Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Last Night at Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler: Last Night at Coachella

Vanessa Hudgens cozies up to boyfriend actor Austin Butler during Day 3 of the 2013 Coachella Music Festival on Sunday evening (April 14) in Indio, Calif.

The couple joined a few friends for the last few concerts of the first weekend. Vanessa, 24, was even spotted carrying a giant sunflower.

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“@NeonCarnival was amazing. Year after year @armaniexchange kills it! #neoncarnival,” Vanessa wrote on her Tumblr just the night before. Looks like she had fun!

20+ pics inside of Vanessa and Austin

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  • Mili

    Love them… Looking great V with the Pamela…

  • LEI

    V is Beautiful.

  • Teresa

    In all honesty, Austin looks like he rather jump off a cliff than be with her. Vanessa seems like a great person but it looks like she’s more into him than he is into her, its like she’s trying too hard or playing it up for the cameras and it shoudn’t be that way in a “relationship”. To me there is like no connection between its like when two actors are auditioning for a movie and they meet for the first time and are expected to portray a love-dovey scene. One moment these two are all over each other in a forced way and the next they can’t even look each other in the eye. If this is really a stunt by respective PRs for publicity then I feel sorry for both of them because its only going to hurt both of them in the long run.

  • amy

    Vanessa and Austin are too cute together! I love them so much

  • http://goggle barbara

    i agree with you teresa, they really have no chemisary.they never look at each other with love between them, they just don’t look good together.she could do better then him.there alot of cute guys out there.

  • Steph

    What is with the whole Indian thing?? I just got done watching Selena’s Come and Get It performance too. Are these two the same person????

  • daniela

    zac efron is hotter!

  • sunny

    Austin isn’t interested in Vanessa (and if he was once upon a time, he sure doesn’t look like it anymore… awkwardly standing next to her) So yeah, he must find her embarrassing to stand next to.

  • crayzay

    Hate them together… all of it is a bunch of pr crap. hes so not interested in her anymore

  • Strawberryluva

    she has never looked at austin the way she used to look at zac… desperate for attention with austin seems like it to me

  • Sayingsomething

    Sorry… but Austin Butler is UGLY… with Vanessa Hudgens. It’s a shame that she and Zac broke up. They had a special connection and a special realtionship, Austin is just some random guy she met through Ashley Tisdale. Everyone can see the chemsitry that Zac and Vanessa had. Their costars, fans, even directors. It’s obvious that she had something very special with Zac that she will never have with Austin, or any other guy. You can see by the way they looked at each other, that Vanessa and Zac truely loved each other. Even though Vanessa may have moved on in a new (PR realtionship), that doesn’t mean she “loves” Austin more than she loved Zac. I think Vanessa still cares about Zac even though they’re not together because he was a special part of her life. I think she still loves him, and he loves her, but they’re both very confused at this point in their life. I think that seeing other people is a healthy thing for them. But whatever…

  • Sucks4u

    honestly, if anything, people should be blaming ashley tisdale that vanessa and austin are together… shet set them up. i think that if ashley hadnt done that, zac and vanessa would have eventually gotten back together. so if you HAVE to blame anyone, blame ashley tisdale

  • so what?

    i dont know… looking at their body language, austin doesnt seem very interested in her.. hes just awkwardly standing next to her.

  • i dont beleive it


  • kiki

    wow… she tries so hard. this is just sad…. sorry, but he obviously isn’t that interested in her

  • kelly martineau

    V can do better if she wanted to in guys. V just needs to go back to Handsome Zac.
    Is girl needs to stop playing around and find some movie rolls. She hasn”t work for a year.

  • Esther

    Stop it, you guys. It really annoys me..Why do you hate them?
    She can date a man she wants. And she already moved and seems happy together with her friend…Leave them alone.

  • well…
  • Raye

    @Esther: i totally agree with everything you have said. Some of those people are so extremely deplorable and pitiable. It is really foolish to compare Zanessa with Vaustin. Regardless to whatever you may say, all for her to do. right away is to get back to Zac. If she is happy, that is it

  • Emma

    WHAT THE FUCK? Zac was on a date?
    I wish his fans wouldn’t access Vanessa’s posts from now on

  • steph h

    @Emma I know her I follow her on twitter and we have no clue if its a date we just know he was supporting a child hood friend and personally I think that Zac and Vanessa won’t get back together but I think V could do better than Austin…like other people say he doesn’t look interested in her and I get she looks happy but he looks as if he don’t care…thats why some people don’t really like them together

  • jadeomg95

    @Steph: well selenas song has an indian vibe so obviously she will wear indian inspired attire.

  • Sally

    @daniela: He also likes boys.

  • punkin

    I agree with all the rights about Austin Butler, he is not interested in her and I do not know why she continues to see him…..he is so ugly and she is going to fool around and miss the chance to get back with Zac…he still loves her and I think she loves him….but to be honest I do not know what is wrong with her….and if she is not careful she could ruin her career…what has she been offered since being with him…..he is only using her…VANESSA WAKE UP BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • friday

    @Esther: But what’s sad about those photos is that Austin almost always has his phone in his hand. I think people have mentioned that before in other posts too…. he always seems so attached to his phone.

  • Katrina

    How can you be so sure that he is not interested in her?. Have you been with them for all day long?. I think she has every right to be happy with someone else. And I don’t think she is stupid enough to go out with someone who doesn’t show her any affection. You’d better care your own life.

    Dear Zanessa fans, what is the use of shipping them while Vanessa is already dating with someone right now? Why don’t you …
    @25: VAHNews/status/324287548048424960/photo/1

  • liam

    Starting to pity them. They are so into themselves and dress for press. They need to look deeper. I still remember an interview she did saying she has to pick her clothes the night before because her face is all over magazines. Her head is so big.

  • Lawrence


    Well said, your preaching to the choir I’m afraid. They’re going to see what they want to see and believe what they want. Regardless if theres any proof to the contrary. I think its really sad, seeing them in these posts every time saying the same things over and over. Oh well, the fact they’re still together makes all their bs worth enduring. :)

  • Sally

    @liam: oh a stupid opinion. many jealous

  • overrated

    But you can’t say that he is interested in her either. Maybe he seems happy to her because she’s too oblivious… too busy being happy herself. I mean, you can sort of tell that the faces he puts on are kind of fake. He always looks so bored…

  • r u serious

    Face it…. there will always be a majority who don’t like him and few who accept him

  • waiting…

    ive seen him look much happier without her (or with someone else)

  • just a thought

    I seriously don’t see any connection between them. I agree… he doesn’t seem at all interested in her. sure, we don’t that 100%, but for those of who say he is 100% interested, you’re just don’t want to admit that you aren’t right…

  • sky

    Oh I am suspicious of all the people here reiterating that he’s not interested in her.. I know people dont’ like them either
    But I wonder how people think that he is not interested in her
    They have been dating more than 1 year, and if he is really not intrested in her, how come they are still together? Whatever gossip people say, Vanessa wouldn’t care And if you don’t like them, just don’t come here

  • uuummmm

    she seemed liked she smiled more often when she was with zac. I don’t know… to me zac just seemed like he understood her better…. that they connected on a much more personal level. and frankly overall… a nicer, understanding person in general

  • http://love_amazayn zel

    it shows that austin not really down interested on V :(