Ashley Tisdale: My Boyfriend Just Doesn't Understand 'Real Housewives'

Ashley Tisdale: My Boyfriend Just Doesn't Understand 'Real Housewives'

Ashley Tisdale hops out of a car to go shopping on Wednesday (July 31) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress, wearing a Giving Key necklace, made her way to pick up some items at Neiman Marcus.

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“Nothing like showing ur bf the commercial for Real Housewives of Miami and him just staring blankly #hejustdoesntunderstand,” she recently tweeted.

The week before, Ashley was spotted chatting with her boyfriend Christopher French on the red carpet at The Hub Network’s 2013 Summer TCA Event held at The Globe Theatre in Universal City.

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  • OK

    And this is worthy of a post why?

  • Jereme

    Ashley shopping AGAIN!!! Let me put on my shocked face. What else would she be doing? Oh wait she doesn’t do anything else. My bad.

  • TauanG

    @OK: Just Because She’s Ashley Tisdale! <3

  • G


  • Jereme

    I don’t understand why paparazzi’s keep wasting their time and pics on some D-list actress and singer who in 5 years isn’t even going to be relevant anymore. Yeah I said D-list because she doesn’t even average a movie a year and only has 2 CDs out. Now for somebody being in the “business” as long as she has that’s not very good and which is why I call her a D-List actress and singer. She only does enough to get all of the money that she needs so that she can continue to live the vacation life-style that she is living.

  • ~tisdale rocks!

    ‘She only does enough to get all of the money that she needs so that she can continue to live the vacation life-style that she is living.’

    Think your going to get somewhere?
    If you spend every post criticizing her what makes and what doesn’t.

    Please, at least she does what she really likes,
    and people accept as it is.

    Few celebrities can afford HER life.
    You’re a little jealous, right? hmm Yes

    >Stop criticizing her and live YOUR life.<

  • leilani

    Of all the High School Musical group, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens have been the only one to have successful careers. Both have really broken out of the Disney mold.

  • Jereme

    @tisdale rocks. more celebrities than you think can afford her life. The only thing I have to be jealous about when it comes to her is that she has the money to do whatever the hell she wants and not care about it. That must be nice to go on vacation, to go to the gym, and do nothing but hang out with he boyfriend all day.

    Here are more reasons why I call her a D-List actress and singer.

    She has been in a total of 8 movies so far. Of those Movies

    - Donnie Darko: She only had a 2 minute part in it and wasn’t in the rest of the movie.

    - High School Musicals 1,2, & 3: She was at best the 3rd main character in the movie because Zac and Vanessa were the 2 main characters of those movies.

    So that is half of the movies she’s in and she’s not even the “star” in those movies. The other 4 movies I will give you if she is the main character in Aliens in the Attic.

    As far as the 2 TV shows she was in. Hellcats is fine because she was the main character in that but in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody she was at best the 4th main character of that show. Zack and Cody’s names are in the title so that easily makes them the first 2 main characters of the show and since the hotel they live in is called The Tipton that makes London the 3rd main character of the show. That means that Maddie is 4th in line.

    Take a really good look at her imdb page. Not including “future projects” that may or may not work out for her, if you take off the 8 movies and 2 TV shows that she was in or apart of than all you are going to see is a bunch of guest star appearances and a voice over role for a character on a disney channel show.

  • kelly martineau

    This is all the hollywood ladies do go shopping workout and get there hair done. Get a hobby people. And watch t.v.
    But she looks good.

  • Liz

    @jereme I never understand why she gets hate. Out of all the Disney stars this girl is actually one of the only ones who hasn’t either gone crazy or tried to become so edgy and sexy. It annoys me because I actually personally think she is talented, just unlike the others she’s never had a high profile relationship, leaked photos and she doesn’t do drugs.

    You are entitled to your opinion and that’s fine! :) just it always seems harsh that people dislike ashley as she hasn’t put a step wrong and continues to embrace where she came from rather than running from it like all the rest who try to star in ‘grown up’ films. I honestly expect any day she will be cast in a well known tv show or film ;) I hope so anyway :)

  • Alex

    She may have been the 3rd main star in HSM but she also received critical acclaim for that role, ahead of vanessa at least. It’s not like shes courting the paparazzi here though is it? I mean she’s not out hoping they take photos of her, she’s literally just doing shopping. The reason they take the photos is because obviously people are still interested enough to read about her. If articles about her weren’t being viewed, read of people weren’t leaving comments then there would be none.
    I love ashley, obviously! I feel like she deserves better but I will always be interested in her. I do think she’s talented and smart too, I love how instead of a clothing line or fragrance she has a production company. It’s just nice to see someone who is actually interested in the business and not just interested in being in front of the camera but wants to produce too

  • marc

    @Jereme: Funny that you used to be a fan. Why u just dont leave Ashley alone if you hate her so much?

  • hedwiga

    How did this hag ever get famous..

  • hedwiga

    @G: Get a clue, get a life.

  • ~tisdale rocks!

    And that’s wrong? She doesn’t deserve the hate that some people give her.. People who only dedicated to criticize.

    She grows slowly about acting, comparing with other celebrities who left Disney and then just worse.
    You know what I mean?
    They want to grow so fast that all they do is being a bad example.

    Although they don’t know who is Ashley!
    She not only goes shopping, coffee, hair salon and gym..

    Ashley Tisdale who cares about his production company and gives ideas for new projects.

    Ashley Tisdale who spend her time with the family, boyfriend and friends with a smile although they are not always for her.

    Ashley Tisdale who write nice tweets for her TIZZIES, share when she’s happy and when have new projects.

    Ashley Tisdale will remain a Disney girl, even with 28 years while she can bring happiness to children.

    Ashley Tisdale and her nude for Allure with an awesome campaign who make feel good with women body. [YOUR BODY]

    Ashley Tisdale who gives us good advice and is accepted as it is.

    Ashley Tisdale is a great rolemodel.

    It is not all recording music, movies and series (bad or good).
    It’s easy, we love Ashley.

    Dear HATERS we don’t change our thoughs about her.

    Sorry for my English, again lol.

  • http://noraivanova1 Nora

    kelly martineau I know all the hollywood ladies go shopping, workout and get hair done but I don’t thik that often like Ashley. I mean she is doing it all the time. I have favourite female celebrities and I don’t see them every day at the salon or shopping. Unlike Ashley they work.

  • Jereme

    @Nora HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I 100% agree with everything you just said because it is true and that IS ALL SHE DOES!!!! I mean with this website in the past 2 weeks or so how many posts have been about her shopping? I mean seriously that is all she does. 1 thing I don’t get is why do people keep posting pics of her shopping on this website. At least post something new.

  • Alex

    @Nora hahha Nora all I see you do it post hate on Ashley’s articles all the time! Like constantly. So ashey shops all the time? And you post hate about it? So what do you do?!
    If she shops its none of anyone’s business but hers anyway she can spent her money the way she wants. Cameras don’t catch her whole day do they! They only catch her out in the public like shopping, they don’t catch her recording for phineas and ferb, or going for meetings with her production company.

  • Jereme

    @Alex But is it really necessary for her to go shopping every damn day like she does? you have seen the Instyle magazine with her and her house in it right? with the pictures of what her closet looks like. like she really needs to go shopping everyday and like she really needs more clothes. I mean come on, I get people shopping but Ashley takes shopping to a ridiculous extent with the way that she does.

  • someone

    @Jereme: HAHA You’re always using this way of criticizing Ashley, like “if you remove 8 Movie and 2 TV shows, all that’s rest are some guest…..”. Seriously? Well if you remove walking on the moon from Neil Armstrong’s life, he would be a regular unheard-of astronaut.

    Ashley has been trying very hard to keep all the attention focused on her work, not on anything else, unlike many other former Disney stars.

  • Jereme

    @someone work? what work are you referring to? other than the 8 movies, 2 TV shows, and Phineas and Ferb she really doesn’t do much work. It doesn’t take a lot of work to have anywhere from a 30 second to 2 minute guest appearance on a TV show. Anybody could do that, even people who aren’t actors. If you were to watch all the episodes of TV shows that Ashley has “Guest Starred” in that’s all you’re going to find. A bunch of 30 second to 2 minute appearances in those episodes.

>>>>>>> staging1