David Archuleta Explains Why He Didn't Perform at 'American Idol' Finale

David Archuleta Explains Why He Didn't Perform at 'American Idol' Finale

David Archuleta has taken to Instagram to explain why he wasn’t performing during the American Idol finale this past week.

Read what the 25-year-old former Idol runner-up shared with his fans:

“Hey y’all, I know a lot of you were bummed I didn’t sing in the idol finale and asked why I didn’t sing. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. I’m way bummed I wasn’t able to be more a part of it!! :( :( :( but it wasn’t because they wouldn’t let me. It was simply that I thought I wouldn’t be able to until a few days before. I’m glad I was able to be there and still be on stage for a moment with everyone. We sometimes wish things would have gone differently, but life doesn’t always go the way we hope it to at first.

“I’m so glad I could be there! I was reminded of the stressful and overwhelming moments that broke me down a lot of times, but also of the many good people that helped me get back up. I was reminded of the moments that changed my life on the show. I’m glad I got to be a part of it all throughout the years. I’ll write a blog in the next couple of days to share more thoughts with y’all.

“I will say not being stressed and having so much attention, I was able to enjoy the time backstage saying bye to everyone and meeting the people that worked behind the scenes. I love meeting the people who are also a part of the show in both big ways and small ways that no one else ever sees or hears about.

“Thank you all for your concerns. Yeah, I am sad I didn’t sing but also happy I was there. Really, if I had sung I would’ve taken someone else’s spot and I think it worked out how it needed to. Someone else needed to give out what was in their heart this time. It was Trent and La’Porsha‘s time to shine most anyway. (And boy, did they shine. What a great final finale!) No worries, I will keep finding ways to sing up ahead as long as y’all keep supporting. Thank you for your continued support and concern! It’s nice to know people still care enough to ask.”

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  • Mrs.K

    Totally forgot about this kid. Does he even still sing?

  • CoCo Turtle

    Well, that explained it!

    • Lorraine Smith

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  • russell conrad lewis

    Probably because he wasn’t invited. Guess he forgot that not liking gays and speaking up about it, which of course is his right, offended the people who make decisions in Hollywood.
    I’m sure he can get some singing gigs at some coming of age parties or whatever they do in the Mormon Church. And when he grows a few more years… off to the tabernacle choir it is.

    • JT

      What did he say about gays?

      • russell conrad lewis

        Wouldn’t it have been easier for you to Google it instead of asking me? Or is this your way of denying he said anything and starting an argument?

        • JT

          Damn, you’ve got issues.

          • russell conrad lewis

            Really… tell which ones, doctor.

    • Ssev Dor

      The poor guy must sustain his “prophets, seers and revelators,” who by revelation have proclaimed that little children of legally married gay couples cannot be baptized in the Mormon Church until they become an adult. In other words, “Suffer the little children NOT to come unto me, for of such is NOT the kingdom of Heaven.” It is not David’s fault that his leaders are bigots. David does try to be a nice guy and do the right things; he is just f’d up because of his church.

    • ctlminos

      Interesting how most everything you said here is incorrect. David was in fact invited to the finale (he was actually there, which is stated in this article, he just didn’t sing) and Nigel Lythgoe himself said they wanted and invited David to sing but his schedule originally hadn’t allowed him to attend.

      Also David never said anything about “not liking gays”. He tweeted a quote from a church conference that was talking about the importance of family and how it is about love between the whole. Specifically: “Romantic love is incomplete. It is a prelude. Love is nourished by the coming of children, who spring from the fountain of love expressed between a man and a woman in marriage.” Nothing about that is David implying that he hates gay people. Children come from the union between a man and a woman — that’s just a fact. And the Bible refers to marriage as between a man and woman. Thus the background for this quote and it had nothing to do with talking about homosexuality or was even spoken in reference to gay marriage. I personally am a huge supporter of gay marriage and equal rights and I don’t see this in any way as David making some sort of statement. But, hey, wasn’t it fun for people to take the quote completely out of context and blow it up into a huge deal that it was not at all.

      I’m all for calling people out when they display overt hatred. I don’t see that with David at all though. He was attacked so viciously after this biased story hit the waves, it’s insane. Should he be punished out of hand for being a member of the Mormon Church? Even though the quote he tweeted had nothing to do with what he was accused of? Hm.

      • russell conrad lewis

        I stand by my statement.

  • CurseofZodLovesMaude

    Liberal tolerance back in action I see….. wait, there’s no such thing.