Miley Cyrus Secretly Soars

Miley Cyrus Secretly Soars

Miley Cyrus keeps her head low as she sneaks into a secret room at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (February 1).

The 16-year-old pop star recently dished to her fans on MileyWorld that she got a new car.

Miley‘s animated flick, Bolt, comes out on Blu-Ray on Sunday, March 22nd. The DVD will be released two days later on Tuesday, March 24th. Be sure to pick your copy up!

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Credit: Kaminski, WG; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • Izabella

    I wonder where she’s going!?
    she looks gorgeous as usual :)

  • tia

    so annoying. bleugh.

  • Daniyah

    wonder wheres shes going?
    she looks pretty tho

  • 021548

    love you miley

  • rrrrr

    love ya miley

  • camila

    where is she going?

  • camila

    and what’s that secret room? :S… also she looks like she is crying lol



  • Emily

    Miley looks sad… :[

  • Cassidy

    Aww! If she is crying, then I wonder what shes crying about!

  • joecool

    Why does she look so sad lately!


  • daphne

    hmmm where could she be going?
    she usually is so happy around papz

  • kim

    love her :P

  • uwuk

    I have to agree with those of you saying Milez looks sad (and she has for the past few days). Her mom said on RD the other day that Miley has two moods, happy/smiley or sad/crying. I hope she is okay.

  • Melissa

    she looks sad… I hope something bad didn’t happen!!!

  • lala

    awww shes soo pretty

  • lillybug101

    Either Miley thought security could ‘nt see her face because it was tilted down or she was looking at her cute shoes oooor she was crying!

  • lillybug101

    I feel bad for miles she is so nice ! I hope her new”Boyfriend” did not dump her!

  • Tori

    I hope she’s sad because she broke up with Justin.

  • nida

    i love mi was she but what was she doing???

  • cha

    she looks pretty!

  • Nicky Jonas

    Shes so awsome love her.

  • http://youtube.comuserleesalling mlms♥’smiley

    miley rox :)

  • just another girl

    omg she looks like shes crying
    like…..well like……..justin dumped her or something he better not cuz miley is an awesome girl she deserves someone soooooooo much better than justin someone like nick who can take care of her
    i hope she is fine

  • Kristenfan

    Nah I don’t think she’s crying, just looking down to try and get away from the paparazzi. I agree with you guys though, she has been looking really tired and sad lately. I hope she’s okay <3

  • custom T

    She looks depressed.

  • cha

    she is looking down probably! why would nick be a good boyfriend no he isnt he wanted a secret relationship miley needs a man that doesnt hide her that is proud to walk in hand on the red carpet and be proud to have her and have the guts to do it!!! he a wimp he never stood up for her in public all he has done is hurt her feeling and act like a total jerk to her last year! nick didnt even stand up for he far from being prince charming they actually save girls and come to their rescue when they need them he never did that!! he had his brother talk for him everyone knew they went out way before miley spoke on the mag and when they ask about the photos his brother did the talking how embarrasing to have a guy that you love has his brother defend you instead of him!! i hope she is happy with justin because she deserve a real relationship not a hidding one she the type of a girl that any guy would be proud to walk hand in hand. and the reason she dont walk in hand with justin is because of the age difference and the critizing but if he was the same age i bet 100% that justin would take miley hand and walk with her and be proud to have an amazing girl like her as girlfriend i bet justin would have had more gutz the weak nick that does everything other people tell him!!!he not a leader he a follower a leader would take miley and walk with her!!!

  • francesca

    SeCrEt RoOm~!#!~$~
    whaddup with that?

  • Levi

    She went to New York to film a commercial.

  • Teresa

    Hmmmm. Wonder where she’s going!!?!? And why secretly?

  • Billythekid

    Went to NY to film a commercial? Don’t think I have ever seen Miley in a commercial before, excepting anything relating to her movie or show.

    On another note, are they moving her show to another night (Monday)? Feb 16th is a monday. Usually not a good sign when a network moves your show around, like they are trying to get it better ratings or something. I actually have no idea what exactly are the ratings for her new shows, but i think I saw something where its only the 3rd most popular show at Disney these days (soon to be 4th) after the suite life and waverly place. Whatever the numbers, her popularity transcends far beyond what are in reality very mediocre TV ratings. But even the most viewed sitcom on TV doesn’t hold a candle to this Hannah Montana in terms of $. That franchise brought in well in excess of 1 billion dollars last year. The numbers are staggering.

  • Nicky Jonas

    Omg #24 you’re so right on that one. I like Niley better than Jiley. And one question to the people that are saying Justin dumped her did he or didnt he?. Whoever knows can you get back to me on that? Thanx ya’ll!.

  • sophie cyrus

    Miley & Sophie Fans! Be sure to send your webiste, youtube & pet photos to Miley & Sophie’s Fan Site. Show them your TRUE LOVE!
    God Bless!

  • lilix

    she’s crying cuz she’s pregnant… n it’s not justin the father of the child
    ! OMG 0.0

  • kaylee

    i know she does look sad- thats what i was thinkin mayb justie wustie did dump her??? Dunno probably not- an i wonda where she is going


    i just UNDERSTAND, remember she has A JET so she’s going to special room because she have her own jet !!

  • Bella

    are they moving her show to another night (Monday)? Feb 16th is a monday.


    They aren’t moving Hannah Montana to Mondays. They are showing new episodes of Hannah & Wizards on Monday Feb. 16th because of the premiere of the new Disney Channel Original Movie “Dadnapped” or whatever it’s called with Emily Osment.

  • Ella

    Why does she look so down? She just got a new f**king car!!

  • Wendy

    i wonder where is she going and why did she look so sad…. i think that lately there has been a fight between her adn mandy since they ended even the miley and mandy show…just maybe… and is she going somewhere out from LA, i am not sure, but she was in airport so this may be possible…

  • Wendy

    i wonder where is she going and why is she so sad…i think there has been a fight between her and Mandy since the Miley and Mandy show is now over, but i am not sure…. i just hope that there hasn’t hapenned something bad to her…

  • SMiley

    Sweet photos.

  • Cassidy

    #34, OMG, shes pregnant?!!!

  • M-!

    ho mi gaad! I LOVE SO MUCH!

  • kn

    Miley and ashleyT are BBF snice she was 11

  • whatsmyname

    Maybe she is like me and she doesn’t like to fly.

    Love Miley.

  • jo

    I have a friend that loves her…lol
    She seems to be sweet…
    Anyway she looks cute…

    Peace… :-)

  • Billythekid

    To Bella (#37),

    Thanks for the info. That makes sense. To the person who said she is pregnant, that is ludicrous and insane. She is definately tired and maybe sad about whatever. Just the previous day or so on Radio Disney, she mentions her very close relationships with Mandy and Justin, so a little common sense would make it seem that there is no breakups going on there. So how about maybe she is just tired and maybe sad about having to travel across the country on some silly adventure that her handlers set up. Does she even have a say in any of this? Who knows, maybe she is sad because she didn’t feel like going. Then again no one really knows anything. It’s all idle speculation.

  • wilhelm.ulf.orhan

    she looks veeeeeery exhausted without make up xD

  • Margaret

    thanks jo ! ;D
    why she lloks sad and tired lately? :( miley, you have so many fans that love you a lot, and they will always be with you !* :D YOU’RE AN AMAZING GIRL (‘=

    Peace , Love and Happiness for you guys ! specially for Miley :D

  • alice

    Shes not crying, she looks really tired, and when her heads down shes just looking in her bag or something