Ashley Tisdale is Neil George Gorgeous

Ashley Tisdale is Neil George Gorgeous

Ashley Tisdale tries to hide her face from the paparazzi as she exits the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills on Saturday afternoon (January 17).

The 23-year-old actress looked comfortable in her Free City sweats and gray cardigan as she held onto her Fendi handbag. Earlier in the day, Ashley had lunch at famed diner Paty’s with a family member.

Ashley returned to Disney Channel last night as Maddie Fitzpatrick in the popular new series, The Suite Life on Deck.

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25+ pics inside of Ashley out and about…

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  • Ash-fan

    she looks amazing!!!!

  • Marie


  • pup

    didn’t watch it, but she looks gorgeous. [=

  • liLa

    she’s hiding behind the car!!
    soo cutee!!!

  • whitney

    idky shes trying to hide. she looks so cutee! (:

  • sam

    Bloody great episode

    I dont understand how ANYONE can bear wearin ugg boots and long trousers in LA though…its BAKING HOT. madness

  • Ella

    I like her sweats haha!
    I havn’t seen that show or episode yet..
    Love her!!

  • aw

    Nice colors she’s wearing but she’s smiling for them in half of the pictures not hiding.

  • Ally

    Last nights ep. was very cute.

  • Sam

    I love when they smile instead of hiding, and I think Ashley is really nice with all the paps, she never, or almost never, cover her face and she smiles a lot
    It’s really nice when stars are nice with photographers, I mean, the paps are only doing their job

  • Anamaria

    i love how asley tisdale hasnt strayed form disney yet shes well into her 20′s and she can still pull off looking and acting like a teenager! shes a big inspuiration cos she does it all and she still sticks with disney which is wat i hope to do…
    GO ASHLEY!! and she looks great as always.. even in casual wear..

  • cc27

    She was awsome on the suite life on deck.. i just wish she would stay for permanent !

  • aw

    It’s really sad that there a people out here who support paps. Very very sad. Also go check pictures from the past, she use to always run & cover her face until she decided to give up the act.

  • zashley4ever

    Shes so beautiful!<3 :D

  • Sam

    I support every honest job :)
    I don’t think that it’s sad

  • http://ZacEfron Bradley Bobst

    Ashley looks so beautiful and pretty.

  • mylanta

    homegirl is always at the salon. She aint that ugly. And I too hope she stays with Disney cause I really dont wanna see her on the big screen doing anymore big movies. Stick to the small stuff. Its where you belong

  • Karla ^^!

    She looks Gorgeous ^^!

    as always….! obviously xD!

    Ashley is the Best….!!!!

    I didn’t watch the suite life on Deck ‘cos, I mean, where I live, on friday has just been the premiere of the 1st episode of it!

    So I think I have to wait more time!!! but I’m gonna watch it on internet xD


    she looks gorgeous!

  • Kari

    I love how she always keep it casual, I hate when famous girls dress like they are going to a hugh party only cuz they have paps following them
    great for ash! she looks great, natural as always

  • teteu

    she look veru amazing! *-*

  • apple juice: )

    aww i love her sooo much.i love her outfit to=)

  • ola

    shes too cute!!!!
    she was amazing on
    “suite life on Deck”
    >>>ashleys a Great actress<<<
    Too good for Disney…..

  • hannah

    shell probably never get out of Disney….good she should stay there. She’s not pretty enough for the big screen or Hollywood in general and shes such a boring, fake goody-two shoes that I can’t imagine her anywhere else but doing wholesome roles for Disney. Hope she’s happy there and I hope she fades away so we never have to see or hear about her, her hideous outfits, her adiction 2 coffee, going 2 salons and shopping or her boyfriend ever again.

  • zanessa/jashley

    She was great on The Suite Life on Deck. Same ol’ Maddie. Loved it. :D

    She looks adorable here. Love the purple shirt. And the hair. :D I absolutely LOVE her hair.

  • Avril

    She looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!
    I love her so much!!!!!!!!
    the episode was fantastic!!!!!!!
    I had a lot of fun watching it
    she’s a greeeeeat Actress!!!!!!
    I love when she said “What friends?” lol, so funny
    I hope she keeps performing in more movies!!!!!!
    their performances are amazing!!!!!!!!
    (either she plays as a dive like Sharpay or
    as a sweet girl like Mandy, they’re contrary characters but
    she can perform both of them perfectly well)
    she’s so talented!!!!!!!
    Picture This was awesome, I watch it over and over again and
    I never get tired of it!!!!!!!
    and I think she’s the only actress I know who is so
    down to earth!!!!!!! That’s why I love her so much!!!!!!!

    luv ya Ash, can’t wait for your second album and They
    came from upstairs to come out!!!!!!!!
    and please, keep doing more films because I love them and your
    performances are awesome!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Sorry for my English :P

  • gemma

    soooo cute! i love how she mixes up pieces that you wouldnt think would go together but look amazing1

  • Christine

    I don’t understand why some celebrities like Ashley insist on dressing like awkward teenagers who have just rolled out of bed. Not only has that style been out for years, it’s also just so tacky in public. I don’t have paparazzi following me, but even I put more effort into my outfits, because I’d rather make a good impression. What makes even less sense is why she spends so much time getting pampered and going shopping when she never goes anywhere or does anything.

  • mandy

    i love HER!
    and want her FREE
    City pants.
    its really nice to
    see her smile :)
    BTW: she was awesome on the show
    so cute!
    team Tizzy <3

  • annoymous

    the 5th picture look like selena gomez in it

  • Avril

    That girl who is with Ash looks like Jared’s sister but I don’t know who she is :P

  • Andy


  • Maddie

    The clothes looks so comfy!

  • lol1234567

    hey number 24 miss ittle hannah montana if u dont like her than why are u looking at her r u jelous?

  • charlene

    she doesnt have to impress anybod. shes just doing what she wanst no reason to get all dolled up and she looks great anyway

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    she looks pretty.
    she is not on cameras everyday ! SOMEBODY SAİD she goes sallons and shopping with her boyfriend…but it’s wrong !
    she had lunch and she goes to manicure saloon for buy something.what is wrong? she is a famous.and she must be in good repair.
    and when she doesn’t smile the cameras,you say she is she is a little smiling and she is not jackanapes.But vanessa smiles camera and kissing her boyfriend,she shows her love.tYOU THİNK İT İS NOT WRONG !!! YOU CAN JUST BASHİNG ASHLEY CAN’T YOU ! BECAUSE YOU THİNK SHE HAS A NOSE JIB ! AND ABOUT HER NOSE JOB YOU ALWAYS BASHİNG HER !!
    anyway she looks pretty and we always support her ! and i want to see NEW VASHLEY PİCTURES ! iimissed see them together .

  • http://yahoo sweety

    wats the need of bringing vanessa in this thread

  • serena

    I remember when she wore that cardigan once when she and vanessa went shopping! vanessa has a matching beige one..I think they’re from abercrombie. :)

  • ZJ207

    omg! she looks sooooooooooooooo CUTE!!! <33 Love her hair!! :D <3

  • Hudgens; Tisdale

    yay some ashley news!
    She looks amazing!!! The hair is gawjus!
    In the first picture it looks like she has the victoria beckeham bob! haha.
    I wont some ashnessa pictures though its been toooooo long :(
    Hope to see some soon :)
    Number 13 shut up your always on ashley comments and bashing her get a life u jelous twat! hahaha!!!

  • Osama


  • carly

    are you guys blind? she is ugly

  • carly


  • Maddie

    -shrug- she’ pretty too me. :)

  • zzzz

    b/c megan fox is a slu.ty wh.ore

  • save the planet

    is so sweet
    love her!!!
    maddie on Deck was the Best epsiode!!! :¤]

  • ash rockz

    She looks amazing <3
    Love her Style.

    Maddie on Deck was a great episode!
    Miss her so much ):

  • tizzy

    Love you Ashley!
    I will always support her!

  • teteu

    the 2 latest photos, are the best *-*
    she look very sweet :P

  • Tizzfan

    Ha, I love her to death. She’s so cute. She looks sooo beautiful.