Zac Efron Signs Up For 'The Falling'

Zac Efron Signs Up For 'The Falling'

Zac Efron is headed to the supernatural!

The 25-year-old actor has just signed on to star in and produce Akiva Goldsman‘s upcoming supernatural drama The Falling, THR reports.

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The plot of the film is being kept under tight wraps, but it is being billed as an “edgy thriller centering around an otherworldly being.” Producers are currently searching for a screenwriter to take the script to the next level.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Zac in a supernatural movie?

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  • Alex

    It’s good to always see him in a working mode. Proud of him!

  • Liberty

    It’s good to see him keeping his options open and challenging himself by doing different genres.

  • mf

    is it just me or does it seem like hes “overworking”? i mean he signs up for all of these indie films (it would be nice to see him in a non-indie film for once)… all he does is work. i know he is very passionate about what he does, but it seems like he is moving too fast with his career. hes still young… hes 25. he’ll have more projects in the future. but i think that he needs some time off from 24/7 work schedules. however much i adore him, i think he needs to slow down.

  • teddy

    I agree. Although I love seeing Zac busy doing what he loves, he needs a break

  • Nicole

    @mf: This isn’t a indie, and neither are most of his other new projects. He’s working at a great pace, he doesn’t have the luxury of just laying around doing one or two movies a year. He needs to firmly establish is career and acting brand, and he’s going about it the right way.

  • OK

    He had plenty of time off before shooting AWOD? He knows his limits and if he needs a break he will take it. Looks like The Falling is a long way off . Not even a screenwriter yet.

  • mf

    im pretty sure that most of the movies he has been doing recently are indie films. none of them have been in theatres… only festivals and such

  • j

    oh no zac… not a supernatural film. supernatural movies always tend to be weird and stuff

  • IMO

    I love all his projects lined up. That means he will be working for quite some time. This project is still in development stages. I just love that there will be years of Zac Efron films ion the future.

  • Sharona

    @mf I agree with you, most of Zac’s films have been indie films. Liberal Arts and The Paperboy were indies, and so is At Any Price, due out in April. Those films never opened anywhere near me and I ended up having to drive 4 hours just to see The Paperboy (not that it wasn’t worth it of course,just a nuisance). I think Parkland is an indie, someone correct me if I’m wrong. The Lucky One opened wide but so far that has been IT.

  • georgina

    lots of projects huh?

  • colombian girl

    God, but who understands, if done several movies zac say he is obecionando to work and if he does only one film a year, say his career is going down the drain ….. anyway, I’m very proud of zac and wished him success in both his professional and personal life

  • IMO

    @colombian girl: I agree no one is ever happy . IMO the more work the better. With all the competition in Hollywood for his age group I think he should work and get as much experience as he can. I can see that he gets better and better with every role he takes on. I look forward to him playing as many different kinds of characters as possible. Besides they all seem to take so long before we actually get to see them.

  • OK

    Just had to take another look at this pic!!!

  • OK

    @IMO For years to come how nice that would be.

  • OK

    @Sharona We will know for sure soon, I think you will have better luck with At Any Price.

  • Lawrence

    Sounds cool, I’d love to see Zac in something other then dramas. :)

  • OK

    Love his smile in this pic

  • OK

    Really want to hear more details on this project.

  • Liberty

    1) As already stated Zac knows his own limits and does not need fans who do not know him telling him he is over working.
    2)This movie is not even in production yet,just like most of the movies his production company has, these things take awhile. It could be months,years even before these movies make production.
    3)He had at least three months off last year.

  • Bored

    @Liberty: You sound like a total barrel of laughs. It’s called a gossip site and guess what? It’s a place where people gossip and post their opinions regardless of how asinine those opinions may be. You come off like a total OCD freak the way you always number your responses. Must suck to be you and must really suck to be your SO!

  • Bored

    This site has an annoying array of nutty losers. They should do a study on these people!

  • OK

    @Liberty I like everything you said.

  • OK

    @Bored easy solution don’t read the coments. Some people do have opinions. Me, I’m nutty , but far from a loser.

  • http://google barbara

    i”m really proud of zac, the movie paper boy is on dvd, i bought it last week. zac is getting better as an actor, there is going to be movies you will not like him in, but he will become a better actor, you have to work at it, to be sucessful.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Bored

    @OK: As I was saying….this site is full of nutty losers…case in point.

  • OK

    @Bored don’t talk about youself like that, I’m sure you are just fine.

  • OK

    Had to look at this adorable face one more time.

  • http://deleted BO

    lol tommy why won’t you just download the pic and save it as your wallpaper .anyway i agree this is cute .i included that pic in my AWOD video , you know zooming from bottom to top , love his smile .adorable ..

  • Fruitfly

    Certain people are born with a surplus of energy, which they must spend in one way or another. Zac is one of these people, and has a great capacity to work on multiple projects, delivering a fine performance in all of them..

    When he gets bored, all that energy tends towards unhealthy activities, so I think it’s absolutely great he’s turning them out like he is. He may end up with a resume like Jeremy Sisto, another excellent actor (indie) whose pushing 80 titles on IMDB.

  • Bored

    @OK: Oh I’m fine. Just perfect. You on the other hand……..

  • OK

    @BO LOL I already made a copy. I just love to look at him.

  • OK

    @Bored Happy to hear you are perfect. I’m fine too. Thank you for asking.

  • http://Yellyefron Yarelly

    he works a lot I’m so proud he is looking for serious & new projects :)

  • what a laugh

    Zac, you are one sought after guy! Good for you,

  • http://@yessyefron Yessy Bouquet

    WOW would be so great

  • NBTT

    @Fruitfly: unhealthy activities? It would be really interesting what you mean with that? Like his love for bungee jumping or surfing or that he wants to go sky diving? He’s not the right person for lame and boring things. Stuff for him should contain an adrenalin rush, things that challenge him, … maybe he’d also like to do something like free climbing, …

  • Kaitlin

    I love to see Zac in the supernatural shows. I know that he worked very hard to be a character in the shows and movies and whatever he worked. He’s awesome!!! :)

  • Bri LOVES Efron!!!

    Zac Efron, the perfect, sweetest, cutest, nicest, strong, intelligent, sensitive, funny, protective guy who walks this planet! 100% fact.

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