'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Qetsiyah Makes Her Mark on Mystic Falls

'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: Qetsiyah Makes Her Mark on Mystic Falls


Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was definitely the most plot-heavy in recent memory. So much happened!

With Stefan (Paul Wesley) finally out of that safe, he meets the famous Qetsiyah (Janina Gavankar), who has some very surprising information for everybody, especially Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

Meanwhile, Silas (Wesley) continues to search for Katherine (Nina Dobrev), and Matt (Zach Roerig) has another interesting run-in with Nadia (Olga Fonda).

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Newly-released from the bottom of the quarry, Stefan tries to avoid killing anyone, but feeds just enough to get by (typical Stefan). He soon meets Qetsiyah – now referring to herself as Tessa – who was the one to save him from captivity. She was once in love with Silas and they were the two most powerful travelers. But he used her for the immortality spell and betrayed her by falling in love with her handmaid Amara (Dobrev) and giving her the other dose of the spell.

Because they were now immortal, nature created shadow versions of themselves, making Silas and Amara the original doppelgangers. Qetsiyah killed Amara (after creating the cure and feeding it to her) and created the “other side” where Silas would be forced to spend an eternity with Qetsiyah. She crossed over when Bonnie lowered the veil last season and the hunters (i.e. Jeremy) failed at their mission. She’s intent on getting her revenge on Silas by forcing him to take the cure and killing him.

Back at home, Elena and Katherine have the same dream about Stefan, which was all planted by Qetsiyah (for a reason, keep reading). Meanwhile, Silas is still after Katherine and nearly kills Nadia after she delivers Katherine to him, but Qetsiyah performs a ritual to link Stefan and Silas, effectively making Silas powerless. Also, Nadia didn’t really kill her traveler friend to prove her allegiance to Silas. She trapped him in Matt’s body!

Qetsiyah told Damon that doppelgangers are fated to be together and that he doesn’t stand a chance with Elena. In fact, there have been many Stefan and Elena’s over the years. He later tells Elena and assures her he isn’t going to let the universe tell him how to feel. “You are my life,” he says. (Aw!)

Stefan finally awakes after Qetsiyah’s linking spell, and Elena and Damon welcome him home. But he doesn’t remember them at all! His memory is gone!!!

In the end, a powerless Silas calls Katherine and tells her he knows that Qetsiyah must be back, and that they are both after the cure, which just so happens to be in Katherine’s blood! And that’s why Qetsiyah lured Katherine too!

WHAT DID YOU THINK of the episode?

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  • http://hollywoodstyle2.blogspot.com Alex Darnell

    OMG I can’t believe what happen… didn’t expect that!
    Finally Qetsiyah showed out to make some changes in the story… I can’t believe that Amara is Elena’s doppelganger too… so that clears much about the doppelgangers line and why Elena is so special…

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