Dove Cameron Talks 'Cloud 9' with JJJ (Exclusive)

Dove Cameron Talks 'Cloud 9' with JJJ (Exclusive)

Dove Cameron hangs out with Crash (of Crash & Bernstein) in Times Square, New York City earlier this week.

JJJ recently caught up with the 16-year-old actress and new star of Disney Channel where we got to know all about her name, style and upcoming projects. Check it:

JJJ: How did you get your name?
Dove Cameron
: My mother and father loved Picasso and he named his daughter Paloma, and that means “dove” in Spanish.

JJJ: What can you tell us about filming Cloud 9?
: It was my first film experience but I honestly couldn’t have had a better one. The whole cast and crew was absolutely perfect and tremendous. Everyone was lovely. The whole cast fell in love with each other in the first week. We were inseparable. We still are. We made lifelong relationships. And it was definitely the most rowdy, loud set to be on. We were constantly goofing around. There wasn’t like a serious moment. We were ridiculous.

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JJJ: What was it like working with Ashley Tisdale? Did you learn anything from her?
: I actually didn’t get to spend too much time with her. But if anything, I learned that the people at the top are always the kindest.

JJJ: What can you tell us about your upcoming show?
: It’s called Liv & Maddie and it’s about two identical twins. Liv has been sort of off filming her huge hit series called Sing it Loud. And while she’s been building a name for herself in L.A., her twin sister Maddie has been cultivating a reputation in her hometown of Wisconsin as the town’s local basketball star. So her popularity is on a much smaller scale and that all gets turned upside down when Liv shows up and comes back to town. She becomes the big fish in a small pond again.

JJJ: Have you started filming?
: We haven’t started shooting yet. I just started basketball training. I’m 5’2 and I’m a very small person, so basically I’m dunking already. I am Michael Jordan. But no, it’s been incredible. Disney found me a really great coach.

JJJ: How would you describe your style?
: Strange. I do this thing called up-cycling where I wear a lot of dresses from the 50s and most of my clothing comes from thrift shops or vintage stores. And if I find something I really love and it doesn’t quite fit me, I’ll adapt it to fit me. So most of my outfits and dresses are Frankenstein creations. I love really outrageous stuff, really special, unique things.

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Credit: Heidi Gutman; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Annie

    I love Dove and all the work shes done but she lied! Her real name is chloe hosterman! You can look it up!

  • Elliott

    Dove has also had a nose job and lip injections and probably more

  • Ainsley


    Elliot, grow up. Why would you even care about these things? This girl is beautiful, talented and has so much to give us. If you enjoy tearing people down all day, I feel sorry for you. I suggest you do something with your life, if you feel that empty and jealous to bring this gorgeous girl down, who brings more joy to those around her than you probably do. I hope you enjoy your life one day….

  • katie

    @Ainsley oh shut up, i bet you were that girl that was talking to me the other day but then changed her name. You know nothing about dove shes FAKE!!! and she did do surgury she admit it on instagram but then deleted the message, and you know why we care? because we dont want kids looking up to a girl who has done surgury, lies, and curses! @Elliot

  • Poppi5

    @katie I understand how you feel, but at the same time. Demi Lovato cut herself and had a eating disorder (i still love her), Miley Cyrus has smoked (I still love her), they both curse from time to time? I don’t see what her having plastic surgery has to do with her acting and singing. Even if she did have surgery and I honestly do think she has, why does it matter. It’s 2013, girls look up to Miley and Demi even though both of them did some crazy things. At least they’re trying to better their lives? Working on music, acting and being successful. I mean I could even she if she was mean then yes, but she seems really nice. She retweeted me on twitter twice before. So yeah, she may or may not had surgery, so what? She’s not running around with Lindsay Lohan and selling drugs? I guess what I’m trying to say is, she’s still a human, maybe she wanted to feel pretty? I would never get plastic surgery, but I don’t hate anyone who does. She never said she didn’t have plastic surgery, just because she’s not going around talking about it to everyone doesn’t mean she’s a liar? She probably just wanted a new life or a fresh start. I mean the girl lost her father :/ I guess what I’m trying to say is, yes people are entitled to their own opinion, bu that’s not a reason to be disrespectful and judge someone. If we worried about ourselves as much as we did about other people maybe our generation would be a lot better. If anyone has a response to this or wants to reply to me, just mention me on twitter @Poppi5 (I say this because I probably won’t get on this page again lol, and I ask that you be respectful to me, but then again the choice is yours :/)

  • Dolphinlove

    @katie: I grew up with her, and yeah, a lot of her face is different than when I knew her, I know if one nose job. Her real name is Chloe Hosterman and I have no idea why she changed it and lied about it, but our little town is buzzing with gossip.

  • defrauding

    It’s true. Our little town is kind of ashamed of her. She has separated herself from her roots and cuts anyone out of her life who reminds her of who she really is. Her name is Chloe and while choosing a stage name is fine, it’s not fine to pretend it is anything but that.

  • asrffgweg

    I’m still curious as to why she changed her name to Dove Cameron.

    She was basically in obscurity up until this year

    When it was all Disney was focusing on.

    I am still in belief that ever since Hilary Duff left Disney Channel, they have been trying to recreate that same effect with its ongoing repeatingly new addition of disney channel stars to represent them.

    It was all natural at first, letting the new ones (Miley Demi Selena) do their own thing with some control. Up until they had their own personal lives that created a not so disney image.

    So they tried again with the 2010 stars like Bella Zendaya Bridget and Debby. They probably had less control of them as they probably took the business like real adults.

    Therefore, this time, Disney Channel wanted complete control over their newest star. Starting by picking out someone unknown and recreating in own image (physically and biographically) .

    More or less, a first step of a cloning process trying to recreate what they lost back in 2003.

    We won’t know how much famous she will be. But most definitely, they will make her a figurehead of Disney Channel like Hilary Duff was once, only this time ensure that they will get the most out of her for a longer period of time.

    They will learn from their mistakes and keep Dove for as long as possible.

    Give it till the end of the year to see if 2014 will star the year of the Dove for Disney Channel.

    However, there will definitely be skeletons coming out once she starts getting uber famous.

  • NotJon

    Either way she is still beautiful and I’m fine with that

  • nicki

    @Dolphinlove: yeah i live in this town too, and the name Dove Cameron came from her liking towards the name Dove, and its similarity in sounding to “love camera”. absolutely stupid.

>>>>>>> staging1