More 'Gossip Girl' Season 1 Part 2 & Season 2 Details Revealed!

More 'Gossip Girl' Season 1 Part 2 & Season 2 Details Revealed!

Gossip Girl season one may be returning with part two this week, but we are getting some details on the show’s second season!

Showrunner Joshua Safran recently opened up about some things we can expect in season two.

Find out what has been revealed inside…

“Season two is is second semester of the year, so actually, we’re shooting January to July, a show that takes place January to May,” Joshua said during a PaleyFest panel. “So at least we’ll be appropriately attired.”

“[Prom]‘s gonna be amazing, yeah,” he added about prom at Constance Billard. “My prom was at the plaza, which is funny because when we were shooting at the plaza for episode five, we were shooting in the room where my prom was… Our [Constance Billard] prom will have to do something bigger than that.”

Also during the second season, the cast will head out of the country, something they couldn’t do due to COVID restrictions while filming season one.

“Every season of the original Gossip Girl, there was an episode outside of the city, and every season of this Gossip Girl, there will also be,” he dished. “So in season one, because of COVID, we were supposed to go to a distant location, which we were unable to do. Instead, we do leave the city, uh, it’s a version of the Hamptons. I’m not going to say what it is, but it’s not the Hamptons. Then in season two, we will be leaving the country.”

Joshua also revealed that Aki’s (Evan Mock) TikTok account will be seen on the show in part two of season one.

“My TikTok is actually Aki’s TikTok,” he said. “You’re gonna see Aki’s TikTok in the show, but I’m the one who has the handle.”

We also learned that there will never be a musical episode of Gossip Girl.

“I’m not going to do it,” Joshua said. “In an upcoming season of which we have not written yet, there was, the writers were pitching a musical episode and I killed it. So just to be clear, [the idea] was killed.”

In case you missed it, check out the Gossip Girl season one part two trailer!

It was recently announced that Savannah Smith, who plays Monet De Haan, has been cast in an upcoming musical movie.

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