Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Holding Hands!

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles: Holding Hands!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles hold hands as they arrived at her downtown hotel on Tuesday night (December 3) in New York City.

The 22-year-old singer was honored at the 2012 Ripple of Hope Award‘s before changing into a little black dress and meeting her new beau at One Direction‘s after party.

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Earlier in the week, the pair were first spotted looking cozy together enjoying a day out in Central Park with friends.

FYI: Taylor is wearing a McGinn coat.

10+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

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  • Lawrence

    Cute, I don’t care if they’re dating. It just shows how immature fans can be to let something like this cause a stir.

  • larisa

    Taylor I love you…and I really holps this ends well…I don’t know what to think now…

  • Leilane

    Poor Harry! I’m happy to know that this won’t last more than 3 months, but I’m pretty sure she gonna try hard to destroy his life after them breakup, like she always do! She is such a cruel girl, look at what she does with Joe and John! And she just can do this, because she got so much power in this businness!

  • lali

    Poor Hary I bet she’s already writing a song about him …

  • javi

    im not going to call them haylor like the media does. i stll smell another break up song. instead of country a ballad.

  • javi

    @Leilane: i don’t think she’s cruel i think if she dating some one and that a-hole treats her bad then that sob should get insulted in song. hey im against her dating other celebs but thats hollywood and the music industry they different than us.

  • NO

    Noooo. I really hope this won’t last longer than a month or two.. Especially with 1D going on tour in February. I just don’t want him to get hurt :( Taylor is too notorious for getting back at the guys she’s dated..

  • Chayse

    @Leilane: I’m pretty sure she’s not cruel at all. Joe and John treated her very badly, so she had every right to get to voice her opinion. And if it’s in song, than it’s in song. But she in no way is a cruel person. So I would think before you say something like that. Cuz Taylor fans are just as crazy as 1D fans, but we would never send death threats. If their happy, then that’s all that matters. And they don’t care what you think.

  • http://www.twitter.com Kit Carson Hamm

    You ain’t pose to treat your girlfriend like trash!

  • http://nunforlife Jenna

    What’s in his hands? Her purse? Nope, she’s carrying one. Oh they’re going into her hotel at 3 am. Meaning it’s an overnight bag. He’s spending the night with her.

    Excuse me while I go jump off a cliff now.

  • http://twitter.com/debbxliu Deborah

    Both 1D and TSwift are going on tour next year…I wonder what will happen. Ha.

  • Sugar

    Perfect for each other

  • babaloo

    Taylor Swift hanging out with his next album.

  • http://Booubaloohs Booubaloohs

    How immature are you people. Saying that Taylor is gonna destroy his life, and you hope they break up. Taylor is an excellent person, as well as Harry is. Let them be together if they want, and please stop pretending like you know them well. You can’t say that Taylor Swift is a mean person. ¿Do you actually know her? NO. Don’t mess in other’s people’s business. none of you really know how Taylor’s relationship’s really were, so please STOP pretending that you know EVERYTHING. It’s just annoying and immature.

  • Mutya

    I love them both ! Wish them the best.

  • http://@monilovesthejb Monica

    They make a cute couple … Taylor is an awesome girl wish them the best…!!!! :D

  • bane

    NO! are you kidding me? She dates guys faster than I change tampons! Weird analogy but seriously swift, wtf?

  • http://Esta.miambanzila@gmail.com Estelle


  • SE

    They are cute :D

  • Keisha greene

    OMG …. I really disliked but now I can’t even stand her. I like Harry and I don’t want her to hurt him….. argh I am so pissed to see that picture…. can’t even find the words to describe the feeling

  • Lily Styles

    why can’t see just go die in a hole? She’s only gonna hurt him. I h8 her so much. She dates so many guys, then writes songs about them. What’s with “We are never gonna get back together.” like, omg, who’s gonna want to get back together with you after you have hurt them so much? God, get a life. Stop ruining guys’ life and get ur own. Karma Taylor Swift. KARMA.

  • dk
  • anon

    She must be a real dud in bed. lol

  • Marie

    I don’t have nothing against Taylor, I like a few songs of her, but seriously she broke up with someone and only pass a few time and she already dating another guy? OMG, she have to take a break, maybe if she take things a little more slower, she wouldn’t have to write so many breakup songs

  • fangirls are the worst

    I love the tears of 1D fangirls on this page.

  • http://Facebook Kaitlyn

    I love Haylor. I love Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, why did they have to split?? Listen u HATERS just because u don’t like doesn’t mean u have to hate it. Would u like it if that happen to u ?? As I was saying I thought they look cute together. :). Doss anyone agree with me?? I love 1D and T Swift!!