Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Beach Kisses!

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Beach Kisses!

Vanessa Hudgens and her beau Austin Butler share a romantic kiss while having fun in the sun on Thursday (January 19) on the beaches of Hawaii.

The 23-year-old actress showed off her rockin’ body in a bikini! The adorable couple splashed around in the ocean – Austin even lifted Vanessa over his head in the water!!!

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Vanessa recently returned back from Australia, where she was premiering her upcoming film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

“Such a great night at the Journey 2 premiere in Melbourne. Thank you to everyone who came out!” she wrote on her website.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing Heather Gardner‘s “shark tooth” necklace.

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  • Wanda

    I’m sorry but if Vanessa is going to show what a Slut she is then I’m no longer a Fan.

  • Katty

    wtf, she went from Australia to Hawaii without being seen? Odd. I am glad she is having fun! She has a huge press tour continuing soon, then more Spring Breakers after that. I guess this is the only time she can get a vacation? Hope she has fun!

  • lauren

    thats jus to much

  • elendur

    Austin is one lucky guy! She is beautiful!

  • jen

    cute couple but idk it seems that she’s going overboard :|

  • Sara12

    I’m trying to find something nice to say. She at least looks happy……damn that was hard LOL.

  • Chanon

    Austin needs to calm down with the PDA. It seems like he’s always the one pulling her in for a kiss. -.-

    This was so much better with Zac.

  • Viv

    What the freak is this?
    What happened to being in Australia?
    I can’t believe they’re in Hawaii :/

  • thetis


    She’s with her boyfriend you fool not a group of guys – you need to get a better grasp of the english language.


    And stop letting yourselves get played Jared is only buying these pics to cause controversy it could have been one damn kiss and as I said – I Don’t remember this bitching when it was Zac – go check the pics of the past

  • Katie

    This guy AGAIN? Just when I thought he was out of the picture

  • peggy


    Actually it was exactly the same with Zac you guys need to get over Zanessa.

  • claud

    she has promo in Hawaii! the whole cast is there!

  • peggy


    GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zanessa is over, get a life, stop worrying about someone else’s.

  • claud

    who cares about zac? no one cares about him, thi is about Vanessa! get over it

  • peggy


    It’s not a real vacation the cast is there for the Hawaiian Premiere

  • claud

    she has promo in Hawaii! the whole cast is there with her, and it looks like Josh knows Austin <3

  • claud

    why? he is her BOYFRIEND!

  • thetis


    She’s kissing HER boyfriend and as usual Jared has made fools out of the lot of you. It could have been one kiss but he knows what will start a mess.

    As I said I dont remember this bitching when Jared posted post after post of Zanessa PDAing on the beach. OR WORSE maybe some of you have never been kissed

  • elendur

    It was only partially like this with Zac.I think Vanessa and Austin are far more physically compatible than Vanessa and Zac.
    Zac always seemed a little disinterested or aloof while Austin seems to appreciate and enjoy what a wonderful woman Vanessa is. They are both lucky!

  • vashleyforever

    aw they are so cute! And why does she need to stop? They are DATING this is what COUPLES do, get off the effin computer and you might find yourself a bf to make out with on the beach too ;)

  • Haters Suck!

    Damn that was a quick flight from austraillia to Hawaii. And wow Vanessa looks so hot and sexy it’s unreal. Austins a lucky ass guy.

  • Katty



    Her and Zac did the same thing in Hawaii and everyone was all AWW and we want more PDA!

    I FINALLY agree, the PDA is getting out of hand, but I just think she really likes one and wants to be happy and say eff you to everyone and wants a NORMAL relationship for once. Just let her get this out of her system. I really don’t think Austin is gonna stick around forever.

    Just leave her alone. They aren’t the first people to make out in Hawaii, or on the street, or even at a gas station. We all aplaud her for being normal, then when she goes out looking crappy and being normal with her boyfriend and you all say she needs to go out looking better, she needs to stop with the PDA, etc.

    Pick a side. Be a loyal fan and content that she seems happy. Or don’t and be angry she is having PDA and everything else.

    I chose to be a loyal fan and be happy for her. We are supposed to be her fans and build her up, not bring her down.

  • Katty

    ALSO: There is ONE kissing picture, the other is them horsing around. So why don’t you all complain some more?

    Dang, this girl can’t do anything right to some of you, huh?

  • zac/vanessa/ashnessa

    I’ll admit, I never liked Austin in Zoey 101 and I sure don’t like him now. There’s no reason to attack him though just cause he’s dating Vanessa. If our girl is happy with him, just accept the fact. Don’t we want Vanessa to be happy? PDA, no PDA, whatever. She’s happy and I’m happy for her. It’s her life and no one, I mean NO ONE should tell her what to do with her life maybe besides her family… but everyone else. Let her live her own life the way she wants to.

  • Rebecca

    I miss ZANESSA!!!

  • daisy

    she has a foot tattoo

  • spidyu

    Zanessa fans are bitter because Hawaii is Zac&Vanessa’s “special” place.
    It must be an offence to them to see Vanessa with Austin doing the same (even least, because I remember the fans going nuts with she straddling his hips pics) she did with Zac.
    Grow up.

  • sOFIA

    This was so way better with Zac… she looks better too. They are overexpossed now -.-. Anyway, she looks happy!

  • yets

    wow so austin is in Hawaii.

  • monique

    I would never wear all that jewelry in the ocean… I’d be scared to lose it in the water! Love her red bikini though.

  • lei

    i think Vanessa Really in love w/ austin and vice versa.

  • amanda

    ew. that’s all i can say about this couple. it’s seriously disgusting! like go get a room.
    I really miss zac and vanessa so much. it’s like she’s completely different without him and all of a sudden she’s a fame wh***.

  • Haters Suck!

    bs. Were you complaining when she was doing this stuff with zac when they were on vacation? Did you say that when zac was doing this stuff with Ashley right in front of her boyfriend? If not then don’t complain now.

  • elendur

    On the Australian radio show Hot30 they had Vanessa and Josh imitate each other and answer questions as each other. When Vanessa answering as Josh was asked about her boyfriend she answered he was “a really great guy”. When they asked Josh, he answered in an imitation Vanessa voice “I’m in love” this led to laughs and he said “with Austin” this led to some laughs and Vanessa then said Josh probably had a few to many drinks. It was quite funny and answers how they feel about each other. Unfortunately ,I don’t have the link.

  • elendur


  • Haters Suck!

    thank you for that I heard the interview and was laughing my ass off at this part and I was hoping there was video. Obviously Vanessa talks about Austin a lot for Josh to make those comments and I’m pretty sure Vanessa wanted to smack him. It was still funny I also saw the would you rather video that was funny too.

  • claud

    love the JJJ top stories now hahaha

  • claud

    ooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmggggggg!!!! love them!

  • Christine

    If they never ever touched each other people would say that they “don’t really like each other” and are just “dating for publicity”. But when they show PDA it’s “too much” and “over the top”.

    The only way this girl can ever win in the romantic department is if she stays single forever or goes back to Zac. I’m getting sick of the double standard. And that attitude is spreading. Even the people over at fanforum, who I used to think were pretty mature, are becoming such jerks about this couple. It’s funny how the end of Zanessa seems to have brought out the worst in everybody. Except for, you know, the two people actually involved in the break up. They seem to be moving on with thier lives just fine. It’s the stupid fans that can’t let it go.

    I used to be so proud to be a Vanessa fan. I always thought Vanessa fans would support her no matter what. But I guess that was only true when she was dating Zac. Now I’m just embarassed.


    meeeeeeeeeee…toooooooo,i watch it im laughing so hard ..when josh ..make fun on her voice…hehhehhhehe

  • claud

    @Haters Suck!:
    ikr!!!! Vanessa and Josh are just flawless! best promo tour ever.. im glad Austin is with her now!

  • Mags

    Im going to watch journey 2 this sunday love her, i think vanessa really inlove with him, to those zanessa fan let her be happy with this guy.

  • muse

    Anybody who comes here just to express how much they dislike the PDA…well please stop looking at it and find something that does interest you. If you think its wrong that a boyfriend and girlfriend kiss, get over it. They are young, happy and…oh yeah, allowed to do what they want. She’s in a committed relationship, its not like its an orgy of guys. And @thetis right, when it was Zac and Vanessa, their was no problem, but because Vanessa has moved on and can be free to express her affection to her current boyfriend…well to some of you its like the end of the bl**dy world. ITS NOT.
    Please stop being so disrespectful to Vanessa when all she is doing is loving and enjoying her life with someone she cares for…her boyfriend. Yes, its not like her relationship with Zac, but guess what…every relationship is different. Why would anyone want a relationship that was exactly the same as your old one?
    Leave the hate at home and respect her and her life. If you’re a real fan, you accept her for everything and anything.

    Side note…I really wished I was able to go to Sydney to see her, but I saw pics and she looked fab :) Too bad she didnt come to Brisbane

  • florence2

    I’m so glad that Vanessa has joined Vanessa on her promo tour and they are having such a great time, I also hope that he joins her on the red carpet they would be some great photo’s as yopu can clearly see that he is proud of her and does’nt care who see’s him be affecinate to his girl.


    Excatly if she wanted the relactionship to be like when she was with Zac then she would still be with Zac as you say no 2 relactionships are the same.

  • shorttttty

    geez i just can’t wait for her to ditch this guy sooner or later but i’d prefer sooner please… i love nessa but not with this guy ^^ sorry…

  • sky10

    ……well,,,,they are happy and seems realy INLOVE.

  • shorttttty

    i just can’t wait for her to ditch this guy sooner or later but i prefer sooner please O:) hoho i love nessa since then but not with this guy… sorry austin

  • muse

    I suggest Vanessa fans watch this video, its hilarious. Its a interview of Vanessa and Josh from an Australian morning show and towards the end they are asked how long they have been dating and they just look at each other. Very cute and awkward but funny :) But listen very carefully to Josh. Love their friendship and chemistry.

  • muse