Get to Know Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, Who Plays Tuk in 'Avatar 2,' With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Get to Know Trinity Jo-Li Bliss, Who Plays Tuk in 'Avatar 2,' With These 10 Fun Facts! (Exclusive)

Trinity Jo-Li Bliss makes her big screen debut in the new movie Avatar: The Way of Water and we caught up with her to learn some fun facts that you likely don’t know about her already!

The 13-year-old actress plays the role of Tuk, the youngest child of Jake Sully and Neytiri.

Like all of the actors playing the Na’vi people, Trinity is featured in the movie solely through performance-capture technology.

Check out 10 Fun Facts (along with some bonus answers) below!

  1. My parents did NOT name me Trinity after The Matrix. I have two much older brothers which makes me the third! My middle name Jo-Li connects my grandparents’ last names. My mom and dad call me coco bear so when I hear “Trinity”, it may mean I’m in trouble or not good news😬😉
  2. I strive to be vegetarian and my favorite food is steamed white rice with seaweed. 
  3. I am blessed with perfect pitch (not to brag).
  4. I play multiple instruments and write songs as a way to journal my life and process my feelings about the world around me. 
  5. I released my first song before getting my first mobile phone! I just turned 13 and celebrated the closure of my pre-teen life and the new beginning with my debut album “Confessions of a Pre-teen” and an iPhone 13! My album releases in January and I can’t wait! 

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  1. I get very motion-sick but I’m also a rollercoaster maniac. My favorite rides at Disney World are “Flight of Passage” and “Guardians of The Galaxy”.
  2. I love reading! Novels, science discoveries, jokes and gossips, anything! 
  3. I’ve read all the Harry Potter books 4-5 times! So I am a serious Potter head! 
  4. I’m a dog person. I love my dog Levi. To be honest, he’s a bit of a cat dog😉.  He was a rescue and his Foster Mother was my Avatar cast mate, Bailey Bass – all in the family!
  5. I am double jointed! 
  6. BONUS FACT: I am a good swimmer. 
  7. BONUS FACT: I try to do a little math every day because “Math is the foundation for anything I want to do when I grow up”, (according to my mom).
  8. BONUS FACT: I need 10 hours of sleep most days. 
  9. BONUS FACT: I have large and ugly feet. 
  10. BONUS FACT: My favorite holiday is Christmas.
  11. BONUS FACT: My first concert was Coldplay

Avatar 2 is now playing in theaters everywhere!

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Photos: Emily Sandifer
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