Arrow's Katherine McNamara Talks Post-'Crisis' Mia in Spin-Off's Backdoor Pilot

Arrow's Katherine McNamara Talks Post-'Crisis' Mia in Spin-Off's Backdoor Pilot

Katherine McNamara is opening up about her Arrow character, Mia Smoak, in a post-“Crisis on Infinite Earths” reality.

The actress reveals another side of her character in the backdoor pilot for her potential spin-off Green Arrow & The Canaries. Here’s what Katherine McNamara had to share in a new interview with EW:

On juggling memories from two different realities: “It’s all about finding those moments where the different sides of her come out because it’s still the same girl at her core, just with a different set of experiences and a different set of circumstances. So it was really fun to see how her different instincts come out given the situation. Once she has memories back, we see these little flashes of the old Mia and how her instinct and training snap into play. There are other instances in which the old Mia wouldn’t have been able to well, but now with this new Mia’s social skills and the way she handles her life and the connections she has in Star City, she’s able to solve the problems in a different than she would’ve previously. So it almost extends and broadens Mia’s skill set and allows her to be an even more adept member of the team.”

On her favorite scenes from the pilot: “There are so many moments that I look back on. There’s some that I can’t talk about — they’re such spoilers and I can’t wait to discuss them further. But I would say one element that’s really special is the Mia-William relationship. We really got to see in season 8 how much they grew and how much they came together as a result of meeting their father and having to find their mother and deal with all of their issues together. Then in this new reality, they’ve had their entire life together and they’ve had a chance to really become siblings in the best way. They have almost a closer relationship. But then even when Mia gets her memories back, she remembers everything Mia went through in the other reality and she almost becomes more protective of her brother and more understanding of their situation. I love working with Ben Lewis and I love that relationship, and I think it just deepens it even more with this new sensibility.”

On the Queen and Diggle families’ relationship in the new reality after previously saying they will always be connected: “It certainly plays into it in a big way, but I can’t say any more than that without getting in trouble.”

Arrow airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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