Jackie Evancho Debuts 'Writing's On The Wall' Video On JJJ (Exclusive Premiere)

Jackie Evancho Debuts 'Writing's On The Wall' Video On JJJ (Exclusive Premiere)

Jackie Evancho has just dropped her new video for “Writing’s On The Wall”, debuting exclusively on JustJaredJr.com.

“I’ve always been a Bond fan – who isn’t – but when I heard Sam Smith sing this song, I saw it as an opportunity to play Bond characters,” the 15-year-old songstress shared. “What made this video even more fun to make was having my sister Juliet play the villain!”

This is Jackie‘s third single off of her upcoming album, following “All of the Stars” and “Safe and Sound”.

Jackie‘s rendition of “Writing’s On The Wall” will hit iTunes on Friday, January 29th.

Jackie Evancho – Writing’s on the Wall (James Bond – Spectre)
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  • Edward Traxler

    wow. Jackie won’t be 16 until April 9 .. her dad needs a really big stick ..

  • Bruce Macintyre

    I didn’t like that song until I heard this. That beautiful voice makes
    anything sound cosmic. And the production was outstanding. I love all
    those looks she had. She is going to be wonderful in films.

  • ChuckandPaula Brown

    No adjectives can be used to describe Jackie’s rendition. Magnificent job, Jackie. The setting, Jackie’s voice over, Juliet….all of it, perfect and then some.!!

  • Stephen F. Nowinsky

    When I first heard this by Smith I wasn’t impressed.But Jackie’s version is a large cut above that.Don’t like the Guns in it for Jackie but didn’t mind the Bow and Arrows in Safe and Sound.I agree Jackie is a beautiful Young Woman especially at only 15.

    • rickg62

      The guns fit the characters being portrayed. I figured that somebody wouldn’t like them. For the relationship to both movies portrayed, there is no difference between the bow and arrow and the gun. Both are for the protection of the character. I know that she was very familiar with a bow, but it looks like someone has showed her some things about the gun too. In each scene she was holding it properly with her finger along the action rather than near the trigger.

  • GemeniDreams

    Love Jackie’s voice, but the dark toned melody of the song is one that is not not as immediately seducing as ‘Goldfinger’, ‘Diamonds are Forever’, “On an All Time High’ or ‘The Spy Who Loved me’. Just my opinion and musical taste I’m afraid.

  • Richard Olsen

    Some movie producer is going to find a role for this absolutely stunning young performer. Her incredible ability to sing aside, and, even though not yet sixteen she is a knockout! She has already shown that she can act in a motion picture, and with no overt effort to be such, she’s one of the sexiest women alive! WOW!

  • Fabio Tito Montefinale

    Excelente y fantástica como siempre mi preciosa Jackie <3 <3 :)

  • Mark Branham

    When I first saw her at 10, I couldn’t believer such emotional honesty, power, and truthfulness could come from such a child – and that voice, just brilliant.

    How is it possible that Jackie continues to amaze with each new video/song…. just an abundance of talent that defies conventional thought. At 10 she was the best vocal artist alive, at 15(going on 16) there simply are no words that can do justice to her brilliance. She has said she wants to do it all, this production proves she can.

    Jackie, you are the brightest diamond of all.

  • Rusty Spoons

    Brilliant! Lordy don’t I love this young’un. Jackie is the same age as my granddaughter. Born just a few days apart. I can’t thing of anything better than watching both grow into awesome young women. You killed it, Jackie! Keep ‘em coming!

  • William Simonson

    In Jackie’s new vid, the guns were startling to me, too. Upon reflection: In first grade I got a Gene Autry two-gun cap pistol set. In third grade I got a Dragnet, Joe Friday, snub-nose .38 (45?) caliber cap pistol. In 4th grade I got a Red Rider BB rifle. In the Army I qualified Expert Marksman on the M14 rifle. And I’m a good person! Weapons are over-emphasized in our culture, but they are the norm! Jackie is 15 and pretending to be James Bond! Let’s cut her some slack. . . a ton of it! Let her pretend if she wants to! It does NOT make her a bad person!

  • BruceDeBrat

    WOW! Just WOW!!! Please get this girl on the radio! My God! What an AMAZING voice this pretty young lady has! She just blew me away! And she is nearly 16 years old? (Jaw on the floor moment) Just unbelievable!