Ross Lynch On The Disney Rebellion: 'It's Not Because You Were A Part Of Disney'

Ross Lynch On The Disney Rebellion: 'It's Not Because You Were A Part Of Disney'

Ross Lynch has been on the road almost all summer with R5 on the Sometime Last Night tour.

The 19-year-old actor and musician took some time out to speak to CBS Philly about their music, getting his pilot’s license and even touched on former Disney stars’ rebellions. Check it:

On R5′s new record: “The first record was a little less like that, but this new record, Sometime Last Night, actually, almost all the songs are written by members of the band. Which is really really special for us personally because they’re the songs that relate more to us and we just feel more connected to the songs, especially when we’re playing them live. We just wanted to make something a little more personal to us.”

On growing up in the Disney Family: “When you’re a part of the Disney family per se, they do kind of give you guidelines. Like listen, don’t post any nudes, or anything like that obviously. But I actually don’t think the rebelling is because you were a part of Disney. I don’t think that’s it. People start to think that because you come from Disney that you’re a certain way, or people just perceive you in a certain light that a lot of people don’t want to be perceived as…When you come out of Disney you have a certain perception that people think of you, and I think that’s just what people want to break, and they just do it with extreme measures. You are perceived to be such an angel, and really you’re just an actor that booked a job. But everyone thinks that it’s who you are, like they found you. They like raised you. But really it’s just a good job.”

On his other hobbies: “I’ve managed to keep myself sane by my other hobbies. I’m getting my pilot’s license right now. I eventually want to get a motorcycle. Certain things like that. I’m kind of an adrenaline junkie. I also play hockey. I also, yes I’m very interested in women. I have a good family too, and we all keep each other grounded.”

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    I can’t picture Ross on a motorcycle but now I really want to see it.