Vanessa Hudgens Is 'Very Open' For Next Project

Vanessa Hudgens Is 'Very Open' For Next Project

Vanessa Hudgens hugs two yoga mats while heading to class in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (January 29).

Rocking a Pink Floyd sweater, the 25-year-old actress checked her phone on the way inside.

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“I’m very open. I just follow my gut–if something pulls me in, I go for it,” Vanessa shared with Nylon about her next project.

She added, “I got a little bit burned out on the whole dramatic thing, running towards pain, rather than away from it. So I’m looking for things [that are] a little lighter. I’m very into the idea of doing a musical again, or doing a sci-fi fantasy or a comedy.”

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Credit: VM; Photos: FameFlynet
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  • Liberty

    She’s fantastic in GS, why is she not being offered more projects. At her stage in her career she cannot afford to be to picky.

    To me this statements reads as, no-one is sending me roles so I’ll do anything.

    Please someone send her some good roles. As she excels in dramatic roles as she has showcased in both Gimme Shelter and The Frozen Ground.

  • morgan

    @Liberty: i totally agree with you about how her statements come across.. i really think she gets offer just “lighter” roles

  • Muse

    I don’t think it’s fair to say she ‘cant afford to be picky’. I think Vanessa does get countless scripts to go through, but she’s finding ones that she can feel connected to or can challenge her. Just because she’s not doing back to back projects or bog blockbuster movies, doesn’t mean she’s not worthy of them. She has taken her career very seriously and yes, she started with ‘High School Musical’, but she doesn’t regret it and for her age at the time it was appropriate and started her career. If she had been in her late 20′s and did HSM it would be a different story. But it’s been 9 years and people are still too small- minded to see her as anyone else.
    Vanessa is doing projects where she can really work herself out, where she’s gaining experiences and expanding her talent and skill.
    If she were to take on every script or project that was offered she wouldn’t be challenging herself a=or making movies that matter to her, she would just be another actress taking whatever she can get and it not being as meaningful.
    THIS is MY opinion on the matter. I’m sure now that people have seen her expand more so in the last 3 or so years, they’ve taken her more seriously and hopefully with ‘Gimme Shelter’ will open even more doors for her.
    I like the way she’s progressed gradually and accomplished so much and done so much variety. I’m sure it’s all about versatility and pushing herself and not just taking on anything and everything.

  • RT

    Reading between lines , yeah she does sound desperate for a movie role. I don ‘t think she can be really picky. Look what she was offered last year , kitchen sink. Judging by such things i think she doesn ‘t get offered much roles. It ‘s really a shame cus she has potential unlike Efron who is being offered roles left and right without any talent. I think the main reason she isn ‘t offered mainstream roles is cus she lacks marketability .

  • Leilani

    I saw GS the first day it came out and I was very impressed with her. Most of the audience were older adults and they all had positive thing to say about it. I do recall in one of her interviews that Vanessa do get offers according to her but the roles were always the same. According to her, she gravitated towards the role of Apple because she felt the role and she knew she would be challenged. I don’t think she’s being picky. I like her approach towards her career. She doesn’t want to do back to back movies just for the sake of paycheck. I also like fact that she’s taking acting classes. That to me is showing how serious she really is.
    I know a lot of Zac Efton fans here but I’m sorry to say I have not been impressed with his movies. I have seen some of them and quite disappointed. He is I think overrated.

  • tina

    Love how people” read between the lines” isnt that another term for make stuff up?

  • IMO

    So many people here must work where they know exactly how many scripts go to Vanessa. Well whatever she decides or doesn’t decide to take I trust her judgement to know what is good for her and her life.
    Gimme Shelter was amazing and I am so thrilled that she has that performance on her resume’. I can see it opening some doors that might have been closed at one point.

  • lala

    Vanessa is an amazing actress but i think just being able to act isn’t enough to succeed in this industry. You need to be able to have an ability to sell the movie you make. Also at this age an actor can’t be too picky unless your jen lawrence. She should be trying her hand in lots of projects like the other young actors of her age do : yup including zac.
    I don’t even understand why many of vanessa’s fans try to put zac down. For all i see, he is working hard, dedicated, has had box office hits, has received good reviews for his performamces in paperboy, AAP, parkland just as much as vanessa had : if not more : for her recent films. It may be that you may not find his choices good but certainly that doesnt make him any low than vanessa because apparently he gets offered roles.

  • kelly martineau

    Getting tired of this. V go out and valunteer somewhere full your day up. Augly fingernails. How can she do anything with those nails. There getting gross. Tell your manager that you need a job SOON!!!!!!!!!!
    your bored!!!!!!

  • kelly martineau

    Can’t be to pickie lady. you get what comes around for work.And you need it. BAD!!!!!!

  • tina

    @lala: Please don’t come here to compare them. She is doing fine. Heathy life, enjoying her career, and a great relationship, no need to look back. Really could care less about the ex.

  • Ashley

    @tina: lala was not the one that started it. It was leilani. But yea, just leave him out for the record.