Vanessa Hudgens: Green for St. Patty's Day!

Vanessa Hudgens: Green for St. Patty's Day!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her green on St. Patrick’s Day while walking around the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Saturday (March 17).

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her boyfriend Austin Butler, who was spotted earlier in the day carrying a bouquet of roses. We’re guessing they were for Van!

Vanessa is currently taking a break from filming her new flick Spring Breakers in Miami. Earlier in the week, she filmed a scene robbing a restaurant with co-star Ashley Benson.

15+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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Credit: Ivan Nikolov; Photos: WENN
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  • A

    KILL ME NOW. I think I’ll go throw up my dinner.

  • hermaione

    she’s lovely ˇˇˇ everytime i see her i get happy i don’t know why but she’s like a pill of happiness when i angry .

  • Xo

    Super cute

  • evz

    Red roses…Aww, cute. Looking at V smiling makes me happy. Evidently, she’s happy too and I couldn’t ask for more. I’m just thankful for whoever puts that smile on her face…

  • telle

    what happened i though she was in florida?????? that was fast MAN
    btw vanessa looks beautiful as usual however their every time i see her with his baby-boyfriend i get mad wich isn’t ok but i can’t help it…sorry but i can’t feel the boy :/ i can’t wait to know who will be next

  • jimmy.

    really? has she forgotten about her family & friends back in LA.. she saw him 5 days ago!

  • thetis


    You”re not supposed to feel the boy you are not dating him and Zac had a baby face at 20 so you also have a failiing memory.

    Get over it and start worrying about YOUR life before you mess it up cause you are busy judging someone elses

  • telle

    @thetis: sorry but i’m not judging to nobody and one more thing Did i mention zac ???? NO ˇˇ he’s just vanessa’s past and i could care less about him.

  • maria

    @evz: I agree. She is in a good place in her life; she is busy in her career, she has a sense of freedom in her personal life, and she seems very happy. It’s no one’s business who makes her happy. No one should judge who she should be with, except Vanessa. He must be a very sweet guy, cause he puts that smile on her face. Lovin’ the roses. NYC is a great place to blend in and have a great time, especially for St Patty’s Day!

  • daniel

    roses for the ladyˇˇ *_^ what a beautiful girl

  • winter

    She does that too much. Hugging from behind. It would drive me nuts!!! How is that cute? First I would feel like I was stuck there to please her or trip. Then it’s suffocating. She must be really needy.

  • Xo

    @winter: He must not have a problem with it since they’re still together. He’s touchy with her too.

  • Haters Suck!

    Didn’t even notice the roses till y’all pointed out. I’m sure people will find a way to hate on him for that too but what can you do. He keeps earnng points with me and is treating Vanessa great. Roses for a beautiful rose like Vanessa.

  • kelly martineau

    Austin that old enought to drink. Why are they in New York. Nessa should be in Florida. BIG Lips. They going to have Sex because they haven’t seen each other for awhile.
    Big lips is always wearing the same clothes over and over again.

  • Haters Suck!

    for the love of God, shut up.

  • maria

    She is in NYC because he is working on the pilot for his new show. If she doesn’t film on weekends, no need for her to stay in FLorida. And sorry, he has great lips; no wonder he was a model. And she obviously loves them. And what’s wrong with hugging from behind?? It’s just an affectionate gesture, and sweet. That’s how she is with her guys. We’ve seen it before and I never saw complaints about it then. People need to leave them alone; it’s her life, her guy, her relationship. Stop acting like who she dates is up to you. So lame.

  • BOJI

    Yep, Kelly, you sound like a little petulant kid. Your raging hormones are showing, girl. I suggest you take an ice cold shower.
    Austin’s lips are super sexy on a guy. I think he’s the envy of many. Live with it. Just love seeing them together.

  • Elendur

    When they have a day off, they spend it together = committed!

    The roses are a nice touch.

    Carrie Diaries pilot for potential series starts filming March 21 and ends April 8th. Which means he should be able to join her and the crew for Coachella this year.

  • Andy’sGirl

    Is it just me or does he ALWAYS wear the same outfit whenever they go out? Or the same jackets. Anyways I’m still a zanessa fan regardless what people say. Haters will always hate. BUT she does look really happy so I’m glad for that. :)

  • Andy’sGirl

    Is it just me or does Austin ALWAYS wear that outfit whenever they go out. Or the same jackets. Anyways, I’m still a zanessa fan regardless of what people say. Haters will always hate. BUT before you all hound on me, she does look super happy so I’m glad :)

  • yets

    i love the way Austin Loves her…and i love him for that

  • nessa

    She reall love to hug from behind she always do that to ExBF.

  • http://Lala Aiwen

    Look at her,so cute!!!!she is way more happy when she is with her guy :) that’s great!!and I like Vanessa tied her hair up,more young and cute really!!!:D love u Vanessa!!,and Austin,u really treat our Vanessa very well huh? Don’t change the way u treat her,cause this girl deserves this :)

  • mags

    thick lips means kissable lips, ithink vanessa loves to kiss his lips, lol, i like them together so sweet.

  • ehryle

    She in NY because she gonna be in mtvU woodie award

  • Xo

    @ehryle: The show was taped Thursday night, she was on the Spring Breakers set.

  • kelly martineau

    Maybe she doesn’t care about her family and friends back in la. Ever sense Big Lips she hardly see her with her mom and sister.
    Like her sweater.

  • kelly martineau

    When she was dating Zac she saw her family more. But sense dating Big Lips hardly see her family.

  • tina

    @kelly martineau: Maybe it was because she was left by her self more.

  • troian

    vanessa’s life seems kinda simple sometimes … specially with this big boy

  • sam


  • roxy

    there goes the haters again!! haha does it hurt you that much to see her happy and IN LOVE ??? She was in Florida filming and got some time off to be at the MTV woodie awards today. And yes, she went to see her man—is there a problem with that? Austin is her BOYFRIEND and obviously cares about her, dont you see he got her roses?? She can go see whoever she wants, it’s her life not yours (how about you worry about yours and let her be happy).. there is nothing wrong with Austin’s lips- they are actually amazing, very sexy! it is ultimately his problem if he wants to wear the same clothes,he likes dark colors if seems like he wears the same most of them time, but i dont think so and Vanessa doesnt care only you haters haha she just cares that he treats her right and thats what he’s doing. stop wondering if they’re having sex, thats not your business….as i said her body, her life, her happiness…he may not have the cutest face as her ex, but you gotta be careful with cute faces too cuz they lie,,,,,at least Austin is treating her right and is sticking by her side, a TRUE MAN does that :) the more you hate, the more you will see them together lovey dovey haha she aint going back to her ex, get over it-she did and shes now in love with Austin…be happy that she is!

  • maria

    @roxy: Nicely said.

    I think he dresses normal for a guy, and is not obsessed with clothes, like a girl. That’s so weird to me. He makes her smile, is sweet to her, and that’s all that matters.

  • LoveNessa

    @kelly martineau:
    How old are you anyway? You are so obsessed with drinking and sex. You know, you don’t have to drink to have fun. And of course they are going to have sex. They are a young couple in love. You do realize that 99% of adults in the world have had or are having sex. It’s normal. You must be 10 years old.