Miley Cyrus: Wokcano Woman

Miley Cyrus: Wokcano Woman

Miley Cyrus keeps it comfy in a fave flannel-patterned shirt as she dines with a few friends at Wokcano restaurant on Friday afternoon (January 20) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 19-year-old musician just recently got a hair cut.

“I didn’t do anything to crazy. But I did take 5 inches off!” Miley promises on Twitter.

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In more Miley news, an official summary for Hotel Transylvania has been released:

“Little known fact about Dracula: he is not only the Prince of Darkness, but also the owner of Hotel Transylvania, a five-star resort for the world’s monsters. But for Dracula, it’s also where he protects Mavis, his teenage daughter (Cyrus). But when a curious young traveler discovers the hotel—and Mavis—the overprotective dad must use his powers of persuasion to keep her from falling in love.”

15+ pics inside…

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  • Menna

    Look ma, no bra!

  • cloud.nguyen

    first!! =D love her outfit!!

  • jolie

    Whaaaat is she wearing?


    To those who say Miley isn’t wearing a bra, I have to ask: what are you doing looking at her boobs, anyway?

  • crazypixielady


    ( its not that we are pervert … its cuz its unapropriat for all ages to me )

    plus , she always try so hard with her outfit ! … that what hollywood makes U at the END :)

  • Menna

    @pATWORX: Isn’t it blaringly obvious? Remember, she’s wearing a white shirt.

  • Jason

    @pATWORX: Getting my eyes poked out, that’s what.

  • Bob Simpson

    Wow Miley is one trashy whore. I mean no bra come on now! some role model she is. and Why is she wearing those stupid ozzy osbourne sunglasses. And another thing, is that the only pair of shorts she owns? Go back to the country you hillbilly

  • Warren

    @pATWORX: I’m looking ’cause Miley is the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world!

  • Warren

    Miley’s hair is always so pretty. I thought she was so hot with the sexy H a n n a h hair too.

  • Warren

    @Bob Simpson: U must B a Jealous girl ’cause no straight guy would say this and most gays like Miley anyway. And I love country girls like beautiful Miley.

  • tori

    She is not hot,looks like she got her clothes out of the good will bin. She’s trashy and not a good role in any way shape or form!!!!

  • Ella

    Miley, please wear bra next time you go out in public most esp. when you’re wearing a white shirt.

  • meghan

    She’s a millionaire but she can’t afford at least a bra?

  • amy

    @Bob Simpson:

    You are a pathetic loser – always on here bashing Miley. Get out from behind your computer and get a real life.

    Miley has a real life & she does not care about your negative remarks.

    Those of us who love Miley, however do care & we will respond!

  • boobmassager

    @meghan so why dont you give her your bra.

  • iinsist

    I insist JOB NOSE !

  • Marielle

    Really, if she doesn’t want to wear a bra leave her alone. She shouldn’t have to cater to the paparazzi because they are always following her around. They should be there in the first place. They shouldn’t dictate how she lives her life. Hotel Transylvania sounds like a fun movie.

  • Jason

    Those tights are pure sex! Miley is the hottest girl on the planet right now, no doubt. You keep looki sexy girl!!

  • headstrong

    @meghan: Obviously she can it just that she doesn’t want to wear a bra. It’s her body anyway.

  • Warren

    @tori: Yes Miley is HOT. And You’re probably NOT. Miley is a great role model, she is always giving back.

  • mimi89

    She used the wrong “to” it should of been “too”. What kind of role model is she? lol. You learn that in elementary!

  • akane996

    Hah! U r so stupid. U just sit in front of ur comp and critisize others, but what it will change? Nothing. I like Miley 4 this. She doesn’t need ur opinion in deciding which closes 2 wear!!!!!