Jake Paul Loses 60K Subscribers & Climbing Following FaZe Banks Assault Claims

Jake Paul Loses 60K Subscribers & Climbing Following FaZe Banks Assault Claims

The drama between Jake Paul and FaZe Banks just escalated and it’s taking a major toll on Jake‘s subscriber count.

After Jake accused FaZe of assaulting his assistant Meg at a nightclub in LA, FaZe and his girlfriend Alissa Violet (AKA Jake‘s ex) have issued their own response.

In a 30-minute video, the couple share their own take on the incident, maintaining FaZe‘s innocence. The also fight the claims that FaZe cheated on Alissa and share incidents where they believe Jake mistreated Alissa.

FaZe even shows DMs from Team 10 COO Nick Crompton that say that he understands his encounter with Meg was accidental.

The video also features an appearance from Taylor Caniff, who was at the nightclub, and says that he believes members of Team 10, including Max Beaumont, purposely set up FaZe and possibly even drugged his drink.

Make sure to check out Jake‘s side of the story.

After FaZe posted his video, Jake‘s follower count began to quickly drop and he’s already lost over 60,000 subscribers.

Both Jake and FaZe say that they are taking legal action, so we may end up finding out what truly happened in court.

Watch all that FaZe had to say in his response video and gather your own opinions…

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    Jake Paul totally lied and when he went to the podcast H3H3 did , he also got caught lying and i can’t even understnad how he’s popular.
    jesus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiDf6r0CP0o

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  • Swastik Goswami

    So Just Jared will be focusing on Small YouTuber with a million or two subs now…..
    Great Content,comparing him with bigger YouTubers like Jake,Logan, RiceGum

    Just Jared show us the Bigger Content out there…… You are literally the biggest in the game so stop focusing on Small YouTuber like Faze Banks or something

    • ROSSAY

      I feel

    • ROSSAY

      I feel like you’re missing the whole point here bro…

  • Gina

    Jake Paul forever a bully.

  • Gentry Harms

    ……all of these people are cancer. I seriously hope the get AIDS of the cancer of the herpes of the eyes.