Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Back Together!

Ashley Tisdale & Scott Speer: Back Together!

Ashley Tisdale and Scott Speer hold hands as they leave the AllSaints Spitfields boutique on Saturday afternoon (April 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Sources just confirmed to that the twosome, who also stopped at H&M, are back together!

Ashley and Scott broke up earlier this year, but have reconnected and are on-again.

“Cant wait to buy a bunch of copies! RT @Immortal_City: Immortal City is on sale in the US tomorrow!!!” Ash recently tweeted about Scott‘s debut novel. Go get one!

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  • A

    Aww good for them!

  • marie


  • sara

    is it only me that saw this coming? the whole time on her twitter account she was still tweeting him like they were still together…anyways congrats

  • Floripondi9

    I love them. and yes I saw it coming, actually i was waiting for this post so bad. The tweets and then with the picture of the two hiking on the hill, that confirmed all , Love the couple! Ready for ENGAGEMENT!

  • Vic

    i hope they get engaged and get married, i think by the end of summer they will be engaged :)

  • alex

    I thought she was dating Martin Johnson??

  • Mmari

    @sara @Floripondi9 I was so positive about they getting back together! I’M SO EXCITED! And yeah, I’m definitely ready for see these two getting engaged!! :)

  • sally

    Ashley should be on Just Jared too.

  • Maria

    As much as I think Martin was MUCH better looking, it’s SO not about looks. They look really happy. Glad they worked out their issues. It can be done!

  • maila

    What? So she breaks up with Scott, gets with Martin then gets back with Scott?! Stick with one!

  • Sage

    What about Martin?
    See, if any other celebrity did this they’d get crap for it but because it’s Ashley nobody even blinks an eye.

  • mara

    I’m so happy right now.
    Btw, i totally loved the outfit :)

  • pup

    Ah, FINALLY! They’re great together.

  • Leilane

    Right, hum… But when exactly she broke up with Martin Johnson? I really wanted to know! *_*

  • Kasturi

    Aww!! Really happy for you guyzzz! The season of heartbreak ends!! Love is in the air! <3 <3

  • hudgens feeling


  • amtfan

    I’m not excited about this. shes being a whore.

  • elizabeth marinas

    i’m so happy that there back together again they belong together and that how it should be be just ashley and scott i hope they gett married someday.

  • Sara

    ?? i don’t understand? i’m not judging your opinion at all but i thought you were a huge fan cuz from all ur posts u always say you love her… is it cuz u dont like scott?

  • kami

    why the heck does gossip cop say this is a rumor? where do they get their info?

  • kami

    …and perez hilton has this under ash and scott’s pic:

    On Friday, Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Martin Johnson were seen walking and shopping on Robertson Boulevard in Beverly Hills.

  • http://@ashleymichell22 Vale

    It was obvious that Martin was a touch and go!
    I love Ash and support in their decisions but did not see much future because once the couple breaks is hard to take it up!
    Likewise I wish them well

  • V

    Yes! She did something intelligent. Good for her! I think he’s a good guy, down to earth… for the other side, Martin…….. I wasn’t so excited about it.

  • V

    @Vale: Liam and Miley? Since they get back together they’re stronger than ever. Really mature and healthy relationship. Sometimes a break is better. I know couples who break up two years, sometimes three, and they get back together, married and had children and now, they still together… you know what I mean?

  • V

    @Sara: maybe she’s a little confused… You know? Scott-Martin-Scott sometimes you don’t know how you have to defend her, hard to respect her decisions when it’s obviously not right what she’s doing.

  • kaitlyn

    and how does anybody know what’s right for her, except her? ashley is her own person. everybody needs to stop judging her. she’s almost 27, she knows what she’s doing. give her more respect. she and martin were never together to begin with…

  • A

    This sucks. She should be with Zac!

  • A

    I really want her to end up with Zac. :/

  • A

    :/ She really needs to end up with Zac.


    So…….. if they can get back together, so can Zac & Vanessa, although they have been broken up forever. Argh.
    I love Ashley and I’m glad to see her back with Scott because I love him too. He’s such a huge teddy bear lol
    I’m glad they are back together, I actually hated her with that Martin kid… Anyways, let there be a little hope for her bestie…

  • James Woods

    Isn’t it said that they both have the same agent? Maybe im wrong but if they do perhaps this is all PR because without Tisdale this dude ain’t sellin no books.

  • That will be simular to Britney Spears-Jason Trawick marriage. He has a real job and he is matured like a 30-something. So no more Kevin Federline-like relationship.

  • bfan


  • a


  • ha

    loved her and martin but these 2 r awesome gr8 they got back together!!

  • someone

    @James Woods: No, Zac and Ashley have the same publicist.

  • v

    It’s about time, I love them together.
    Now Zanessa need to get back together :)

  • Sophie

    everyone is over reacting. they are in love. who cares?! let them be. And Ashley is almost 27 you think she would want to fake a relationship? NO.

  • megs

    she was just with martin to be wild and get some now shes got it out of her system and ready to settle down with a respectful man!