Rahart Adams Talks Jax & Emma, & the Final Season of 'Every Witch Way' (JJJ Interview)

Rahart Adams Talks Jax & Emma, & the Final Season of 'Every Witch Way' (JJJ Interview)

Check out this brand new JJJ interview with Rahart Adams!

The 19-year-old Aussie actor stars in the hit Nickelodeon show Every Witch Way as Jax, the resident rebel wizard at Iridium High who puts aside his trouble-making ways for his girlfriend Emma (Paola Andino).

In this final season, Emma is more powerful than ever and the stakes are higher than ever before.

Rahart gave us the scoop on what to expect from Jax, how he feels about the show ending, and more. Check it:

Every Witch Way airs every weeknight @ 7PM on Nick!

JustJaredJr.com: The show is now airing its final season! How do you feel knowing it’s all coming to an end soon?

Rahart Adams: It’s all pretty bittersweet, I feel like I’ve grown up with the cast over the past 3 seasons. We’ve spent almost every waking minute together 6 days a week for almost a year now. I’m sad that it’s the end of the show but super excited for all the new opportunities that are coming my way!

JJJ: Last we saw Jax, Emma chose him over Daniel. Were you happy with that outcome? Can you see it lasting or will Daniel creep back in?

RA: Of course I’m happy that Emma chose Jax! I don’t think Jax is very worried about Daniel creeping back in, he’s pretty confident in himself and his ability to keep Emma happy.

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JustJaredJr.com Interview – Rahart Adams

JJJ: We also recently learned that Jax has a sister! Are we going to see a different side of Jax this season? What can you tell us about that?

RA: Yeah! Jax’s little sister is introduced this season, her name is Jessie Novoa and she’s a little ball of happiness and fun – something Jax isn’t really used to until now. Having Jessie in his life really opens up a side of him that the audience has never seen before. I’m excited for the fans to see this change in him.

JJJ: When you look back on the show, what will be your favorite or most memorable moment?

RA: There were so so many memorable moments on the show I really couldn’t pick just one. But I would say that the most memorable moments on set were the ones where all of us were working on the same scene together because that’s when we’d laugh and have fun for hours on end!

JJJ: What kind of ending do you hope for your character?

RA: I know how my character’s story ends in the series and I can’t give anything away, but I’m sure that the fans will be happy with how it all comes to an end.

JJJ: What are you plans after the show? Stick with TV or maybe do a movie or theatre?

RA: Well after EWW I flew home straight away and started filming the Nowhere Boys movie! I love shooting Nowhere Boys, it’s at home and [the film] taught me so much.

JJJ: Any other actors you’re dying to work with?

RA: I couldn’t say just one person, There are so many people out there who I’d love to co-star with for many many reasons, but right now If I ever got the chance to work with Hugh Jackman. I’d be over the moon. I feel like Hugh Jackman is the epitome of humbleness and hard work in the film industry and not only that, he is one of the most multi-talented performers I’ve ever seen.

JJJ: Lastly – what are your summer plans?

RA: My summer time is actually at the end of the year during Christmas! So during my summertime, I’ll be hanging out with my family and friends around the BBQ relaxing and kicking back!

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