'Austin & Ally' Series Finale Recap - Spoilers Ahead!

'Austin & Ally' Series Finale Recap - Spoilers Ahead!


We’re not crying…we’re not crying…okay, JJJ is totally crying!

The Austin & Ally series finale happened tonight (January 10) on Disney Channel and we saw just exactly what happens with Austin (Ross Lynch), Ally (Laura Marano), Trish (Raini Rodriguez) and Dez (Calum Worthy), since life is coming at them and all their futures are up in the air.

JJJ watched it both times — east coast and west coast — and the tears are still flowing!

Remember, DO NOT click inside if you have not watched the one-hour episode! But if you do want to find out, have those Trish-ues handy!

(Click inside to see what happened on the series finale of Austin & Ally…)

– Ally and Trish come into the music factory to see the boys reading books. Books. Which, thanks to the books, Austin can now say “Where Are The Pancakes” in 15 different foreign languages. Priorities, are we right?
– While discussing Austin’s world tour, we see that Trish is the one staying in Miami to run the music factory and is making it her top priority. trish is also changing up the practice room into her personal office, complete with a hot tub. Ally will be off at Harvard and Dez out in LA for film school.
– Since they’ll be apart for more holidays than they’re together, Austin and Ally decide to celebrate all they can before they both leave.
– While Austin and Ally will be doing that, Trish will be auditioning for the Spike Stevens musical that Dez got for her. She admits that if she did get the part, it would be tough to juggle both of them, but she thinks it’s a longshot that she’ll get it.
– Later on, Austin surprises Ally at the restaurant with a cute bunny, telling her “Happy Easterversary”, combining their anniversary and Easter into one. He has also hidden a gift for her in an Easter Egg somewhere in the restaurant. They’re about to share a sweet kiss when Dez shows up and crashes their date, mistakenly thinking that it’s a group thing. It’s not, Dez. Sorry. Also, that is NOT your gift. Give Ally her pretty “A” necklace.
– A few days later, Trish is at the audition for the Spike Stevens play, with Dez watching her on the side. After her audition is done (she totally killed it by the way), Spike immediately hires her and starts talking about the show’s tour.
– This causes Trish to freak out just a little bit because she thought it was just in Miami! The juggling between the play and the factory will be sooooooo real.
– Spike entices her with her name being up in lights on Broadway and Dez comes over and give her another picture. One where the A&A Music Factory is closed.
– Back in her new office, Dez is already playing in the hot tub. (Again, priorities. We need one of these) Despite everything, Dez tells her that he’ll support her in anything. Speaking to our Trez hearts!
– Out in the food court, Austin and Ally are still celebrating their holidays together and this time it’s New Years. Which means a Mew Year’s Kiss…but that’s before Dez shows up again.
– While celebrating their fake NYE, Trish comes and tries to tell them that she’s chosen to be in the play. However, Dez has beaten her to it, spilling the news.
– Ally, Austin, Dez and Trish all get into a big fight in the music factory after coming to the realization that no one is actually staying to run the factory! The gang even accuse Ally of being more excited to hang out with smarter people as she prepares to go to Harvard. We can not stand to see them all fighting!
– Still fighting, the gang all go to see Trish in her play. But as she’s performing, Trish realizes that the play is exactly the same thing she’s experiencing with the gang. She sings “You’ve Got a Friend” in the play and ultimately reunites the friends.
– Back in Trish’s dressing room at the play, they all apologize to each other. Austin and Ally tell each other that they do love each other and share a sweet kiss — which prompts Dez to turn to Trish, but she’s just not having it.
– Spike Stevens comes into her dressing room and has plans to take the play nationwide, but Trish decides that she doesn’t want that anymore. Instead, she wants to incorporate a musical theater program into the music factory — which leaves Spike no choice, but to make the play stationary in Miami!
– Still in the dressing room, Ally gives Austin her songbook, which is filled with just about everything, including a few new songs for him while he’s on tour.
– We then cut to four months later and we see Austin and Ally reunite and he’s asking her to marry him…

– In the second part of the series finale we find out the proposal was totally fake! Thanks Dez, but that WAS. NOT. COOL. Instead of a proposal, Austin actually got down on one knee to pick up a bug on the ground!
– The real version is in Dez’s “The Austin and Ally Story” rock-umentary that he’s finishing up. He’s reunited with Trish and they both believe that his version is better than what really happened — Austin and Ally broke up. They both know that the two need to be together and Trish comes up with a plan; which is why we love her.
– Once Ally gets back to Miami (she’s all finished with school now), she’s excited to get back into her music and that’s a good thing since Trish booked her on The Helen Show. Ally jokes that her songwriting has gotten a little rusty while she’s been in school and sings Trish one she worked on. It’s about showers and lost luggage. Definitely not a hit.
– Upstairs in the practice room, Dez is on a facetime call with Austin who’s almost on his way back to Miami too. They do their signature “What Up” through the computer and it’s all kinds of hilarious. Dez almost slips and tells Austin that Ally is back home and will be on The Helen Show with him. But, Austin is NOT ready to see her and she’s NOT ready to see him either. And to NOT slip up and tell him once Ally comes into the room, he tosses the computer out the window.
– A few days later, Austin and Ally are blindsided by both Trish and Dez, who have managed to keep their lips sealed, about them both being on the show at the same time.
– On stage together, Helen gets right to the point. Why did they break up? The reason is simple, according to both of them. It was painful to be a part for so much and it was just easier to end things. As Helen keeps asking questions about their relationship, Dez comes on, providing some kind of distraction.
– He rolls a little trailer for “The Austin and Ally Story” and Ally gets even more uncomfortable and walks off stage. We do not blame you one bit! Austin, thank goodness, follows her.
– Backstage, Trish apologizes to Ally for ambushing her with Austin on The Helen Show and Ally also confesses her songwriting hasn’t actually suffered. But she doesn’t want to sing a love song when Austin is there. Austin comes backstage to find her, overhearing part of the conversation.
– They ask Trish to give them some space, but since Trish is all of us, she takes one step back and thinks that’s good enough. We love you Trish!
– After Trish leaves, Austin and Ally finally get some time to be together and deal with what’s going on. He tells her she looks pretty, and she says, “You look pretty, too.” It’s okay, Austin. You are a pretty man.
– Both of them confess that they miss each other like crazy before they get into the fact that she has to perform a song on the show in a minute. Austin proposes that they sing it together, which is the answer to pretty much everything in life. Also, during this part, Trish is eavesdropping. Trish is seriously all of us.

– Trish goes out on stage, announcing that Austin and Ally will both be performing a duet — and it’s gorgeous and Ross and Laura, we need a duet album from you two pronto. There are no arguments in this. It must happen.
– After singing together, Austin tells her he still loves her and, of course, she still loves him. However, Ally doesn’t know what to do since he’s going to be on tour and they’re going to be a part and “it doesn’t make sense”…that’s when Austin saves the day. He tells her that they should do it all together.
– “Like become an official [singing] duo?” she asks before nodding her head so much we almost think it will fall off and kisses him. YAYAYAYAAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYY!
– Helen comes over to joke that she’s thankful Ally didn’t destroy the set this time. But then, Ally has to go over to one of the beams and knock on it. She destroyed it again. Never, ever change Ally Dawson. Never.

– Fade into 10 years later, when Austin has the cutest little kid in his arms and is telling his and Ally’s son and daughter the whole story.
– Sidebar: ALLY’S MIDDLE NAME IS EDGAR! Where did THAT come from?!
– In 10 years time, Dez has married Carrie, and together they have the “smartest” little six-year-old, Darrie.
– Also in 10 years time, Chuck’s wish has come true and he’s married to TRISH! Together, they have a daughter, Princess Magnolia Rose.
– A little while later, Ally and Austin head back into the practice room and go back to their trusty old piano. “We’ve got 18 hours to write the greatest song ever,” he jokes with her before she starts playing the title song, “Can’t Make It Without You” as a ballad.

THE END…but we have a feeling their story is still not over. At least, it won’t be for us.

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