Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer: Split Up?

Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer: Split Up?

Liam Payne and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer have reportedly split up.

The 19-year-old One Direction heartthrob first met Danielle on The X Factor in 2010, and were last spotted together at Liam‘s birthday dinner.

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“[The couple] split in the last few days because it has been more and more difficult to keep the relationship going with Liam spending more and more time away,” a source tells The Mirror. “He has hardly been able to see Danielle in recent months and the band have a world tour next year so it was only going to get harder.”

DO YOU THINK Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer split up?

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  • Steph

    NO. no no no no. This can not be true :( They’re perfect for each other <3

  • http://@isadubberley isabella

    This is like im so surprise that they have split up they was amazing as a couple but a long distance relationship its really hard! :(

  • you.

    NEVER. this isn’t true. Payzer goes on forever! ~

  • http://sassmastertommo Jess

    um whose up for a mass suicide with me
    payzer is my life

  • Charlie

    If they did split I’m split. The rumuors are making me tear up…oh, what if they’re true?

  • Brigitte

    This can’t be true!!

    Nothing’s fine I’m torn!!

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  • rione

    Meh.. i thought Miley and Liam..

  • amanda

    i literally cried when i heard this :’(

  • james

    nope. not true. Danielle posted a pic on instagram and she says “Haha, but we are still together.” So this not true.

  • SE


  • eloise

    ngl, hope this is true. never liked them together and if this is true, totally makes sense.

  • Cristinac

    nooo :( i shipped them so hard…
    she was the best out of the current 3 girls.

  • Msgreeen

    @james: She DONT have instragram…
    @daniellepeazer : I DO NOT have Instagram or Tumblr and my Facebook is completely private and I do not talk to people I don’t know. There are lots of fakes!!!

  • hi

    I agree!! They are perfect for each other! I hope the rumors aren’t true.

  • http://- jessica

    no,no puede ser , bueno por otro lado si capas que si.bueno no se porque es dificil tener una relacion asi me duele mucho saber esto.
    lo lamento por ellos.

  • http://@EmmaLucy1133 Lucy


  • I

    A fan tweeted Liam on twitter asking him how he was after the break up and he said its been ok thanks babe :). Go look at his twitter I am not kidding:

  • lucy

    ahh whatever thats not shocking at all!

  • http://shannondruelo Iyiyi

    fvck up! C’mon guys! this is JUSTJARED and definitely this is TRUE!
    Don’t act like a stupid baby x)

  • http://Fahd1al7rby Lloyd

    yeeeees , Finally, I was hoping this would happen from the time
    i love u Liam Payne <33333

  • Aires

    You horrible woman. Hating her or wanting to break their heart does not make him love you.

  • telle

    @I: that’s a lie he never reply to anybody sating he is” ok ”after the split

  • Karen


  • http://stephaniebaby8 stephanie

    l think you everone who is is said thing like yay and l hoping this would happen that so mean because she is a human too know and she has feel just because you wish this to having it does not mean that there are still going to love other know matter what so my last comment is stop said bad stuuf about her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://romylikescookie ROMY

    Thank you to all you heartless idiots who think that this is the best day of their life because they’ve broken up. And everyone who’s been abusing her on twitter is just plain stupid. this isn’t easy for her or liam so i think everyone should just back off and give them some breathing space!! It was her own descision and you need to respect her reasons her doing it, so think before you type.

  • Meggie

    NOOOOOO!!!!!!!! noooooo! NOOO!! this cannot be real!! :( i love payzer!!!! LIAM DONT LEAVE DANIELLE!!… Payzer is the best and cutest couple ever ! (also Elounor) .. PAYZER forever! <3

  • Meggie

    @Lloyd: that so mean of you :( .. i think you are a directionator!! :p

  • Jessieee

    finally, bye honney.

  • Tiffany

    I feel so old at 21. I have no idea who these people are!

  • 12346abdndmd

    this is so retarted they didnt break up

  • Nimbus Star

    I’m crying so hard right now! D’:

  • rolmari

    no never and never separated denben are the perfect couple


    Oh no! I can’t believe it! Dani and Liam broke up? Oh gosh. They were so perfect for each other, too! Boo-hoo!! Maybe they’ll get back together in the future…..

  • cher

    so depressed that it’s true i shipped them harder than anything. like harder zerrie. i ship zerrie harder than a bolder.

  • gigig