Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: LIV Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: LIV Lovers

Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler share a smile towards the cameras as they hit up LIV at Fontainebleau in Miami on Thursday night (December 29).

Earlier in the day, the twosome hit up the beach with good friends Kim Hidalgo and Andy Fisher-Price.

JJJ grabbed some extra pics of Vanessa and Austin get lovey by the pool.

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Psst, did you see Vanessa‘s yummy Gingerbread house on her official site? We want a bite of it too!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Vanessa’s cover-overalls for her cute one-piece?

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Credit: Seth Browarnik; Photos: StartraksPhoto, INFDaily
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  • jenevieve

    i miss zanessa </3 but they look okay together too.

  • jenevieve

    I miss zanessa! </3 :( but they look ok too. vanessa looks so happyyyyy

  • lehogfarts

    he has really big lips…. can’t believe Vanessa went from someone like Zac to someone like this… smh

  • em.

    okay. I adore V, i do but this is ridiculous. She is making NO effort to have her relationship be private. I’m not saying she needs to hide, but c’mon…And if she wants to be the actress she claims to want to be and do films like Black Swan, she cannot be a socialite and she cannot put her personal relationship front and center, because then all they’ll ever ask her about is this.
    It’s annoying me and it’s all a bit disappointing. I took her seriously when she said she wanted to really focus on her career, unfortunately media headline news plays a part your career to some degree, especially if you are a young actress who’s main focus has always been her personal life.
    And to be really honest, if Austin was such a grand and mature boyfriend, he’d respect that and take a backseat. But it seems this kid wants just as much attention.
    This is all my opinion, maybe i don’t know what i’m talking about but i had to share it.

  • Bet

    @em.: it’s true. is not to compare but I prefer the kind of relationship she had with zac, i like this guy, but i think is better if you keep it private. Just saying..

  • Haters Suck!

    Has Vanessa not been focusing on her career this year? She had 2 movies come out this year, she filmed three more this year, she’s going to be back in Florida in a couple of months to film another movie, went to the Cannes film festivals, is the candies brand candies girl, is still a spokesperson for neuotrogina, will releas three movies next year one of which shell start to promote in a couple weeks. So I fail to see how that’s not focusing on her career. She’s had a busy year her schedules going to pick up in a few weeks and months and shell be busy again. So if she wants to take some time amd relax amd ring in the new year with her friends and new boyfriend I don’t have a problem with that. Amd hopefully unlike last time this boyfriend will support her career. People say oh how she could go from zac to Austin, to me so far Austin has been the better choice. It ain’t all about looks it’s also about how you’re treated.

  • lol

    They look hot together

  • Chelsey

    @em.: r u like her mom or something? lol actors have lives too. She finished up filming 2 movies and thats what actors do they don’t work 24/7 they shoot a film for 2 or 3 months then take a break. Jeez and you exect her to stay inside all day so she can hide from the damn paparazzi? That’s not her problem.

  • em.

    Vanessa has been working and i didn’t mean in the sense of lack of work. But having a personal relationship so public, is like having taken one step foward and then two steps back. Most sucessful actors have learned that unless they are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the best thing you can do to not only your relationship but your career is make an effort to not be so public about your personal life, because come junkets and press, those are the questions they’ll be getting and it will overshadow the film. Vanessa unfortunately is a very specific actress, who is known above all for three things, a tween franchise on the disney channel, a scandal and her relationships.
    If she wants to get serious, aside from the work, her presentation around that is important right now. Like i said, i’m not saying to not have a relationship, but to carry such heavy PDA in front of cameras and then pose for pictures, is ultimately not smart.
    I’m not saying this against V, i’m on her team here but i’m stating what i believe and think pratical. I want her to be known for her work and not for having boyfriends. To want what’s best for her doesn’t mean i always have to agree with all her decisions.
    Also, i don’t know why this has to come back to Zac, I didn’t say Zac or compare anything or anyone to him. He is not the root of this.

  • lol

    And she has only 23… Ok… I love THIS Vanessa, she looks happy and finally is not hiding her real persoanlity, she is not hurting anyone or doing nothing wrong, why are you so upset? She was working the whole year… Is not like she just was at the gym or shopping…

  • ariel

    i think a lot of why zanessa worked so well is how private it was the fact that vanessa is making out and flaunting this kid everywhere just shows how flingy and lustfilled this is i don’t see it lasting very long

  • smh

    this really shows who was more professional with their career and love life and i guess it was zac i give this girl a year or two and then she’s done

  • Haters Suck!

    But Vanessa tired the privacy thing for 5 years and it didnt work and it didn’t matter because people still made stories about it they were still asked questions about it so not like it mattered. Btw I don think her last relationship was as private as people make it. I mean look at someone like Taylor swift who’s built her entire career on her personal life. I think the reason you’re getting PDA between these two is because it’s a new relationship it’s fresh amd exciting I think once thee two start dating for a whole you won’t see it as much. And the z&V thing was more directed at the first comment then anything else.

  • gigi

    i agree zac is so much hotter compared to this ugly kid

  • amtfan

    what, she can’t have a public relationship? okay. I’ll yell at you guys for having a public thing with your boyfriends. COME ON. you guys are ridiculous. anyway, loving her smile lately :)

  • Daze

    I wonder if they going to have video!!

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    They look happy together!!!! That’s all why don’t u guyss JUST support her???
    @Daze: Hope so :D

  • gummybear

    I love Vanessa and her work and I don’t like Austin but her being happy is all that matters and how come no one minded zanessa’s photos when they were in hawaii ?but people are having a go at her for spending time with her boyfriend come on she’s probably gonna be away for a few months in florida and not see him so might as well make the most of it

  • elendur

    Vanessa’s a famous person. If she leaves her home she WILLbe photographed. Se has no choice.If she is affectionate with her guy it has nothing to do with the press but is her living her own life. If she wanted attention for this relationship all she would have to do is post pics on her twitter or facebook but she has not so much as mentioned Austin’s name in public. Not a single pic from Costa rica and not a tweet from Austin in a month. They are just living their lives NOT joining the ranks of the Kardasians or the Leann rimes’s of the world. So what if there is a ton of PDA! They’re young, happy,horny and in love! Great for them!

  • None

    i cant believe Vanessa went to Zac to him. (eww) he looks drunk in this picture……


    Alot of you got it wrong zac was the smar one, if she really wants a career, this isn’t going aboutit in the right way Zac protected there relationship, not because, he wanted her in a cage, he was helping her and him from somuch media, which is going to hurt her in the long run, hollowood wants her to pay attention to her career, not on her priavate lifet she may lose roles because of this, her on top of him, she is incharge, a body landguage expert said vanessa is in charge, when she was sitting on zac, but at lease she was not humping him in public, she has really disapointed mei’m interested in her work, not in her sex life, mark my words this relationship, is not going to last lust, never does, i do believe she cares for him, i believe he does not repect her at all, he is using her, untill he gets very thing he wants, then he is going to leave her, this makes me sick, and she is going to ruin her career for sex. EM, i agree with everything you said, and alot of people are really geting tired of all this, she is going to lews verything,TOO MUCH EXPOSESURE!!!! RUIN CAREERS!

  • Zac-efron-lover

    Im sorry but nobody goes from ZAC EFRON, to this greesy looking attention seeker, i mean im happy that she is but this relationship seems so fake and put on, with zac, their love was seen through the odd photos here and there but you could tell they were strong.. this just seems as if he wants a career from dating her. i mean lets face it, he’s been in showbiz along time and he has nothing big to say for it. Vanessa’s just putting him on the map and they both know it..

    She needed Zac to keep their relationship private. and lets just see how many films she gets out from dating this loser.. and i cant believe how quickly she moved on, i love ness, i do but after a 5 year relationship, you’d think she’d take it easy.. I just hope zac dates someone for him and not the limelight, he deserves to be happy and vanessa’s just let me down… :|

  • Haters Suck!

    oh shut it you’ve never even given this guy a chance, you’ve been on his ass since day one. You just can’t stand the fact Vanessa is with someone other then zac. She’s doing what SHE wants to do not what you want her to do. She is paying attention to her career and it’s going just fine. Did you think she wants to spend time with him before her schedule gets busy amd their time becomes limited? I fail to see why this would cost her roles. Vanessa has been through a lot and is still getting roles. If this relationship lasts it lasts if it doesn’t oh well. You’re just a zanessa fan who can’t accost that they are over forever

  • TINI

    I have to say only one thing which I said before. REAL fans, people who ACTUALLY love her, would be HAPPY that she is happy. She broke up with Zac a YEAR AGO and she has EVERY right to move on with another guy. She is just going on with her life. She’s been crazy busy and if she wants to finally relax and spend some time with her boyfriend she has every right. I was a Zanessa fan too but I accepted the fact that they decided to break up. If you REALLY love her, stop giving her shit about her new relationship! It’s HER LIFE, HER CHOICE! And every relationship is different, you can’t expect her to act with Austin the way she did with Zac! Grow up people! Plus is her personal life and we have NO say in it


    hater sucks, this has nothing to do with zac! i have accept her with this guy, but you have no clue, wants going on, i know i have seen cele, that get over expose, there careers, go down the drain, i’m sorry she has disapointed me, all for lust, i have all her movies, and i spend alot on her movies, ive even taken my grandson, i wasa planing to see j . 2, but i don’t know anymore, doing sex acts even dress, looks really bad, i rather her be with josh, who repected her, this guy knew the cameras are flashing, he could of protected her, she deserves, someone better, and older. and i will say again she does care for him, but he does not feel the same way, he is using her!, i would never tell you i told you so, after he gets tired of her. too much, is nit good.

  • dee

    I definitely agree. One quote that I love from Zac is that he said the more public you are about your personal life the more your career diminishes. Yes Vanessa did movies, but were the movies serious movies? It’s the old teeny-bopper movie. Her roles are teenagers. If she is serious about her career, maybe she should be less public about her personal life and focus on getting good roles, non-teen. This isn’t going to help her image at all. She is and will be known as the HSM girl if she doesn’t try to focus on her career.
    Why were people so obsess and still is obsess about Zanessa? Because they were private, not public, which creates a mystery. People want to know more. Here, people see it all, and there’s nothing new. It’s the same old PDA and people will get tired.
    I want her to be known for her works not her relationship

  • lehogfarts

    @Haters Suck!: @Haters Suck!: “Amd hopefully unlike last time this boyfriend will support her career.”

    Read more: wtf you on about bro? Zac supported Vanessa in case you didn’t know that you brainless human being! Where is your proof that Zac didn’t support Vanessa? huh?

  • Shell

    @Haters Suck!: umm I understand u want to get you point across but please use some kind of manners and respect others opinion with being flat out old r u …@BARBARA: I understand what u mean about Vanessa she knows she’s photographed so she should be careful but she still want to live and be hound and have fun why should she get to go to miami and have a good time (but she didn’t have to do all that ) @em.: and I also see we’re your coming from Vanessas true personality is starting to show she was hiding it to please others but this is the real her and I am disappointed because I’m almost her age and I don’t act that way in public (especially if I knew all eyes were on me) she has plenty if chances to have privacy .there is a time and place for everything and Vanessa needs to stop before she hurts her career more

    She’s know for HSM ,Nudes,Zac…sad but true and acting this way with a new boyfriend in public isn’t classy ..And you rude commenters need to grow up a little I’ve loved her since 2005 and she’s changed!

  • Haters Suck!

    your entire argument was based on zac. you have no clue what’s going on either, yet you say this all for lust, or he’s just using her and he’s going to dump her when he gets popular and things like that like I said you’ve never even given him a chance. She would do this stuff with zac and you didn’t seem to have a problem with it then.

  • Haters Suck!
  • Shell

    Yes Vanesssa deserves to be able to go out and do things like this but she she knows as a professional actress she has to be cautious Vanessa is mixing business with pleasure and it’s really gonna hurt her and you little rude girls need to watch Barney or something because I could talk to someone i don’t know so horribly about a celebrity you don’t know anything about Vanessa behind closed doors,, I love Vanessa but my self and all other 20yr olds and up will tell u that behavior is tacky in every way no matter who you are

    Vanessa knows she’s watched ..If I wanted to be taken seriously (especially when she has 3sets of nudes,3 movies that’s didn’t do to hot in the box office..I would be straddling my guy in public ..I would do that now and I’m not famous ..

    We all love Vanessa and want her to be happy but you don’t have to completely love or like every little thing she does and wear !! Use those brains alittle bit ..

    And wow can’t a person say what they feel without being insulted!!

  • Haters Suck!

    one more for good measure with his hand on her butt.
    those aren’t sexual? Nobody had a problem when it was her and zac doing this stuff or when zac pulled this stuff with Ashley who had a bf at the time (sorry amtfan) but now that Vanessa is doing it with another gut people are pissed. I don’t understand.

  • Shell

    @Haters Suck!: Your saying that zac and Vanessa couldn’t smooch and cuddle when the went to the Turks for and they had been together for about 3 yrs then and they were away on vacation not all over town smooching like its going out of style and she’s been with him now for 4mths zac and vanessa didn’t act like this in Hawaii either…I don’t know your age but If u have had relationships then you can tell they are just lust happy right now they are new to each other but once again my dear and Vanessa there is a time and place for everything


    b!!tches they are now a couple ….move the the F on
    zac who ???????

  • mrsvagabunda

    uuuuuuughhhh SHUP UP PEOPLE, if you don’t like them SHUT UP, SHE DOESN’T EVEN CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS….. like really she’s happy why would she give a flying f.uc.k about this people whining and hating about her realtionship LOLLLLLLL

  • Thahmina

    ikr….i thought vanessa waz more focused on her career nd not a relationship right now….nd lookin at this it’z proper insane…
    vanessa’s such a successful actress nd i think she should keep her relationship nd personal life private…i mean if it waz zac then it’z no problem as they were one of the most cutest nd wellknown couples in hollywood nd hsm but Austinnn….seriously….his does not suit with her…
    i think vanessa nd zac should go in a relationship again nd become known as ‘zanessa’……why did they break-up anyway??? they were such a cute couple man….i cud just remember them nd their characters growing throught the hsm films…..
    awww…..vanessa needs to make up with zac….cn’t believe that she chose austin instead of him….;(

  • masbonita

    I love how people think they have control of which pictures the pap are taking and when they going to come out.
    They are out in a well known club…they can’t hide….and they probably took a picture for the social newspaper in Miami.
    Everyone knows they are a couple….they are posing for the picture. Notice is the only two pictures they have from the club (is almost the same pose)

  • thetis


    Oh grow up Barbara at least she’s not being seen coming out of places like the Box or those pick up one night palaces in New Orleans.

    Zac hasn’t been very private about his life either and least she’s with one person and you know nothing about Hollywood obviously since most actors are caught pda with their partners and there careers go on.

    And she’s not RUINING HER CAREER as much as you want that to happen so grow up and go away



  • Haters Suck!


  • Nicky

    Get it finally in your head, Zac and Vanessa are over for good. Between them is absolutely NOTHING anymore. Vanessa changed way too much. She prefers to make out in the public, Zac on the other side disappears more and more from the public and hides himself at home.
    Vanessa should be old enough now to know what’s right and what’s wrong. I personally really doubt that. Barbara is right she will roles because of such a behavior but she doesn’t care about it. She is someone who always needs someone in her life. I don’t care what she’s doing because it’s not my life she is ruining, it’s still hers. She just should think about what she’s doing. But who knows maybe she’s already working on it to get pregnant, it’s no secret that she wants a kid and a husband. And for this reason is probably Butler the right guy. Zac in any case would have been the wrong guy for something like that, he has other goals in his life then having a family already. Maybe in 20 years when he’s ready for something like that but not now. At this point in his life he wants to live and he finally has the chance to start to live and to enjoy his life and he should do it to the fullest.

  • Theresa

    Oh please with the whole self righteous act. If her showing affection to her boyfriend is going to hinder roles that would have stopped many other celebs the same way. Your comment about the past partner staying at home more and her making out in public oh please that wasn’t until recently that he even starting doing that. It’s funny how with some of you it’s always OK when others do the same thing but when it comes to Vanessa it’s always she changed and for the worst, she’s going to lose roles because she’s hugging and kissing her boyfriend. Please some of you need to get over it and let it be. It’s her life and her choice.

  • erika

    I don’t know why so many of you overreact! Yes Vanessa & Zac were one of the hottest couple but it’s life, things just didn’t work out and they both moved on. Right now Vanessa met someone new in her life, that she loves & her affection and feelings for a guy are going to be somewhat different.
    It’s reality people! Let her live her life without worrying about the those stupid cameras and what others think. She has no right to be hiding it, if everyone already knows they’re together. So ignorant.

  • erika

    Also how is she going to lose roles?? She’s honestly not doing anything offensive. Is she crossing the line by doing any overly sexual or anything illegal? No. SO go somewhere & face reality. We don’t live in this perfect little world.

  • mariedel

    I haven’t been on this site for a long time and haven’t commented on any of them, but have been reading every comments on different JJ2 sites of Vanessa and Austin.

    I just want to put my opinion on this Vanessa/Austin relationship. First, I’m glad that Vanessa is happy and she should be, but I don’t think that Austin and her make a cute couple at all… Okay, I will admit that I’m a Zac and Vanessa fan and was disappointed that they broke up. The two had such a great and wonderful relationship and they were the prettiest young couple in Hollywood and I think they will never be as cute a couple as Vanessa and Zac was…Selena and Justin; Miley and Liam are ok, but nothing compare to Zac and Vaness…I also think that this pictures show that Vanessa is more into Austin, than Austin is to Vanessa..I see that a lot in pictures that have surfaced with Vanessa and looks like she’s more into him, than he is, at least the ones that have been posted in JJ2….I know that I will get bad comments on this, but maybe I’m not seeing what others are seeing when they are together..

    I was watching GMA a few weeks ago and they had a special about how people that break up find some similarities with their ex’s…okay, I just find a few similarities with Austin and Zac…they both have blue eyes, they are both tall and maybe Austin is slightly taller than Zac, and when Vanessa met Zac in HSM, the style of hair was sort like what Zac had…ok now I will be hearing from some of you on these, hey but I’m just stating an opinion..but I do want to say that I’m glad Vanessa is happy and that is all that matters, but still don’t think that Austin is the right guy for her, but if it makes her happy, then so be it..

  • Emem

    My opinion: i seriously don’t get why she outs her current relaysh right now.. I mean, wtf? Private person? We get, like, 2 damn posts abt them in a day. IF they do not call the paps, there sure are 101 ways to avoid them if they really want to. Just my opinion.

    Now I get why Austin is always in a beanie. Put it back on.

    Sry, when V’s with A it’s just… blechhh

  • cosmos

    @BARBARA – if what you said was true about an actors career going down the tiolet for showing some affection / PDA to their significant other than Charlize Theron wouldn’t have an Oscar since she and her boyfriend at the time were photographed on vacation in some incredibly steamy photos PRIOR to Monster. YOU DO NOT loose roles that way! How do I know? I worked in Hollywood for 12 years. You loose roles by constantly showing up late and being unprepared or having your reputation become one of being known as being someone difficult to work with. Nothing is worse as a crew member to put in 14-18 hour days and have some ego maniac / diva decide to show up late or cause a scene because they dont like how something is written or they don’t like that they dont have more close shots in a scene and cause you do wait and make your day longer than it already is. You loose respect of your crew AND you cost the studio, network whomever hired you money. You become a liability. NOT ONCE is the entire history of Vanessa’s career has ANYTHING even a SPEC BAD come out of her cast members, crew members, director, producer, studio or hell even an extras mouth about her work ethic. ITS ALWAYS POSITIVE! Does she audition for EVERYTHING? Yes. Will she land everything she auditions for? NO. WHY? NO ONE who auditions ever does. Reese Witherspoon and others have talked about things they’ve auditioned for and never got. She’s doing fine. More than fine actually.

    And have you ever heard of a telephoto lense? Seriously?! When are you and a few others here going to realize that the paps will do ANYTHING for a photo? They are like the freaking military spying on whomever they are after. WE the public caused this crap for Vanessa. When her and Zac were together countless people chanting more photos more photos! When we had more than any person could possibly want it was NEVER enough. And they listened. Hence this young woman, until a law goes into affect will not have the privacy she deserves. So she does what ANY individual SHOULD DO – LIVE HER LIFE.

  • Haters Suck!

    HIGH FIVE!!! That was awsome.

  • TINI

    @cosmos: I love you so much right now. THANK YOU!!!

  • cosmos

    @ Haters Suck! – Your welcome. :) Don;t come here that often but just don’t understand some individuals way of thinking. Hopefully it will open some minds though sadly may not. Either way Vanessa’s pretty damn happy and has some AMAZING projects coming out that I CANNOT wait for so it looks like 2011 & 2012 will be her year and for that I couldn’t be happier! I’m loving her more now. She reminds me of Nicole Kidman after her and Tom Cruise divoreced. You finally are able to see the woman that was behind the man, :)

  • cosmos

    @ TINI – :)