Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Mo's Diner Duo

Miley Cyrus & Justin Gaston: Mo's Diner Duo

Miley Cyrus and special friend Justin Gaston sneak out of Mo’s restaurant in Toluca Lake on Wednesday evening (January 21).

Justin, 20, donned a bright blue beanie while Miley wore her cap sideways. Earlier in the day, she was seen going to pilates class with big sis Brandi.

Miley recently commented on her experience in Washington D.C. and even opened up about her friendship with the JoBros and Demi Lovato. She shared, “That was really good and we are friends. And so, everyone thinking that there is a big feud between me and the Jo Bros, and Selena, and Demi, actually I’m going over to have meatloaf with Demi tonight after I go work out!”

25+ pics inside of Miley and Justin eating out at Mo’s…

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Photos:, RIV/Fame Pictures, WENN
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  • k

    cute. missin niley

  • meeee

    justin you ugly ass bum. no one gives a flying f about you. so why are you trying to hide your face?

    hopefully it’s because you look like a fag with that long ass hair.

  • riana

    mileys cool

  • Who?

    Selena’s better…and cuter

  • marie

    miley is the star
    not him

    why the heck is he covering his face then?

  • Bella

    #2 – justin you ugly ass bum. no one gives a flying f about why are you trying to hide your face?

    Maybe because of all of the annoying flashing lights from the paparazzi’s cameras. He can’t see where he’s going.

  • Ella

    And theres her bike again….

  • Ella

    It doesn’t look like hes so called ‘hiding’ more like the lights are blinding him. Like what #5 said

  • Izabella

    she looks really beautiful/cute in that hat and braids :)
    and it’s awesome that the JoBros, Demi and Miley are friends!!
    and it’s even more awesome that Miley’s going over for
    dinner at Demi’s!!

  • Rosa

    eww ..
    hate that man ..
    miley is way too beautiful for him ..
    uhhh .. miss the old Niley days ..

  • Michelle

    Hahaha I don’t believe her at all about JB, Demi, and Selena.

  • lauren

    number 9-i totally agree. she knows EXACTLY what to say to get people talking about her

    and btw. does anyone else find it slightly barf worthy that she wore her the clothes she worked out in to go get dinner with her boyfriends?! ewwwww!

  • lexa

    way to look like trailer trash, miley
    ugh, she’s disgusting
    going out to dinner in clothes that she WORKED OUT IN?

    but then again, it’s miley
    can’t expect much more from her than that.

  • rii

    well from watching the video of her speaking the friendship seems pretty genuine. like you can tell she is better friends with demi and the jb now from the kids’ inaugural ball and her mileyworld vid, altho not so much selena since you dont see them together and she didnt talk about her much.

    and i see brandi, miley’s sis, in the back of a couple photos with i think someone else too. so technically this isnt really a duo/date.

  • kiraaa

    seriously, i believe her 100%. no one really gets into a huge feud after a breakup.

  • lola

    miley IS NOT FRIENDS with jonas brothers or demi or selena, nick just hugged her cuz he hugged demi and miley was right nxt to demi, so he is a gentleman. miley needs to shut up. she acts like she is a important person w/ lots ans lots of friends, the only friend she has is the person who though her to be STUPID-mandy!!! both of them are idiots and ugly, so is justin!!!!

  • 007

    i love miley
    i hate selena

  • 007

    i love miley oks

  • Maddie

    one of the pic justin looks like he had…breasts. lol. sorry, just have to say that…

  • lilix

    I’m sure it’s demi who invited her… Miley wouldn’t have thought about that cuz she’s too selfish, ahe cares only of her own little self and how she looks when the paps are around! the best way to show that she’s not jealous of nick and selena (AND we know she is jealous) is to try to convince us that they are all frienz! so why writing a song about nick – err nearly a whole album- and thus making fun of selena n demi on youtube! we’re not STUPID MILEY!

  • Cassidy

    #9, Her and Selena both said a million times that they are not feuding! Miley said before thats theres NO FEUD! She apolgized a million times and you still dont believe her! Gosh! What more does she have to to do for you haters to understand theres NO FEUD! Geez! Haters try to make things worse than they need to be!

  • http://. Vic2763

    I like Miley’s outfit. I hope that’s a light on her bike if she’s on the street after dark. Miley<3

  • Marjorie

    Miley, Demi, and the Jonas Brothers seem to actually be friends. Look at that Bow Wow video on youtube, you see her and Demi and Nick talking to each other in the background. If they weren’t friends, they probably wouldn’t be talking to each other.



    —-> to Justin :

    —> to Miley :


    i so loooooooooooove her they make a “good” coupl BUT miley be carefull I personnally don’t trust him

  • meeee

    she’s just a teenage girl infatuated with a BRAIN-DEAD “model”. oh wait. he never works. that makes him a BUM. not to mention white trash. why all the skinny girl jeans, ugly low cut tshirts (gay), and horrendous hair? are we sure he’s not gay? he’s slowly turning into a girl with the boobs showing. get a job, you pathetic freak. he’s CONSTANTLY with her. clingy and desperate much? or does he just want her for her money? because we all know miley can’t help herself when she’s around “hott” guys. she’s just blinded by his looks (well, the looks he USED to have).

    do the world a favor, “justie”. GO AWAY. leave miley alone. everyone hates you. you’re 20. date a 20 year old, you pedophile. i heard you speak in the youtube video. you’re just stupid. you mumble. you can’t speak an intelligent thought. and you’re not funny. those “jokes” you always try to tell. FAIL. so what do you have going for yourself that miley sees in you?

    you’re a christian. supposidly. what about those drinking pictures where you’re plastered?

    i guess that’s all. you “love god” and that’s good enough for miley.

  • mochi


  • joecool

    #16 Its people like you that can’t be true friends sounds like you come from a line of backstabbers and two faces!!


  • lalala

    okay miley said she was going to eat meatloaf at demi’s and demi said every wednesday her family has meatloaf wednesday but if miley ate dinner with justin then she either totally blew demi off or lied about the whole thing…

  • julie

    should’ve been Miley and Nick

  • neya

    well!!i miss the niley days but if justin makes her happy and selena makes nick happy then we have to deal with it!!

  • Rochel



  • maggie

    You know what I think she will NEVER be over Nick and he will NEVER be over her! It’s just one of those things…When they’re together you can feel the chemistry going through the roof!!
    Justin is good guy but he’s not Nick… I don’t know when,I don’t know how but someday they will be back together(as a couple) because I’m always right in those things but I think they are bought afraid to dump selena and justin to give it another shot because they would put too much into the risk…

  • I_love_Miley

    OMG she could have been at demi before or after this, becasue theese was taken around 5 PM. stop speculating idoits, you don’t know anything of what’s going on beetween anyone of theese people. Maybe even Demi had to cancel because she had to do somthing else. Get some proofs, if you know what the word means.

  • cc27

    Miley Rocks :) and if she likes this justin guy then its her decision so people don’t hate her cuz of him o.O

  • meeee

    i don’t hate her. i hate him. what a pathetic ugly stupid bum.

  • ♥Zanessafan4lyfe♥

    I still think he’s too old for her
    He even looks older than 20. Miley needs to find someone her own age, or at least closer to it than 20!

  • bekkah

    OMG some people on this thread are crazy!
    You are saying miley is a liar who just wants attention? OK WAIT A minute…how do u know this?….are u just naturally stupid? REALLY PEOPLE I could not believe what i was just reading…all I can say is wow i did not know there was that many psycho people that have some weird obsession with miley. If u really HATED someone , u would try to avoid anything that u saw about them. I know I would but coming on the site just to talk about her is weird!

  • http://irina selena

    i love miley
    she is an amazing girl
    u guys need to get a life saying that she is ugly and all that crap

  • Cassidy

    #34, youre so right! People saying that she lied are crazy! She probly went to Demis before or after this! She probly went when the paps werent around! I mean in the vid she told Allison (Mileys paparazzi friend) not to follow her to Demis, so they probly didnt follow her! Geez! Dont call her a liar!

  • Emily

    AHAHA She ditched the meatloaf……..

  • Cassidy

    How do you know if she ditcched it?! Demi was probly at the restraunt or something or Demi probly cancellled cause shes busy! You never know! People stop saying lied and ditched! Gosh, stop making accusations!

  • Cassidy

    *saying she lied and ditched* Srry! Typo!

  • sam

    ok for u people hating on justin he does have his own music so dont say his not a celebraty yet hes working on that an he might be covering his face because mayby the flashes anoye him so back off

    ps people get over niley it was 2 years ago get a life

  • Christine

    wait…when she said she was going to have dinner at demi’s it was wednesday but she went to dinner with justin…what a stupid liar. Trying to get us to think she’s bffs with demi. She just made it all up.

  • Cassidy

    Christine, she made a new MileyWorld vid saying she went to Mo’s with Justin then went to Demi’s! She didnt lie! Watch the vid ! It on this site! Ok! Dont make accusations!

  • francesca

    she has no sense of style AT ALL

  • sam

    ok francesca just cause u dont like her style doesnt mean she has no sense of style OK! a lot of people do like her style so dont say anything

  • nobodyy[:

    Shes wearing a Hollister shirt. Sweet. lolol[;

  • lipsie glozz

    I think justin’s way hot..He deserved someone better than miley..I think he’s better off with taylor swift..I heard he’s got a crush on her and he even appeared on her music video..They will look good together..I think miley is friends with demi but not with selena..Nick and selena look better together than him with miley..But,i must say miley is smart to upgrade from nick to justin..Clever gal..