Annie LeBlanc Reveals More Details On Asher Angel Breakup

Annie LeBlanc Reveals More Details On Asher Angel Breakup

Annie LeBlanc is clearing up her name after her breakup with Asher Angel.

After the 15-year-old shared her announcement, a post went up on the 17-year-old singer’s account saying, “You know you really love someone when you can’t hate them for breaking your heart 💔”

Annie went live on Instagram after she saw it to set the record straight and clear up any confusion while fighting back tears.

“I’m trying to handle this breakup as well as I can. I posted on my story pretty much saying that Asher and I had broken up, and it was really well thought out and I asked that nobody put hate on him in any way, because that’s not what I want. Nobody did anything wrong,” Annie says. “This is just a normal teenage breakup and it happens all the time. No one did anything wrong, and I worded it as well as I could, and I thought about it, and I read it over and over and over again, and I wished him nothing but the best.”

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“I’m not going to give you guys all the information, and I wish I could, but I’m not going to get into it because I don’t like bringing things to the internet. In my mind, what me and his family had ‘agreed on’ was that I was going to post this and that they were okay with it. I reached out to them and asked them, so we could be on the same page about it because I respected them enough to give them the opportunity to say they didn’t like anything,” Annie continued. “When I asked everybody if they were okay with the post and everybody gave the thumbs up, I posted it, because you guys deserve to know what’s happening to a certain extent.”

“Normally I don’t go live and do this because I just don’t think it’s necessary, this part of my life doesn’t need to be on the internet, but because of what they did, I feel like I do have to confess,” Annie added. “I see that someone posted from Asher‘s account, pretty much saying that when you love someone so much or you can’t hate someone because they break up with you… Which, number one, why are you posting on your main, number two, why are you literally calling me out and she [his mom] completely threw me under the bus and you guys didn’t need to know all of the details.”

“For her to post certain details that she wants to post and not all of them, it just really, really frustrates me. She really didn’t help the situation at all. All it did was confuse you guys and put me in a terrible position,” she said. “I feel like I needed to come on here and clear up that I didn’t do anything wrong… I had no idea that post was going up and to see it online, and all of the comments, I just felt so hurt because I was really, really close to them.”

“This isn’t even a little bit of what’s been going on… Again, I don’t wish any hate on him or me, we didn’t do anything wrong, we’re teenagers, but that post invited hate on me, and I do not appreciate that at all because I never ever ever would have done anything like that to hurt Asher, and neither would my mom. Ever.”

“I know you guys are there to support me, the only reason I went live is to just to tell you guys that I feel like I needed to clear my name up because I didn’t do anything wrong. And her pretty much putting hate on me and putting all the blame on me, it’s just been really, really hurtful, just to see this other side of them. Not Asher, but… I just don’t get it. That’s pretty much it. Please show nothing but love and support to both of us. Just know that the breakup, I didn’t do anything wrong and she shouldn’t have put the blame on me.”

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