Vanessa Hudgens: 'New Moon' Rumor Control

Vanessa Hudgens: 'New Moon' Rumor Control

Vanessa Hudgens has NOT auditioned for New Moon, her rep tells

The 20-year-old singer/actress reportedly auditioned for the Twilight sequel for the role of werewolf Leah Clearwater.

“I don’t know anything about the audition,” Vanessa‘s rep tells JJJ. “As far as I know, it’s just a rumor.”

Seems that Ashley Greene‘s comment about Vanessa was taken way out of context because SpoilerTV is reporting that the character of Leah isn’t even being cast for!

UPDATE: New Moon screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg confirms this report, saying, “If Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ‘em.”

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  • JuLeGirlie

    She would be a awesome person for Leah :(

  • JuLeGirlie

    First btw :)

  • whitney

    actually she would be a pretty good werewolf! (:

  • leanne

    that’s not fair i think she would of been good

  • lilstaa

    im so sorry cos i was happy to see her skills and watch her proves she can be a real actress… im sure another serious and un-disney role will jump out of somewhere for her

  • Ashley

    Thank God!!!!

  • Soraya


    Too bad it’s just a rumor

  • mila


  • gabriella freitas

    I can not believe: (vanessa and perfect for the role she is capable. I do not trust very well in just jared. I need more sources to see! not trust. I hope this is true. I would very much like her in the film.

  • gabriella freitas

    I can not believe: (vanessa and perfect for the role she is capable. I do not trust very well in just jared. I need more sources to see! not trust. I hope this is true.

  • thi

    cu ._. q

  • Bianca

    Wait so Leah isn’t going to be in the movie…i shall cry…I like Vanessa but i think anyway that Leah needed a stronger person, idk someone a little more rough, but she would’ve been good, anyone just so that Leah would’ve appeared in the movie.

  • mila


  • mila

    thi *o*

  • bee

    lmfao at this getting blown way out of proportion.

  • Midz

    OMG HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i dont care all the vanessa fans can hate on me
    but seriously if she’s in the movie i will go crazy. she will ruin the bl**dy film and also she’s goin to bring her disney self into and make it a disney piece of crap dont care but this movie is really good and she will ruin it for all the twilighters out there
    she cant even play the part if you have read all the twilight books then you will agree so what if she looks the part
    she cant play it!!!!!!

  • joss

    thank god it’s only a rumour! she can’t act and she wouldn’t be able to play leah and the emotions that she has and what leah went through…she would probably just put on some crying face and let it be…so NO NO NO, no vanessa in new moon! no disney especially ones that are trying to break out of the disney rep., no disney leftovers!

  • lol

    i wanted that to be true, it would be great for her carrer

  • Chris

    Im a really big fan of these books, and I really think than Vanessa is not the right person to act as leah.
    and leah does not have a role in new moon, only in eclipse and breaking dawn, so this rumor is really really false cuz they are not casting for that role

  • lower

    THANK U GOD!!!!!!!

  • pris

    sooooooo bad
    i wanted to see her in that movie

    she would be fantastic as leah :(

  • .

    agora que falam que é mentira todo mundo quer ela no filme GHDSGDHSGDHGDSHGDSHGDSHGDH

  • daniella

    cara eu quero muito ela em lua nova :( :( vanessa YESSSSSSSS NEW MOON PLEASEEEE

  • vanessajonas

    maybe in other moviee.. maybe with this rumors she will feel the curiosity and in the future audition for the role=)

  • mah

    THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kara

    she would ruin the movie

  • sarah



    a man hopefully this is untrue. I very vanessa in the new moon face. I was sad here now. I do not trust that site not far. said that the ash did vanessa the paper. may be lying to vanessa. hopefully this seje false news

  • sam

    I do not believe that Poso confirmed that she will not be in the movie? This left me very sad, much like her in the film. and her beautiful and great actress. I hope this is a lie. VANESSA PLEASE MAKE NEW MOON

  • Krissy


    I WANTED her to atleast try out
    and be amazing in it!
    V can prove to anyone she’s good, at anything, she puts her mind too.
    She has the voice, the looks, the personality..
    and her as a hot werewolf..
    most def!
    WHO cares, if it’s not her style..
    there’s tons of people, who don’t look certain for a role, then suddenly gets it, from there talent abilities.
    I wanted someone in new moon or breaking dawn to make it more realistic and SO hardcore. ( sorry, but the first movie, wasn’t as appealing , from the looks of the trailer)

    people who didn’t want her to be casted as the role
    keep your comments to yourself at least
    no one really cares what your opinion is
    YOU proved yourself to everyone else
    along with other people who agrees to your decision
    yea! you got your wish..she didn’t audition..
    moving on please -.-

    oh well
    it was just a rumor..
    * sigh*

  • claudie

    First, I’m a French girl so, sorry if my English isn’t very good…
    Now, I’m completely agree with Midz!!! She can’t act in Twilight! It’s just NOT possible at all!! She’s a Disney actress, come on! She’s got nothing to see with Twilight!
    Just thanks GOD she’s not auditioned !!

  • isabela

    THANK GOD, Vanessa and New Moon

  • jessie

    Leah isn’t even in new moon we don’t get introduced to leah until the third book eclipse and she isn’t even a big part of the book. And I REALLY think vanessa would ruin it because leah has to be tough and rude and im sorry but I don’t think vanessa can bring that

  • Lauren


  • zanessa4everr

    it would be amazing if she was leah.
    she’d be great for the part

  • lilstaa

    I think she’d really be able to do this. I believe in her so much and all V-haters FYI she’s totally different (i mean much different from gabriella) in her music videos and her songs’ lyrics are not any ‘disney-sauced’… Rarely if ever has some former disney channel’s actor stopped acting after their teenage period… so now its time for her to shine more than ever!

  • hi

    agora que falam que é mentira todo mundo quer ela no filme GHDSGDHSGDHGDSHGDSHGDSHGDH [2]

  • cc27

    if she was in it .. she’d make the movie soo awsome ! lol

  • ashloversbrasil♥

    THANK GOD ! she sucks for that :)

  • zanessa xoxo

    I don’t get it, people are already saying that she can’t play such role when they haven’t even seen her play like that. the only side we’ve see from vanessa is mostly the goody-goody side like hsm and thunderbirds. I know vanessa is a very talented person and is able to pull off any role so I believe that someday she will prove to those people who say she ‘cant act’ that she really can.
    anyways, as of the leah part at first I was really excited to hear that vanessa was being considered as one of the people being chosen from to play leah in new moon..but after a while I realized that leah is not such a big part at all and vanessa is already a well-known and succesful actress so I think she should choose parts that will be in the main roles. as much as I would love seeing her working with robert pattinson and that absolutely gorgeous guy named taylor lautner. but I know that the right part will come in very soon.
    lastly, is there actually going to be a leah in new moon? oh well I don’t care that much as long as they make sure that new moon will be 10 times better than twilight im ok with it. and also vanessa’s bandslam is something to look forward too :) im really sorry for my bad english guys xoxo

  • kris

    according to she did audition for it, its up now

  • mike


  • kris

    i think a smaller role in a large movie with such a tough character to play would be great for her. with something like this i think it’d be good to start small- especially since she hasnt been in anything beyond HSM where she was the happy go lucky girl. i think she’d get more recognition like that- it’d be a good way to show what she can do without the whole movie riding on her talent in a main role

  • zanessa/jashley

    I hope you guys know that ACTING is all about stepping into someone else’s shoes, right ? I mean, Vanessa’s going to play Sam in Bandslam, and Vanessa’s playing some sort of emo girl…think about it. The sweet shy Gabriella Montez to The Emo Girl, Silent girl Sam.

    I think that Vanessa could pull it off…she IS a good actress. But then again, I thought that Twilight was a horrible I’m glad that she isn’t in it. Sorry, but I really didn’t like Twilight, it really disappointed me. The only reason WHY i watched Twilight was because of Taylor Lautner ♥

  • angela

    sorry but I have to agree with #16 but I wouldn’t mind her doing a movie with Taylor from Twilight though.

  • Katty

    Reps always say that because if the person they are representing doesn’t get that part they don’t want everyone to know. I would love to see V in Twilight/New Moon because Leah is kinda mean, and would expand V’s actress-ing. It would give her a new experience

    Vanessa is in talks to star in a movie called Dreary and Naughty, to be Naughty. Hmm.. sounds fun!

    I can’t wait for Bandslam, I am going to go see it opening weekend.

  • ania

    i dont care what she does, i’ll just support her on evrything.
    and i also think that the people should give her opportunity in playing new characters.

  • ximenaa

    i hope, i wish that hudgens won’t do the role of leah in any of the movie that i love
    she can’t act

  • lili

    Good! The series is trash. She’s better than that.

  • ximenaa

    the fact is that i don’t wanna see anymore her face