Zac Efron: Script Stud

Zac Efron: Script Stud

Zac Efron walks and talks with a few friends in Los Angeles on late Thursday afternoon (June 14).

The 24-year-old actor peaked inside a manila folder he was carrying to reveal a new script. Can’t wait to see his next movie choice!

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Zac just picked up a few 2012 Teen Choice Awards nominations!

Earlier in the week, Zac was spotted out in West Hollywood after a business meeting before catching up with a pal at Chateau Marmont.

10+ pics inside…

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lauren @ 11:05 pm on 06/14/2012

zac why are you always wearing those pants?

Simone @ 11:48 pm on 06/14/2012

So handsome. What script is it? Obviously he wants us to see. I’m on the edge of my seat. What is it?

My 2 cents @ 12:50 am on 06/15/2012

Zac’s lining up work. I love that, more movies for me to see him in. It’s a Win , Win situation.

londonlipton @ 4:14 am on 06/15/2012

Just because he has a script does not mean that is his next project. If every script he had was a new project then the guy would always be on a movie set.

At the very least this is a PERSPECTIVE new project. Or it could even be an updated Script for one he is already working on.

Ok @ 7:09 am on 06/15/2012

@My 2 cents If you like his movies I hear he is now deciding between two different scripts. Our studio is hoping for one over the other. . He may want some changes in one.

Lauren @ 9:27 am on 06/15/2012

Is Zac still doing this Is where I leave you?
I hears it starts filming in July

And are those his friends from the business meeting?

Carolina @ 11:51 am on 06/15/2012

I love you zac, you look so handsome as always, hope you have a great day :) love you never forget it

Ok @ 3:05 pm on 06/15/2012

@lauren One of them is a friend of his an Mo Al-Tuki they were in cannes with him One is an older friend , One is an old friend. I’m guessing he ran into.
One for sure has nothing to do with the business meeting.
lauren i want to take this time to say something to you. I have nothing against you You seem to like Zac , well I do too.I saw the arguments on E and twitter and on JJ.. I believe that girl was wrong both times.What she hinted at , could of had very bad results for Zac with the law. The fact she shut down her twitter says a lot. there were to many holes in her stories. if she had just one pic , maybe I would believe her. Every actor or person in pwer at any studio knows what could happen serving alcohol to a minor. zac is to smart for that . I heard and i saw the reports that zac was out that night. So unless you know something I don’t I don’t think she had any proof for anyone to see, not even in her private DM’s

lauren @ 6:23 pm on 06/15/2012

Is the one ur talking about the girl?

And yes i do know who your talking about, im not gonna releqse her name but yea, i dont think she wanted attention at all idlk, i followed her and we chatted on dms, but why is it okay for other ppl to tend to claim stuff just stalk her tweets but when fans do it its called stalkinh? But if zac was really at the hotel wouldt there be pics at least him leaving? I cant woth ppl esp on e comments who claim to know zac and al tht,

Ok @ 7:05 pm on 06/15/2012

@lauren zac is still doing the movie, I don’t know when they will need him to start yet.
Both the girl and the young guy was in Cannes.

I wont say her name either, she was saying things about zac , that if true, the police would of had to have an investigation. She was putig tweets out for people to read. I have no idea what she was saying on her DM, but some of the things she did say openly , just was not true. I will use one example Zac in the parking lot at Whole Food Market” on santa Monica blvd & Fairfax at the dinner hour, just sitting in his car eating Sweet Chips with the music blaring.. Do you know how much attention that would bring. Now she could of gotten a pic if that was true why not.? I also heard that Zac was in las Vegas with family or friends that day No one was stalking her she was freely putting info out. She just got caught in a couple of lies.
Zac was at the Lana Del rey concert and no pics.
The night of the Ashley Tisdale “This is we we roll” pic.
They were at the Chateau Marmont. There were no pics. You can get in and out of the CM without pics. Zac has been to lots of places without pics. To many people including J E saw him there that night.

My 2 Cents @ 7:19 pm on 06/15/2012

@londonlipton: If your comments were aimed at me well I’m sorry I didn’t use the right term “possible perspective project”. All I know is I love to see Zac in films and I know he has said he loves to work and he wants to do as many different kinds of interesting, diverse roles as possible. If a film comes out of this I certainly don’t know , but since he actually pulled it out of the envelope and took a pic I’d guess it was good news. It might even be the script to Townies or This is Where I leave You. I don’t care as long as he keeps working he’s happy and so I’m I.

@ Ok Thanks for that information . That’s awesome news.

lauren @ 7:38 pm on 06/15/2012

i wasn’t trying to start anything with you, i like talking to you and etc, you seem to know your stuff and etc. is the girl that zac was talking to closey that day and that ”bracelet thing started;” but i do feel like ashley likes to hint tweet that she’s with zac w/o saying his name and when she does tweet a pic of him those ”zashley’ fans freeak out.

yea. her dm’s to me were basically saying ‘people are ********” and they are just making **** up and etc, i’m assuming she delted her tweet because she was either she knew she was lying or just sick of people accusing her of lying.

shanghai @ 8:33 pm on 06/15/2012

Sadly for celebrities people can make stuff up all the time and post it on any media site. People who just want their bit of fame and to be noticed.

Ok @ 9:07 pm on 06/15/2012

@lauren I know you were not starting anything with me and I will answer any question i can, once again though I don’t know him. That is not the same girl close to him on the balcony. but she could of been there.

I think she deleted her twitter , because she got caught in a lie.
@my 2 Cents your welcome.

Lauren @ 9:41 pm on 06/15/2012

But why would fans lie and do all this stuff for attention?
R people on twitter really that gullible to believe anything?

Do u know what script or movie he looking at to do besides this is were I leave you?

vanessa @ 10:30 pm on 06/15/2012

@ok what are you talking about i have no idea

Ok @ 12:36 am on 06/16/2012

@lauren I hear he is looking at two maybe three different scripts.I heard there maybe one from a new screen writer, but I don’t know yet. I have seen rumors of The Hunger Games , but I doubt that, I haven’t heard.

@vanessa It is about a young girl who was tweeting lies about Zac

meme @ 4:10 am on 06/16/2012

what did the girl said.

meme @ 4:12 am on 06/16/2012

@Ok what did the girl said? And what girl are u talking about? Tell me pleaeaeas

lauren @ 6:49 am on 06/16/2012

if he was singed up for the hunger games i’m pretty sure buy now there would be news and etc, plus the only reason why fans want him to be finnick or whatever his name is because mostly of the blond hair or w/e i dont know i didnt even read the book,

im just waiting for him to go to the phillipeans so penoshoop can stop tweeting.

lauren @ 8:10 am on 06/16/2012

i know your answered this and etc, but i generally dont get or why people think zac is gay? is it because he’s good looking, did musicals or just has a pretty face? i mean he and vanessa dated for five years and its ovs that was real and not fake, and he’s dates girls and has his hook ups and etc, idk im pretty sure if (i said if) zac was gay the haters or whoever would turn away from him in a sec,

Ok @ 8:49 am on 06/16/2012

@lauren all the reasons you said above is most likely why , then you have the haters who try to be mean and some wishful thinking. i wouldn’t be to quick to say random hook ups anymore. He is still wearing the bracelet.I hear on good authorities he was very good in Cannes . No wild parties or hook ups. just the after parties and charity events. I’m hearing more and more he has one person in his life , and he is trying to protct them. That would make sense. I keep hearing there was nothing at all between him and Lily just PR. But if she was a booty call , this wouldnt be true.

Sue @ 8:59 am on 06/16/2012

I love Zac and I know they say he is trying to protect someone but honestly how long do you think a secret love will last? At some point the other person will get tired of hiding.

Ok @ 8:59 am on 06/16/2012

@lauren the Hunger Games script like I said is a rumor, but in Hollywood , they will give out lots of scripts to actors , just to build interest. I think he would be great in the role, but he may have other committments first. When they start talking Zac on every twitter and the PR from the Philippines , is every few minutes it means he is on his way or there already. I wouldn’t be surprised mid to late June through eary July he will be there.(That long)

lauren @ 8:59 am on 06/16/2012

so your saying he’s ”hiding someone”? and he’s trying to ”hide” that someone that people think he’s ”hiding”? cus people tend to act like they know zac’s personal life and think they know everything and etc, but why are these people telling you things and etc and possibly spreading rumors and etc? endless the people you know are 100% telling you the truth and they are just not saying stuff to sound like they know somthing.

im asking because i was reading this blind item/laneiy gossip saying zac was hanging out with an openly gay crowd at canes and he did hit on any woman there, yes that was from laniey gossip.

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