Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Premiere & Interview!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Spring Breakers' Premiere & Interview!

Vanessa Hudgens has fun with feathers on the pink carpet premiere of Spring Breakers held at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood on Thursday night (March 14).

The 24-year-old actress wore a Naeem Khan dress with vintage Neil Lane jewelry.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa was spotted out and about taking a pilates class before heading back home to get ready for the carpet.

JJJ recently chatted with Vanessa about the film — check out our exclusive interview below!

JJJ: You and the Spring Breakers girls [Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, & Rachel Korine] just took Europe by storm. What is one of your favorite memories from the trip?
Vanessa Hudgens
: “So many amazing memories! Probably driving past the Eiffel Tower. Me, Ashley, and Selena were all in a car together and it was Ashley’s first time in Paris, so we just took a ton of pictures and it was just one of those beautiful moments.”

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JJJ: Spring Breakers is obviously much different and more risque than your previous work. Were you nervous to take the risk?
: “I’m 24 now, and I’m an actor, and you want to be able to push yourself, play different characters, and grow. The only way you can grow is if you do something that you’ve never done before. This was an amazing opportunity and Harmony Korine is such an unbelievably incredible director, so I just jumped at the opportunity. I’m so proud of the girls and Harmony because it’s a really special movie.”

JJJ: Do you want to put the Disney star status behind you, or is it something you still cherish?
: “I’m so thankful for my years with Disney. I look back at them and they’re some of the fondest most beautiful life-changing moments. I hold those dear to my heart, I will never push them away.”

JJJ: You’ve tackled Rent in Los Angeles and dabbled in the 24 Hour Play here in New York, is Broadway in your future?
: “If the right play came along. It would have to be something that I’m ridiculously infatuated with because it’s a lot of hard work! I give those actors do much respect because so many hours are put into that.”

JJJ: DVF and Roxy are both great brands, what is it about them collaborating that made you want to be a part of the launch?
: “They’re amazing! Roxy is just so iconic for California living. It’s beachy, it’s effortless, it’s fun. And Diane von Furstenberg, I was just at her show and she’s unbelievable! Classic designer. Beautiful, amazing pieces. So I’m super excited for the collaboration because in summer you want to rock some amazing bathing suits and these are just incredible.”

JJJ: Aside from DVF and Roxy, who are some of your favorite designers/brands?
: “I’m so all over the place with my fashion. Some days I’ll wanna dress like super chic and minimal, and other days I’ll wanna layer as many necklaces as I can. For the carpet Jenny Packham is always amazing. Naeem Kahn I’ve been wearing a bunch of his dresses. There’s just so many amazing designers in the world!”

JJJ: What is the one accessory you cannot leave the house without?
: “Rings! I’m always wearing a bunch of rings. Or my little evil eye bracelet I always wear for protection. And my Cartier bracelet doesn’t come off so I never leave it!”

JJJ: What is something that’s important or stands out to you when picking out a red carpet look?
: “Just something that you’ll feel great in, and it doesn’t matter if someone may hate it or love it. If you feel great, that’s what counts!”

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • veritas

    My V looking uh-maizng, her new hair rocks. Queen V

  • jill

    what did she do to her hair? i don’t like it… it looks lighter

  • Melissa

    She is beautiful +.+

  • mf

    @jill: I think she did make it lighter… not sure if it’s her real, natural hair or not because last time i checked, it was shorter. so maybe extensions as well? i don’t know, i’m not an expert on hair.

  • kiki

    @jill: i personally think that her hair looks bad like that. it looked much nicer (and natural) when it was darker. hopefully, it’s only temporary.

  • ZEUS

    The hair looks great…nice change. She is such a beautiful woman.

  • kiki

    her nails also look really stupid. her long nails just look gross and dont look nice at all. they look like witch nails. not trying to be rude, but they just look bad. she should really get them cut.

  • …………………………

    Her hair doesn’t look nice. The color just doesn’t work for me, I don’t know, it just doesn’t look natural or good on her. I liked her hair better when it was darker. And yes @kiki: hopefully it’s only temporary.

  • Haters Suck!

    Wow Vanessa just so freaking beautiful. She’s amazing.

  • Xo

    Hot! I love her hair

  • friday

    why did she cut it if she was just going to get extensions again?

  • Luvly

    Some more pictures on her Instagram:

    She looks good in whatever she wears! And I like the hair too.

  • IMO

    I like that she changes it up She looks so beautiful.

  • Xo

    @friday: She didn’t cut her hair. That was her natural hair without the extensions she’s been wearing since GS. I’m hoping the lighter hair and extensions are for a new movie

  • friday

    No, she has recently cut her hair. It was shorter than before. She posted it on her blog before.

  • Corine

    Her hair grew back after the movie, but then she recently cut it again yes. If you look at her hair from recent events like the DVF Roxy Launch, her hair is shorter than what it is here.

  • ZacEfron_Love

    Austin sending love to Vanessa on twitter…that’s cute and that but, you know she don’t have one n why u don’t call her?. #justsayingnohate

  • Haters Suck!

    I’m 90% sure Vanessa and Austin are living together/spending nights at each others house. Vanessa was sick last week and more than likley made Austin sick.

  • OK

    My cutie you are so beautiful but that dress Reallllllly ????

  • Linda

    Living together already? they haven’t even been together long enough to be THAT serious. She’s 24, he is 21.. that’s just too young. but I wouldn’t be surprised if they get married (or alreaday are, just we don’t know it) and get divorced when austin’s career starts picking up & vanessa will start feeling lonely. lmfao.

  • Warren

    Vanessa has sexy legs and hot lips. She is beautiful!

  • jadeomg

    i had a feeling one of the girls was going to wear Naeem Khan i was leaning towards selena but vanessa looked beautiful. i love her new hair.

  • mags

    She always change her hair style, love it! her white nail polish matched to that dress love it too.

  • Liberty

    1) I have many friends Vanessa age that are living together. It’s a personal thing. Not something for others to comment on.
    2)Vanessa looks great in the dress. It’s an interesting choice. It would have flowed better without the split though.

  • vbaby

    shes so freaking gorgeous ughh love her <3

  • Linda

    @Liberty why are you talking to me about her outfit? I was just replying to what someone said about austin & vanessa living together, lmaooo.

    And I still think it’s stupid how fast they’re moving, they’re in hollywood and nothing lasts long when people in their early 20s get married/engaged.. no way she’d let him live their with her unless he is broke and can’t afford it, so he lives off her, or they got engaged/are married already.

  • Liberty

    @Linda: I tacked the outfit comment on to the end of the post as I couldn’t be bothered to comment twice.

  • m

    @ZacEfron_Love: she does have a Twitter, it’s verified. But she has never tweeted.

  • http://noraivanova1 Nora


  • Rosalie

    @jill: I agree. It doesn’t look right on her. I like her natural hair better.

  • Rosalie

    I look up to Vanessa for style inspiration, but honestly this dress looks awful.

  • IMO

    Good interview. Vanessa looks gorgeous but I will agree with Liberty without the split would hav e been better. The feather look is very runway at this time.

  • Carrie



  • http://google barbara

    no one brought boyfriends, they are there to promoto there movie, i know when they went to venice austin felt left out, she was trying to cheer him one brought there boyfriend except her.

  • Unknown

    I personally think Vanessa looked amazing last night. I’m in love with her hair. I also loved seeing all of her friends come out to support her last night like Shawn, Kevin, Laura, Kim, Sarah, etc. Also, Austin was sick yesterday which is why he didn’t go to the premiere. Check his twitter.

  • http://google barbara

    i all so saw pictures of vanessa’s house, she has a beautiful house, her mom, her sister,laura amd another friend, were in her beautiful kitchen, and you could see her living room.he was not there.

  • Haters Suck!

    It hasn’t occurred to u since he was sick he was somewhere else in the house resting?

  • Carrie



  • mara

    well, it is kinda obvious she is one clingy person towards austin, there has been proof of that. so since she is obsessed with a guy from the start, she could of been this way towards josh and zac too, it is very likely.

    I called it “obsession” because it appears that she can’t go at least a week without austin, she has to always be with him, this has started since the beginning.

    I get the impression she is the type of girl who can’t stay single, has to have a guy with her like all the time. It’s just my point of view and how I see it from what articles/pics/videos/sightings, ect I’ve came acrossed.

    I do know alot about them, esp since they show it to the papz like everyday, tweets saying they spotted them together everyday. she rented a house for austin and herself in ny, and he lives with her in her house. she always has to be with him

  • Haters Suck!

    Coming from someone who’s obviously never been in a serious relationship if he loves her and she loves him why shouldn’t they be around each other.

  • sweetv

    Her dress is nice and she is beutiful.
    I love her

  • kim

    I don’t think that they are living together or whatever. they have only been together for a year. and im pretty sure he wouldn’t want her living with him, because he looks annoyed with her already. hes not interested in her. and if they did happen to “live” together, that tells you that shes extremely clingy after zac. if she didn’t move in with him after 5 years, why would she move in with loser Austin?

  • waiting

    Vanessa and Austin living together? Ha! That’s hilarious

  • Emma

    I’d like to know if Vanessa and Shawn Pyfrom are friends?
    I saw a photo of him with Vanessa… Please answer this question if there is anyone who knows this.

  • Heaven

    @Emma: Shawn is one of Vanessa’s best friends :)

  • Daisy

    @kim: She can be whatever she want to. and If she Want to live with her boyfriend, she can do it and so what’s the matter? It is her life, It’s not what you can interfere. As you say, if Austin is not interested in her, what makes you think he uploaded a message about his love for her to Austen’s tweet…..No one here knows about them, so don’t judge them just by their photos….And it’s foolish to compare Zac with them
    Just leave her so she may live a life she wants

  • Mary

    mara… why did you copy and paste what i said in a different article to this one?

  • Mary

    and ‘Haters Suck!’ person, I am in a long-term rel, I’ve been with my bf for about 3 years now. I’m proud to say I’m not a overly clingy gf towards him like vanessa is to austin :)

  • tina

    @Mary: Good for you. Every relationship is different. I’m sorry but I have probably been married more years than you have been living and I still like to go and do things with my husband. We still hold hands when we walk and shock we still kiss. If your bf doesn’t want your company……. well to each his own. Like I said earlier, no one thought two figs about how after he finished shooting his movie the ex movie to stay with her while she completed both Beastly and SP, that was “cute” If her wanting to be with someone she cares about is “clingy” well sign me up for the cling… and Whatever you say, I don’t think she is obssessed with him.

  • http://google barbara

    you guys, wake up, if they were living together,the paps would have a million pictures by now,they would be park in front of her house they would take alot of pictures, they know she is back. he was not happy when she was in venice,she couldn’t spend that much time with him,i think he’s the one who tells her want to do. he’s a leo, needs alot of attention, they are the sun sign, they love attention, after vence, they went to toranto, and then disappear, i heard they did not want boyfriends there, she was the only one. she looked like she had the best time with her friends and family, i’ve never seen her laugh so much.

>>>>>>> staging1