'Awkward' Interviews: Beau Mirchoff & Molly Tarlov Talk Season 3

'Awkward' Interviews: Beau Mirchoff & Molly Tarlov Talk Season 3

Check out our brand new interview with Awkward stars Beau Mirchoff and Molly Tarlov!

This season, Jenna (Ashley Rickards) looks ahead to life after high school and a classmate’s death prompts her to be more reflective and responsible.

Meanwhile, she and Matty (Mirchoff) are finally a real couple and Sadie’s (Tarlov) dealing with a rather rough rumor around school.

JJJ recently sat down for a fun chat with Beau and Molly about what we can expect – including an unlikely friendship between Matty and Sadie!

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Beau Mirchoff and Molly Tarlov

JustJaredJr.com: The last time we talked, most of it was about being on Team Matty and he finally got the girl. So, are you happy or do you think there’s still trouble ahead?

Molly Tarlov: Umm, I’m a little worried. I’m pretty terrified. Personally, fear has taken over my body because I don’t know if Matty and Jenna can make it through junior year.

Beau Mirchoff: I concur, Molly. You know, they love each other. I don’t know if they’re completely right for each other, but does that mean they can’t work it out or grow together in a harmonious way, I don’t know. Maybe they can. This season we’ll definitely find out though.

JJJ: In season one, Matty was sort of a commitment phobe and didn’t want to commit to Jenna. Do you think he’ll fall back into that this season at any point?

BM: Yeah, that is definitely a possibility. With everything that has been going on with Matty, he’s evolving and I don’t know if he even knows it, but subconsciously he is. He’s obviously getting older and that happens. So I would like to think that no, maybe he wouldn’t digress like that. I think he’s a little more pragmatic. He’s thinking about things more and being a man, so hopefully he won’t.

MT: Does Matty have a birthday?

BM: No, he was never born. Yeah, what’s up with that?

MT: I bet he’s an Aquarius.

BM: I should know this. He is an Aquarius.

MT: Because Aquarius are commitment phobes and then they switch over at some point and they become totally devoted. I also think that Matty and Jenna, and Jake and Tamara, it’s kind of that time, especially for Matty and Jenna when they’ve been together for a little while and you start to think… Because there’s so many different types of relationships and you go, do I want to be in this type of relationship. We saw in the trailer that Jenna and Jake were so buddy-buddy and that’s different than Jenna and Matty’s type of relationship and stuff like that.

BM: Yeah, absolutely.

JJJ: Jake and Tamara are all over each other this season. What do you think of couples like that?

BM: I don’t mind it. I know with a lot of people, the whole PDA thing gets them, but I kind of like it. Own it. Love each other as much and as often as you can.

MT: That’s nice. How can I dispute that?

JJJ: Last year, we got a glimpse at some other sides of Sadie that weren’t necessarily mean. Will we continue to see different sides of her this season?

MT: I can say we’re going to see more of Sadie. I feel like we’ve followed Jenna and you know, I watch the show as Jenna and everything, but I think you’ll go home physically with Sadie more, and also mentally. Some people may be coming from Sadie’s view a little bit more. We’re not necessarily going to see a breakdown like we did in the first season, but it’s going to be there a little bit more throughout the season.

BM: Absolutely. I will say Matty and Sadie have more to do this season as well. They’re kind of… they’re so different in so many ways, but they’re also so similar in a lot of ways. A little bit of ying and yang in this season. They confide in each other.

MT: Yeah, Sadie’s always been like, “Well, Matty and I are really good friends.” And Matty’s always defended Sadie a little bit. We’ve always said it, but never actually showed it. So this season there’s definitely going to be a little more of that going on.

JJJ: We can imagine that’s going to have an impact on Jenna, right?

MT: Their relationship will definitely affect Jenna and Matty’s relationship, for sure.

JJJ: In the trailer, Matty still seems a little jealous of Jake and Jenna’s friendship. Will we see more of that?

BM: Yes, they do brush upon it. Because he’s a little insecure. He wishes they had what Jake and Jenna had. Matty doesn’t realize he has something maybe more profound and deeper, but for Jake, it’s so easy for him to be open with his feelings and has fun. It’s just easy for him and Matty wants that. It’s more of a struggle for Matty.

MT: I think it goes back to what I was saying and figuring out what type of relationship. Just because Jenna and Jake have fun together and you get insecure about that doesn’t mean that’s the type of relationship you should be in. That’s similar with the couples who are all over each other. Some people that might make them feel bad, but it’s not necessarily right for everyone. So everyone’s deciding how they want to be…

BM: Represented, or shown.

MT: Yeah, and treated in a relationship.

JJJ: You guys are already on season three. What was it like coming back this time around?

BM: Beginning of the year was great. It was good to see everyone finally. It was a long break. The first two seasons we filmed 21 episodes, so that’s done in two months. We’re all so close. We see each other sporadically. We all see each other… well, not as much as I’d like.

MT: He’s always blowing up my phone.

BM: That’s right. “Yo, where you at?” So yeah, it’s nice to see everyone. And then you become immersed in everyone’s business for… however long.

MT: It feels like there’s nothing outside (laughs).

BM: It’s like summer camp in a way.

MT: It’s completely like summer camp. Everything Awkward is like the end all, be all. You’re eating breakfast with the same people every morning at 5:30 am. You’re eating the same breakfast…

BM: Summer camp with a lot more middle-aged men (laughs).

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