven and I don’t see anything wrong with that either. It doesn’t seem like he can give a relationship his all right now and being single is his choice. Being in a relationship is also Vanessa’s choice. And I’m happy that Austin seems to be a decent guy and we don’t know what the future holds. They are both young and living life as any young couple would be doing. I love the way he makes her smile.

  • Tini

    @eat me: first of all… If you bother to make a comment please make it a coherent one! Meaning using proper grammar and spelling please, some of us get tired trying to make sense out of what you write. And second, who cares?! She was in a long term relationship with Zac, they broke up, she’s been alone for 11 months (while there were reports of him getting it on with Candice Swanepole, a Victoria Secret model only a couple of months after their break up) and she finally found someone. She’s happy! It’s her PERSONAL life and we have NO say in it. And normal people break up because of busy schedules too, not only in Hollywood. If you are a true fan you’ll just be happy for her and that will be enough! Oh and by the way… They broke up the day BEFORE HER BIRTHDAY. Think about that.

  • lol

    @eat me:
    do you honestly think Vanessa said that because it was the truth? lol She said that because she is a good person, do you think if they broke up because one of them was cheating, they were going to say “I broke up with him/her because he/she was cheating on me”? you are a Zac fan, right? you should be happy now, because he is free and you can dream about marry him or whatever, and you should be happy because Vanessa never talked shit about him, she was doing promo in that time and easily could have spoken everything about the break up and now she would be living her life in a “Kardashian Style”, she was a lady about it, i mean if you were a zanessa fan, now you have a beautiful memory about a young couple, and if you were a Zac fan who used to hate Vanessa, now you have a cute memories about a girl who loved, respected and grew up with your idol and was respectful enough with the end of that relationship. you know… THEY BROKE UP A YEAR AGO, let it go…

  • lol

    @eat me:
    If you cant stand Vanessa.. why are you so worried about her future? i dont understand…

  • eat me

    @boji it’s not that i don’t like austin i just have my doubt of dating her that’s my point… Honestly i actually happy and jumping up my bed cuz this two are over are you kidding me zac is out of this and i’m not predicting here that’s how hollywood world is…And i’m not stopping here being happy or date again as i said i have a doubt with this guy… He might look decent but you don’t know no one can read his mind..

  • lol

    as fans i think we cant discuss and even get “mad” with Vanessa in everything related about her profesional life, her career. i mean there are fans who want her to do more dramas, other want her in a comedy, some fans want to see Vanessa in a big studio movie, and there are other fans who want her to do more indies to gain experience. When i said “get mad” is in a figurative way. But we never should say a word in Vanessa´s personal life, of course we can talk about it, i mean, WE ARE FANS hahaha, but we can´t say “Vanessa should be dating “this guy” because i think it suits her and he is hot and i would be happy if she is with him” WTF!
    But call Vanessa´s names, and accusing her to live her life doing PR, and talk shit about her family… God, they are crazy, they even insult Vanessa but they hide behind saying “If we dont like who vanessa is dating that doesn´t make us bad fans” of course that doesnt make them bad fans, they can hate the guy, but when they start talking about PR, and trying to dictate Vanessa´s life, thats just make them HATERS. They hate Vanessa because she is not living the life they want her to live.

  • eat me

    @lol cuz i’m a vanessa fan so what’s wrong with that?

  • lol

    @eat me:
    you said “i just can’t stand her anymore any way it’s her life so don’t care”.. woww what a good fan! you dont need to agree with everything in her life, but it would be nice if at least, like a fan, you could just respect her decissions. She is old enough to make her own decisions, and Vanessa´s life was never easy in HW, so im pretty sure if something try to bring her down she is strong enough to stand up on her own.

  • Whitney

    Vanessa And Austin a lovely you guys need too move on plz she can date who ever she once too so shut up

  • ZanessaGaily

    Vanessa is sooo pretty! Austin, I don’t really care for… But Vanessa looks sooo pretty! Her hair grew back fast!

  • sony

    grr thisgirl can’t get any flawless than this ¡
    she is a freaking godde s

  • sony

    jj .. grr thisgirl can’t get any flawless than this ¡
    she is a freaking godde s

  • sony

    thisgirl can’t get any flawless than this ¡
    she is a freaking godde s

  • zanessa fan

    Vanessa is really pretty…. AUSTIN GO AND GET INTO A HOLE

    ATT: ZAC


  • mykamicks

    Why others cant accept the fact that Vanessa has moved on… Doing her normal stuff and flaunting a happy face and proud with her new man.

    Defending Vanessa and her thread are just normal people who are retaliating those anti abnornal fans of Vanessa. Accept & let go, Move forward & and not backward nor sideward… Lol.

  • Ally

    I really like Vanessa and Austin together:) She looks so happy! Plus, Austin’s a cutie!

  • Boji

    I get that some of you don’t like Austin for whatever reason you’ve conjured in your minds. But to say that you prefer Zac is like disrespecting Vanessa’s choice. We don’t know Zac like Vanessa knows him. So I would just shut the effing( that’s as close as I get to swearing) up if I were you. We are not the ones who had a relationship with her EX, get it. Stop with the fantasy. It is OVER. You crazy Zanessa fans, go find another celebrity couple to indulge in your fantasies. Zanessa no longer exists just like the Zikki and Zashley fans for Gawd’s sakes.
    And if there are any of you Zac fans on this thread, be happy that Zac is done with Vanessa and has moved on with his life jetsetting all over europe. He can now focus on his career with no interference from a girlfriend whom most of his fans dislike anyway.
    Another thing is stick to his thread, I will not post there even if the cows drag me home. I don’t think he’d be too pleased by some of the names you call Vanessa on his threads. Really, I see nothing wrong with being called a”Golden Boy”. He is perfect in your eyes anyway, so why take offence.

  • http://lala aiwen

    she is such a beautiful girl, and i love her smile :))

  • yets

    we love you Vanessa!!

  • maria

    @eat me: And my point is, she isn’t in this for marriage. She’s dating him, enjoying his company, and just having fun. Why do you care if it lasts? And if you believe Zac and Vanessa broke up over distance, then you’re nuts. Her response to the breakup question was just classy and simple. But she will never tell the real reasons.

  • Kelly martineau

    It’s hair piece. It didn’t grow that fast.

  • ehryle

    In this case we see much more picture of this two together I notice that Vanessa really enjoying her life now a days and be having a normal life around Austin but still I cannot see the sparks of there relationship yet its look like the same gesture while hanging around with her friends like Laura, Ash, Kim other guy friends!! I hope they taking it seriously anyway this is just the beginning soon its gonna be love triangle issue or pregnant issue you know Hollywood a lots of drama!!! but still Vanessa is always a winner!! xoxo

    May be her Audi iS5 car is in the repair shop bcoz the rear bumper has damaged before so she got a rent a car MB??? i guess!! lol

  • londonlipton

    Vanessa,Zanessa fans. Doesn’t matter which you are, you will all always persist on arguing. It’s pointless. Arguing and hating on either parties,friends, families,significant others will get you nowhere.
    All it does is make the fandom look petty and immature. Some of you act like Pitt Bulls, pouncing on people for the slightest comment. You act as if you own Vanessa and have some sort of say in her life and the choices she makes. You don’t. So please for the sake of people who appreciate the talent Vanessa has and not for her personal life,PLEASE take your petty arguments about things which are none of your business else where.

  • http://none juddy

    zac fu*************g efron fans GTFO from here