All of the Songs in Emma Watson's 'Beauty and the Beast' -- Ranked

All of the Songs in Emma Watson's 'Beauty and the Beast' -- Ranked

Emma Watson‘s Beauty and the Beast was heart-wrenching and gorgeous and delivered every bit the Disney classic that it is.

As with many Disney movies, the music in this live-action adaptation is as central a character as any of the leads. And the introduction of three new songs — “Days in the Sun,” “How Does a Moment Last Forever,” and “Evermore” — made the payoff that much more rewarding.

It certainly didn’t hurt that Emma and her co-star Dan Stevens gave goosebump-inducing performances.

Here is our official ranking (reprises not included):

Click inside to see if we read your mind. If not, tell us in the comments how you would rank them!

10. “The Mob Song”
Ah! This song is frightening, and everything from the lyrics to the tone is dark. Also, the song represents eliminating anything that is different or that isn’t understand, which is a haunting and altogether too-chilling message for our world right now.

9. “Aria”
This song is a bit of a snore (if you saw the film already, you probably don’t even remember it), but the vocals are gorgeous.

8. “Days in the Sun”
This song definitely made us tear up. The Beast’s childhood is heartbreaking, and this slow crooner paired with images of him watching his mother on her deathbed humanizes him as a character.

7. “How Does a Moment Last Forever (Montmartre)”
This is one of our favorite new songs from the film. Emma‘s vocals are stronger here, the song is both sweet and painful, and it is one of the first moments that Belle and the Beast truly connect in a meaningful way and find similarities between their childhoods.

6. “Evermore”
When the Beast lets Belle go, he sings this powerful ode to their love, and to how she has changed his life and will always be a part of him. “I know she’ll never leave me even as she runs away,” he sings. *sniffs*

5. “Belle”
This is such a powerful opener! The only reason it isn’t ranked higher is because Emma, talented goddess that she is, doesn’t quite have the raw power to deliver a Broadway-level performance. Still, this song is catchy and solid, and sets up her character beautifully.

4. “Beauty and the Beast”
This song may be the headliner, but it isn’t our absolute favorite. This scene in the film is stunning: the cinematography is flawless, Emma‘s dress is (wow, we’re running out of ways to say beautiful!) and the song is a perfect backdrop to the pivotal scene. Still, it is just that: a backdrop.

3. “Be Our Guest”
This song is a party in every rendition we’ve ever seen. In the new live-action film, the vocals are strong and spirited, the entire scene is lively and whimsical, and the castle becomes a sort of eclectic cirque du soleil of dining.

2. “Gaston”
“Gaston” is one of the best evil-villain songs in the entire Disney canon. It has hilarious lyrics (“I use antlers in all of my decorating,”) sets up a both problematic and entertaining dynamic between Gaston and Lafou, and features a great table-dancing number.

1. “Something There”
Our #1 pick goes to “Something There,” the turning point song. Emma Thompson is perfect in every way as Mrs. Potts, and this song is chalk-full of hope, possibility, and joy.

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