Just Jared Jr's 25 Most Popular Actresses of 2013!

Just Jared Jr's 25 Most Popular Actresses of 2013!

Who’s ready to find out the most popular actresses of 2013 on JustJaredJr.com!?

According to site statistics, reader comments, social interaction, and more, these are your top 25 ladies in show business!

25. Chloe Moretz
24. Lucy Hale
23. Alexandra Daddario
22. Maia Mitchell
21. Alexa Vega
20. Peyton List
19. Laura Marano
18. Jennifer Lawrence
17. Jennette McCurdy
16. Victoria Justice
15. Kristen Stewart
14. Kylie Jenner
13. Miranda Cosgrove
12. Ashley Benson
11. Debby Ryan

Click inside to find out who were JustJaredJr.com‘s top 10 most popular actors of 2013…

10. Ariel Winter
9. Kendall Jenner
8. Bridgit Mendler
7. Brenda Song
6. Ariana Grande

And your Top 5 are…

5. Bella Thorne
4. Zendaya
3. Ashley Tisdale
2. Vanessa Hudgens
1. Selena Gomez

TELL JJJ: Are you surprised by the list? Who was your favorite actress in 2013?

FYI: These rankings are calculated by a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction. The number of posts on each actor during the year is also taken into consideration.

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  • oops

    lol Vanessa isn’t the first. Tut tut with all the gym posts!

  • OK

    Vanessa is number one in my heart. It is still a very big honor to be number two.

  • Justyna

    Selena is the most kind and beautiful girl around the world :)

  • G

    Ashley Tisdale is the best :D

  • ANYA

    @oops: I rather have Vanessa #2 and clean than be #1 due to rehab stints

  • http://deleted WER

    @ANYA he was the last year too.lolzz

  • http://deleted WER

    I meant he was the first last year too

  • OK

    Ana your hate is showing shame, shame.

  • annie

    Selena<3 Vanessa? Ashley? really jr

  • Rosalie

    Why is Kendall Jenner even on this list? What shows or movies has she acted in?

  • Haters Suck!

    Better gym posts then drug addicted rehab posts.

  • http://hollywoodstyle2.blogspot.com tamara


  • OK

    Who on here went to rehab? Hate and jealously is such a wasted emotions it doesn’t do the person or the object of any good.

  • carolina

    BRIDGIT!!!! woohoo!! she’s the best!

  • fan

    we’re talking about being an actress here so why will you base this according to a number of factors, including pageviews/hits from readers, comments, and social media interaction, etc.? who are you kidding?

  • lila

    Since when are Kylie and Kendall actresses?

  • DANI


  • julia

    Ashley Benson and Lucy Hale are the best <3

  • selma

    WHAT Vanessa is second ? Is it a joke ?
    I can’t stand Selena G she’s famous because she dated Bieber pffff

  • Amy


    GIMME SHELTER TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tjyi_dMhyIs

  • @tisdaleLondon

    I LOVE ASHLEY TISDALE SO MUCH! Ashley has literally been my childhood:) loved her since I was seven and I am now four teen! All her Tizzies are sooooo proud of her. Can’t believe our baby is engaged! Follow me @TisdaleLondon

    p.s Ashley should have been first ;)

  • http://asiescomocoxalocuenta.blogspot.com.es/ cova

    Where is Taylor Swift????

  • http://asiescomocoxalocuenta.blogspot.com.es/ cova

    All right leave me. I´m stupid….

  • Olivia

    Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Miranda Cosgrove & Alexandra Daddario are the best!! I love them so much ? Why are they in last? :(

  • connie

    Ariana Grande is the best obvious!!! but she must be the Number #3…

  • Donna Marie

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow)
    Sandra Bullock

  • http://oddlookh0ran Andrea

    I’m so happy about Selena and Vanessa being #1 and #2, those girls totally stole 2013 media’s attention! Love them so much :)

  • http://@eleftheriaVH eleftheria

    Vanessa is the most beautiful actress in Hollywood!!!She deserves #01

  • Daniel

    ashley tisdale? REALLY? what has she done?

  • Daniel

    @cova: she’s a singer

  • Ester


  • samantha

    VANESSA <3

  • http://@tamireselena tamires

    porque quem manda aqui é a Sel kkkk

  • liea

    Alexandra Daddario’s rank should be higher than those actresses without any career at all (and not even an actress)! I don’t know your basis but this is absurd. Only 23rd? This is a big joke!

  • Iris

    Vanessa is the best <3

  • Sydney

    This is so messy. How is Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Debby Ryan, Kylie and Kendall Jenner ( out of all people, really? ) and Ariana Grande even better actresses than Jennifer Lawrence and Chloe Moretz? They can’t act for nuts.

  • http://Justjaredjr.com No Name Available

    Can someone explain to me why all of these children’s actors are in front of Jennifer Lawrence who has an OSCAR AND a GOLDEN GLOBE?! The only person I see reasoning of being in front of Jennifer, is Ariana Grande. Ashely, Vanessa, and Selena used to be my favs but they’ve barely done anything this year, and since when were Kylie and Kendall Actresses? Also Jennifer has been nominated for another golden globe and has won best actress for an Academy Award. And I don’t see any valid reason Chloe is at the bottom of this list. :) I think I’ve made my point, and apparently no one else here has good judgement on acting skills

  • http://Justjaredjr.com No Name Available

    @Sydney: agreed, although Ariana doesn’t do much acting, I still like her a lot, but yea Jennifer and Chloe deffinetaly need higher rankings

  • anny nilsson

    LOL the jenners isn’t EVEN ACTRESSES!!!!

  • coxa colines

    @No Name Available:

    “According to site statistics, reader comments, social interaction, and more, ”
    She may not be the most searched actress in this site. They are not saying who is the best actress. Calm down.

  • Lola

    zendaya sucks

  • andrea

    Dude seriously frozen ground is amazing, and gimme shelter looks incredible as well. People should start to respect a little bit more to Vanessa, for all the good movies and good reviews that she had been receiving lately. After Jennifer Lawrence, she’s the best one between all the clowns that you putt, like Kylie and Kendall Jenner, hands down

  • Hudgenssisters

    OMG Alexandra Daddario!
    Wait who’s into drugs? Oh my God It’s about Zac again. THAT’s ANCIENT.

  • Ernest schoenmakers

    @cova: Taylor Swift is a singer not an actress

  • Ernest schoenmakers

    Jena Malone is the best actress working today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ernest schoenmakers

    Jena Malone isn’t even listed, this is bad. You don’t even know how good she is. She transcents all the other actresses listed by jjj.

  • lei

    Vanessa will always be my no.1.

  • Mike

    Emma Watson

  • http://yoonyulk22 Emily

    Yay! My Zendaya and Bella Thorne’s the top 5!! Im SO suprised, I wouldn’t think they’d even make it on the list Especially Zendaya bc Bella has been doing tooons of movie roles! Yay Zendaya!

  • http://Justjaredjr.com No Name Available

    @coxa colines:
    All I’m saying is people aren’t really picking based of acting skills. Unless they saying Keeping Up with the Kardashians isn’t a reality show, or else Kylie and Kendall have no valid reason to be featured in this list. Maybe people need to get better judgement on talent .. I mean Bella Thorne seriously? Ugh I’m done with the kids and teens of this generation and I’m apart of them.